Actor Alejandro Arzciat Gives Us An Update On All His Latest Projects!

Actor Alejandro Arzciat Gives Us An Update On All His Latest Projects!

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Actor and Creator Alejandro Arzciat!


We recently caught up with talented actor and creator Alejandro Arzciat about all things Shakespeare, his Corona Beer campaign and how much he has grown as as artist over the years, here is what he had to say:

Hi Alejandro! Its great catching up with you! Since we last spoke, what have you been up to?

It’s been a great challenging ride, but we’re here, still riding! Sometimes it’s been tough finding a way to keep going, but if one keeps at it, new opportunities keep presenting themselves. But also now, after a great deal of time in LA., I’m able to create my own creative opportunities, instead of just only waiting to be selected by someone else, especially on online platforms; but on the other hand, it feels great to compete with other professional talents that make you get your best performance on.

One of my most recent successful advertising campaigns was a 2 year long voiceover project I was chosen for" for Corona Beer, and being from Mexico myself, as the official ‘voice of the summer’ for the Corona Beer brand felt pretty incredible! I’ve been getting some very big studio voiceover auditions lately -with names you’d immediately recognize and I feel I’m very close to having another potential big break to follow --considering I have worked for Pepsi Co. in the past, and now with Corona Beer, I think I’m on my way to another big name brand. Another great surprise for me in my career has to do with Shakespeare…! But I’d like to get into more of that in a little while!


How has everything been going for you with the pandemic and have you had to change things?

Now with the pandemic situation worldwide, I have been focusing on creating and performing in more online projects like I mentioned before; learning new ways to independently put content out there. Luckily, the line of work that I had already started with voiceover work, made the transition into the pandemic situation a little bit smoother" but still hard, nevertheless. So I’ve decided to even hone in further my voiceover skills and expand in all sorts of project opportunities. Now, rather than just auditioning for commercial projects, I’ve been getting fantastic audition opportunities my way with feature length animated projects with Nickelodeon and DreamWorks --also being considered for big video game studio projects has been a thrill!

The challenge is on another level, and it pushes your artistic approach and performance to a higher standard. You inevitably level up, and then it’s just a matter of time keeping yourself in the mind of casting directors to get a breakthrough in this tough competitive environment. Then on the side of creating my own opportunities, here’s where Shakespeare comes in believe it or not! I just recently began collaborating with a world renowned Shakespearean scholar, academic and artist Alan W. Green, with this big project “The Bard-Code” which is an artistic approach to creating content around solving the biggest literary mystery of all times: Who the real Shakespeare was. And we’re creating the content in our own Studio, so the sky is the limit. We already have thousands of online followers, and everyone is loving what we do.

Do you feel like you have grown a lot more as an artist over the years, through your experiences?

Absolutely, comparing myself to when I first arrived in LA, I’d say I’m almost 2 different people. I’ve had very interesting and fulfilling experiences in the entertainment industry, but also other ones that have been heartbreaking and difficult to go through --Especially when collaborating at the artistic and production level with other artists. I think that’s where I’ve learned and grown the most in recent years: learning how things in “reality” unfold between what’s said, and what’s done. This of course applies in almost anything in life, but in the entertainment industry, that aspect of life takes unto a whole other level of difficulty in situational awareness when creating and participating in creative projects. You gotta watch your own back!

What has been one of your favorite projects to work on so far?

I think what I’m working on with Alan Green with the Shakespeare Mystery is my main focus. When you really understand what’s at stake with the genius discoveries that Alan W. Green has been working on, is astounding the level of the implications that could potentially change the world of literature. It’s like an actual real Da Vinci Code, because

believe it, or not Shakespeare was a pen-name-creation by the small group of enlightened intellectuals that hid codes and secret messages in the body of work we now know as ‘Shakespeare’. 

It’s a fascinating aspect or angle people don’t usually think Shakespeare is about; the majority of people think of Shakespeare only in the dramatic terms, which still holds up as truly beautiful; but when you overlay the perspective and information Alan Green is bringing forward about the author, then even the plays at just the literary level, take on a whole other dimension! It is so much more than comedy and drama for stage --and helping in creating content to educate audiences across the globe about this online is a great privilege!

What has been one of the biggest highlights/achievements of your career?

I think along with what I’m doing with the Shakespeare Mystery is at the top of the list, but that is still ongoing and unraveling as we speak; give me a little more time, and I’ll get back to you with more surprises about it! So from there, I think a past highlight has definitely, as I mentioned earlier, was being the "official voice of the summer" for the Corona Beer Campaign. If it would’ve been any other big beer brand, it would’ve still be a great experience; but given that I’m from Mexico, and back there I would listen to the advertisements for Corona growing up, and now it was my turn to be that voice for people, not only in Mexico, but all over the world to listen to during summer time. I did spots in both English and Spanish, so I know I reached a bigger audience! Definitely an unexpected but very fulfilling moment in my career.


Who has been one of your favorite actors/filmmakers you have worked with so far and why?

I think I would put that place for Alan W. Green, whom I’m currently as I said, in an ongoing project with. He’s such a creative genius. Amongst a variety of exceedingly talented skill sets he has as a professional musician, composer, performer and all-around well-rounded showman…and a Shakespeare Academic Scholar. He’s approached the Shakespeare authorship centuries old mystery question from an angle that no one else has approached before in history; revealing esoteric knowledge encrypted and hidden. He’s even worked as the musical director for Davy Jones who was huge in the business. And now I’m collaborating with him. It’s on another level, and I keep learning things from Shakespeare and his secret message to the world that keeps making my jaw drop on a continuous basis! And while we’re at it, check the website where Alan has published his discoveries, and where I’ve worked with him in the BardCast -Gotta love that website!

What other projects do you have coming up?

The Shakespeare Mystery project with Alan seems like it’s going to be a life’s journey, or so my intuition tells me…so you can check with me again about that to see how I’m doing. From there I also feel very close to having another breakthrough with a big worldwide project soon enough, especially with my voiceover work. A Video game is definitely on the list, as I would love to give voice and movement to an animated video game character; I’m a bit of a gamer myself and enjoy playing video games --when I have the time, that is! 

And who knows, working with Alan is taking the collaboration in a direction with very big names in the industry. His work is getting a lot of attention, so who knows? I may end up working more with him in the future! Though I do keep it real and down to earth; and I’m more about being open and ready for whatever ends up coming my way.

What is your best piece of advice for aspiring artists?

Include a spiritual practice in your pursuits. That way, no matter what happens, you are advancing in the right direction. Don’t just judge your ‘success’ on whatever recognition you may or may not achieve, but focus on getting involved in projects that fulfill you deep down as an artist --and that are worth spending the time on --and if you were the audience, that it would be content worth catching your attention. Also, I am very selective when it comes to what I give my time and attention to, as well as the projects I like to get involved and be creative with.


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