Alex Radu Lands Speaking Role On The US Hit Series ‘Reef Break' On ABC

Alex Radu Lands Speaking Role On The US Hit Series ‘Reef Break' On ABC

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Australian Actor Alex Radu


To be or not to be...that IS the question, isn’t it? To be an actor or not to be an actor is a question that probably passed through almost everyone’s mind when they were old enough to watch and understand movies. Alex Radu, the Australian actor, most likely had an experience like that when he was a boy because he started his acting career when he was only thirteen. Apparently, he answered the question with a resounding “Yes,” instead of letting it just zoom by never to be heard from again.  

His resumé is full of key speaking parts and important pivotal characters and he recently was cast in a great part in a popular ABC Studios series called ​Reef Break. ​ The series follows Cat Chambers, a female thief turned fixer for the governor.  This character-driven series takes place on a Pacific Island paradise and blurs the lines between what is work and what is play. Cat Chambers has a gift for understanding crimes and the criminal mind which enables her to become immersed in fast-paced and dangerous adventures and constant intrigue and suspense. We’re sure that Alex had a ball filming this series as it was full of surf, crime and sex and the location, with its blue skies, sunny days and cool ocean breeze couldn’t have been more perfect. Alex plays a reporter for a TV station.  

Ever since Alex’s first year as a teenager, he has been honing his craft and getting better and better with each part he is cast in. For the most part, no role is off limits simply because Alex has an emotional and acting range that can take on any kind of persona believably. He is well grounded in what it takes to be a professional actor. Of course, when you think of it, being a professional actor, on the surface anyway, is just about remembering your lines, hitting your mark and staying in character. Then you might ask yourself, “What makes a great actor?” A great actor, like Alex Radu for instance, would easily have been able to accomplish those three basics but he would also have to add much, much more to move past the mundane and attain the emotional intensity and believability that Alex demonstrates in each role. It’s almost an untouchable element in an actor’s makeup that can be seen in a performance but can’t really be explained properly with the words that are available. That unseen and inexplicable element is something that Alex possesses in volumes.

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Added on November 23, 2020
Last Updated on November 24, 2020
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