Sister Winter

Sister Winter

A Poem by moderndaypeterpan

Winter is beyond special to me and I couldn't tell you specifically why.


Cold is not bitter.

Frost is not frigid.

A tree is not dead simply because it lacks leaves.

Winter air is not stale because it smells of snow.

Gray is not gloomy just because it is gray.

Ice is not terrible for merely changing form.

And Winter is not harsh or unbearable.


Bitter, Frigid, Dead, Stale, Gloomy, Terrible, Harsh.


All of these frightful words are consistently used to describe Winter.

Listen to them once more.


Bitter, Frigid, Dead, Stale, Gloomy, Terrible, Harsh.


Now use these words to describe anything else in everyday life.

They are all offensive in most any other context.


We've fallen into the trap.

Winter visits with the same extremity in January as Summer does in July.

Yet it is usually dreaded.


Cold is not bitter, but surprising and enveloping.

Frost is not frigid, but patient and eloquent.

A bare tree is not dead, its roots still burrow strong into the earth as its trunk still stands proud.

Winter air is not stale, but refreshingly crisp.

Gray is not gloomy, just simple and content.

Ice is not terrible, but stunningly fragile.


Winter is not harsh or unbearble, it is fantastical, yet modest.


Cold can mean warmth in so many ways.

You just need to know how to greet it.

© 2011 moderndaypeterpan

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That was beautifully written. Great description of Winter. I believe that Winter is the way you describe the second time. I love Winter. It's my favorite time of the year. I can't think of anything more beautiful.
Wonderful poem!
Great job! :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

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