Dissection Epic

Dissection Epic

A Poem by Scout

You were free

had the fields

trees surrounded you

water, free to drink from

no chains

nothing to hold you back

danger everywhere

but you had a choice, a choice to do what you wanted

a full life a head

maybe a short one

but with those last breaths

you would pass away

under the open skies

breathing fresh air

the sounds of life around you

you would pass away at home

but they took you away

imprisoned you in a box

you were confused, frustrated

did not know where you were

or why anyone would do this to you

You fall into a deep sleep, one where you feel nothing

and yet, it was not death

only sleep

when you a woke

your insides seared with pain

your blood boiled, not staying in place

your heart's beat slowing, something tugging at everything inside of you

They try to end your pain, try to stop you from feeling

but they fail and now it feels as though your heart is being ripped out

but still you fight, for those pine needle trees

clean sweet water

green soft grass

you fight for the hope you will die under the blue open sky in freedom after a long full life

but as you begin to fight, you start to lose

something happens

a snap and there is no feeling

then everything grows dim

it was the end

but it was not the death of a free being

it felt cold, painful, strange

these people had taken his freedom, taken his hope away

for what?

He did not know, to study him, learn from him

Why couldn't they just observe the world like he did

freely, joyfully

the way it appears

the way the wind touches your skin lightly on a breezy day

smell the flowers

the rain on a stormy day

and the trees sweet scent

to study, observe, appreciate the colors of the world

the actions of other creatures

the still but wild movement of the earth

just to see the world the way it should be seen

but these people were blind to it

blind because of technology, innovation

they only understand the artificial, not the truth

so he, under the white walls covered in strange lights with no warmth, passed away as a prisoner

but he died with a smile on his face

for he knew that he understood the world better than any of those who imprisoned him

He experienced true joy

comprehending the beauty of our world

no the beauty in televesion, cameras

the so- called perfect machines

but finding the beauty in the imperfection of nature

the imperfection that makes it perfect

taking his last breaths

we watched him sleep the last sleep

and at least one of us knew

we would never die as happy

or knowing true joy

as did that poor creature

we would always be prisoners

always living in the artificial world

not knowing true beauty

and because of that

he died

leaving an admirer behind

P.S. who thought this would all come from dissecting a live frog ?

© 2012 Scout

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Added on June 12, 2012
Last Updated on June 12, 2012
Tags: frog, animals, dissection



Mesa, AZ

I love writing and reading. It is the best feeling to sit down and write out your feelings in poetry, or imagine a dream world and write a novel. I can not imagine not writing ever, it is like my oxyg.. more..