Talented Indian Film Editor Raghavendra Gudiveti

Talented Indian Film Editor Raghavendra Gudiveti

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Raghavendra Gudiveti Continues To Shine In The Editing World


A large number of people who are in the movie and entertainment industry were on a different career path entirely before they actually jumped into the highly competitive world of filmmaking. Raghavendra Gudiveti, the Indian film editor, for instance is one of those people. He started out thinking he would go into Electronics, but since Raghavendra is not a pre-planned sort of a guy, as he describes himself, he picked up and moved to Los Angeles and earned a Master’s degree in film.


He had always loved watching movies since he was a kid and he also made college promo videos during his university days. When he got to LA he knew that he wanted to work in TV and in the movie business but he just wasn’t sure exactly what he would focus on. That is, would it be directing, writing, producing, editing, cinematography and so forth. He began his humble career by working for a production company, which just happened to produce an Amazon Prime Series. When Raghavendra was assigned to work in the post-production department at the company he realized that he preferred that kind of mind work much better than doing heavy lifting and carrying things from one location to the other on the actual production set. He started meeting a lot of post-production professionals and one thing led to another and he discovered that editing was what he truly loved to do and it he decided that it was to be his career. 


It’s been five years since those beginning days, and Raghavendra has been editing steadily. He has a long resumé and he has even won some awards and a great deal of praise for his work along the way. The first film that he edited won Best Short at Los Angeles Cinema Awards in 2018. The film was “Alive” and he calls that whole process and production a fun and amazing rollercoaster ride.


An interesting thing about Raghavendra’s career is that he tried a lot of approaches to get his foot in the industry door. He passed out resumés to industry professionals, sent out “let’s have coffee” invitations to almost everyone in the post-production universe, but none of those techniques seemed to work. Finally, after being told by several people to try LinkedIn, he did. And that’s how he got his first reality TV show as an editor. He hasn’t stopped since then.










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Added on November 11, 2020
Last Updated on November 11, 2020
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