Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by The Doctor

My Colt 1911 rest in my grasp as I round the corner, head taking a peek to be sure no one was around. Continuing down the corridor, I open the third, blue door and step inside. The servers inside hum with electricity, lights blinking on and off.
"Plugging into server 149, downloading should begin," I announce as I plug the thumb drive in, "Now." I type on the keyboard, replacing the information with a mutating computer virus. The virus spreads through the system, tearing down fire walls and internal infrastructure as it extracts the information. Wiping all traces of our access.
"Coming out now."
I remove the thumb drive and drop it into my pants pocket, my left hand removes the Colt from my shoulder holster as I make my way out of the building. Taking a back exit I enter the alley way, advancing on the grey van. The side door opens and Julia steps out, right arm raises and two clouds of gas escapes around the silencer. My chest radiates with warmth, my body sways forward, my knees catching my fall. Julia walks over causally, crouches down and removes the flash drive from my pocket.
"Thank you Team Leader," her lips press against my forehead, causing my to fall back in a cloud of darkness.


I open my eyes, light immediately flooding into my eyes. After a while my eyes do focus, discovering that I am handcuffed to a hospital bed in a single medical room. Equipped to look like a hospital room. After a few moments of looking around, Anthony Hendrix walks in. Clipboard and pen in his right hand. I smile and give a small laugh.

"So, this is the treatment I get? Almost 20 years of service and my patriotism is in question."
"Well," he began, "it was your team who was in charge of the extraction of the target data. Here you are, alone, and your team and the data is no where to be seen."
"And I'm suspect number one?"
"You are Team Leader," Hendrix rebuts.
"My team moved in to extract me and the data. The side door of the van opened and Julia stepped out and shot me twice," my head motioning toward the redden trauma pads. "Now, I had no idea, I had no sense nor have I had any indication that this was going to happen."
"Well, the investigation will determine that. We will run through-"
"Yes! And mean while they'll be taking those codes and rewriting them, breaking into the Russian system and holding states for ransom! Now, you can let me go and help or you can try to keep me locked up and charge me. Otherwise, I'm done talking." 
I turned away from Hendrix and looked up at the eggshell white ceiling. I hear the clipboard shuffle in his hands, then the chair groan as he stood up.
"Fine. Than you will be charged with treason and any other charges that can be brought up. I hope you're prepared to serve life in prison."
I still keep silent. As he leaves I use my index finger nail to remove two small pins- a trick I learned on my own. Using my index and thumb, I open the handcuffs on my left hand.
Now it's the waiting game. One of the things you are taught is to control your vital functions, -heart beat, breathing, those mind of things- so I close my eyes and concentrate on lowering my heart rate with a memory. I was once a prisoner of war, espionage war that is. The Russians had supposed alien technology, and the government wanted photos and confirmation. So I was elected to go in. It was suppose to be simple, but it became complicated. My partner was killed and I was wounded and caught. The next two years consisted of daily torture and beatings. Never letting up. Lack of nutrition began to set in along with damaged organ and bones...part of me started to give heart would just beat ever so the water I could feel death...
The machines begin to beep and scream, warning the unseen medical staff of my declining condition, my mind started to go back, but a jump start to my heart changed that. Immediately I punch the doctor and push the nurse back. Getting off the bed, I quickly undo the other set of cuffs.
"Thanks," I smile and jog out of the room, closing the door behind me. I take the nearby chair and jam it under the door knob. Opening the door to the hallway, I look both ways and find no one. I enter the hallway and jog down to the fifth door, opening it I enter the locker room. I find my locker, open it and get dressed with the spare set of clothes I kept in there. A pair of boot cut jeans with an extra wallet, black leather boots, tall socks, plain green shirt, and a pull over, black hoodie. I reach on the top shelf for my deodorant, after applying it I put it back and take my shoulder holster and gun out. I put it on, checking to make sure my 1911 is secure and the two extra clips are full. Wincing as I slide my arm through, I let it relax and struggle to put my hoodie on.
I open the door to the hallway, looking up and down I see no one and exit the locker room. I find the nearest exit and take it, discovering that I am in the New York branch. And not that far from home. So I hail a taxi, giving him my address I begin to devise a plan.
What do I do from here? The logical thing to do is track down the team, but what would they do with the data? Sell it to the highest bidder? Ransom? Who would be interested? Are they rouge agents that infiltrated us? Has this been years in the making?
"We are here," the taxi announces.
I look around and see my apartment building, I take out my wallet and pay him. i get out and walk into the building and to my apartment. Once inside I pack a duffle back with all my clothes and my toiletries. I take a safe out my my closet, open it and remove the extra passports, money, and ammunition. I zip my bag up and grab my spare keys off the bureau and head out.
In the parking garage I find my 2010 Volvo XC90. Bag is tossed into the back and I hope into the driver seat. I open the glove box and take out my iPhone, the charger and plug it in to charge. I start the engine and exit the parking garage, heading to a safe house outside of the agency.
Hopefully it's safe.

© 2013 The Doctor

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That's not how you pie a corner with a weapon.

You're fired.

Posted 1 Year Ago

The Doctor

1 Year Ago

And you're right. And I've learned more since then. Sorry ichavent gotten around to updating this.
The style is unique, and you caught my attention with the very first sentence. The rest was paced perfectly, and extremely interesting, and the last sentence makes me want to read on. All in all, the perfect first chapter. :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

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The Doctor
The Doctor

ask away and i'll tell. more..

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