We Catch Up With Popular Social Media Influencer Maya Antić

We Catch Up With Popular Social Media Influencer Maya Antić

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The Exquisite Maya Antić gives us an insight into her successful social media career and some key tips!


Hi Maya, it's great talking to a successful social media influencer such as yourself. Let’s chat about some of your social media tips. How do you come up with the ideas for your first post of the day? Any advice?  


I personally love fresh, inspiring content that is created by my daily life. Ideas usually come natural to me and are influenced my beliefs, daily routines, my job and personal lifestyle. Therefore, my first post of the day can be as little as my coffee in the morning paired with an inspirational quote, me on the ice - skating, or a typical work day… the list is long! Whatever I feel like sharing that day, that moment and whatever comes natural to me! If you have to force it, better leave it - that would be one of the best pieces of advice I could give actually. Never force anything. If ideas come to you and you have something to say, wonderful - share it with the world. If you just feel like you HAVE to post something, better leave it. Authenticity is my greatest advice for the social media game.  

Is there a certain routine as to what you do with your social media postings etc? 


The only kind of fixed routine I create for my social media is basically that I try to engage my readers into my day to day life through Instagram stories. I take them with me as much as I can, to whatever I’m doing that day. Kind of like a diary, but open for everyone to see and to be part of. My Instagram feed postings usually underline my daily stories.  

What has changed in your eyes with social media more over the years?


The power that social media gained and its ability to reach a global audience. Starting out with sharing simple personal pictures and connecting with friends…to now, being a business for many and to reach thousands, even millions from all over the world - pretty crazy if you ask me!

What do you think is the best platform for social interactions and the most effective? My personal favorite is Instagram. I am not much of a twitter user:  

Yes, same! Instagram is my go-to. I started my page years ago, 5 years ago to be exact. It still is my number one platform I use daily. I simply love the fact that I can share videos, pictures and even live stream if I want to. Can’t beat that!  

What kind of opportunities have you had from being a social media influencer and is it hard to differentiate between legitimate companies and not so legitimate? 


To travel the world, getting to know all kinds of wonderful people from all over, experiencing different cultures and places, is truly priceless! I’m very fortunate. Regarding the companies that are out there, I can only speak for myself…I find it very easy to differentiate, as I only take on clients and brands that I 100% believe in. And to be perfectly honest with you, I have said “no“ to brands more than I actually said “yes“ simply because I want to be true to myself. I am willing to go beyond for a company and their products, only if I believe in their philosophy and everything they stand for. I’m selling a little bit of myself as well whenever I’m promoting another brand. There is my name, my face behind it, you know? Therefore, selecting actual brands, things or products that end up on my feed are a no-brainer to me. Simple rule - if I’m obsessed with it, it will end up on my feed. If not, I’ll let others do the work.

What is your goal for each day being on social media? To meet new fans and followers or something else?  

In a world where it almost seems like that only numbers count as a form of prestige and success - my highest goal is to give back to people, to inspire, to reach out, to help or encourage others in need, to simply uplift with my daily adventures - but to also talk about real life. Fans or new followers will come along the way, or not you know… If what you do is great, people will end up following you anyway. Focusing on great and more importantly, valuable content is and always will be my highest goal.  

What is your best tip for new users of social media?  

Be authentic, original, work hard, dream big and keep going ALWAYS! It’s as simple as that!

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Added on April 6, 2020
Last Updated on April 6, 2020
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