Musician, Songwriter And Composer Yael Benamour

Musician, Songwriter And Composer Yael Benamour

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Yael Benamour Is A Force To Be Reckoned With!


Wow! Just listened to some of Yael Benamour’s sound tracks and was blown away. She is also known as Gaby Mour and her music is also known as Fabulously wonderful! She can set any mood that one prefers, whether it’s a seemingly casual (and very romantic) French Lounge Song or something that could easily fit into a futuristic science fiction movie and win and Oscar for Best Original Score. After being drawn into Ms.Mour’s incredible talent, we went on and heard them all. All the one’s that were on the website anyway:


We sort of guessed already how accountants and mathematicians think in numbers. And Historians probably think in terms of battles and people walking through the Roman Forum in togas, Musicians, however, how do they think? How do they visualize things? Do they too, think in beats and bars and stanzas and musical notes and are they constantly placing those quarter beats wherever they want or is there a pattern to the musician’s thought processes. And what happens if they want to add an oboe or a French horn or a piano? Beethoven never made us think like this or ask questions as to how he must have thought in his daily life but Gaby Mour certainly does. Her music is new and it’s strong and gentle when need be but mostly it is moving and inspiring and thought provoking.


Gaby Mour is a musician. She is also a songwriter and a composer. She is a producer and she composes musical scores for films, TV, commercials and documentaries. She is at once, a Renaissance woman and a successful business person. She has been composing and producing music for over 25 years and she loves her emotionally expressive art so much that she never turns down a challenge. She prefers projects that push her forward in the realm of musical experience. She wants her boundaries to be expanded so her skills and influences will be broadened.


She is a member of The Society of Composer & Lyricists and she moved from France to Los Angeles in 2011. She has collaborated with many famous French and American artists as a composer and arranger. She has also been featured as a singer on Award-winning albums.






















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Added on November 11, 2020
Last Updated on November 14, 2020
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