Time Travel and Transprtation

Time Travel and Transprtation

A Chapter by The Doctor

Knox got up quietly, dressing into his black, three piece suit. Not wanting to wake anyone up, not that they need to sleep. Some vampires choose to sleep to simply pass the time, other take the situation an an advantage to stay up and party and play dangerous games. Testing their luck with bullet roulette and see how long before they bleed out. Knox was never attracted to that lifestyle, he seen this ability as a chance to help out the vampiric race. They are, after all, the oldest and strongest race. Practically own the universe and set the rules, keeping everything in check. So to waste a life time to games and stupidity was not seen as a necessity to him.
His fangs hang over his lower lip in hunger. Their fangs would extend when they were at the most hunger. Even though he fed last night, he still has a hunger more than normal. But he liked how it looked, he felt...legendary. Felt like he was indeed the true fear of every living thing out there. He liked it.
Once he is satisfied, Knox goes into the bedroom, he leans over his wife and kisses her softly before going downstairs. Standing at the door he puts on his trench coat and hat; pulling out his brief case Knox opens the door and walks to work.
  When he arrives, Knox checks in with security. His brief case and person is searched before he is allowed to go to his lab. When he gets inside his lab, most of his assistants are already at work and running some final tests. Knox goes to his office and shuts the door. He hangs his coat and hat on the coat rack, after he faces his desk and walks around to sit in his chair. He open a drawer and pulls out a metal case containing five vials of a red liquid. He sets the case on the desk, opens it and pulls out a vial. Popping the rubber top off he drinks the liquid...The blood enters his mouth, his eyes dilate and his body accepts the vampire blood.
He takes a few moments after emptying vial to collect himself, calm down his nerves. Once he's collected he leaves his office and talks with assistants about how the project is coming along. For the next several hours they move equipment and supplies to the testing complex, setting up for the demonstration for the king. Around five o'clock they are finished and ready.
Knox grabs a suit case from the laboratory and looks around, feeling sad at the fact he is leaving. That this is the last time he will be here in this office and lab. Before he leaves he grabs his metal case, brief case, hat and coat, hiding them in a closet on the way back to the complex. When he returns he stops in the doorway and stares at the set up.
Everything is set up in a vast room; cement floor and walls, high ceilings and a protected control room to his right. Built into the wall with large, six inch Plexiglas windows. In the room is all the controls for the testing room from recording the event to ventilation and so on. In the middle is his set up; a four foot by two foot, portable control panel connected to a large container that looks like an upside down test tube, lined with aluminum netting. On the other side of the tube is another portable control panel that is used for monitoring.
His crew typed in commands and steps for the computer to watch out for. Finally he steps forward and opens up the case, pulling out a black Kevlar suit with gloves and black military boots with buckles at the top to cover the laces and ensure a secure fit.
"You ready Dr. Berman?"
  "As ready as I'll ever be," he smiles falsely as he hangs the suit on one of the panels.
He rested his hand on it, thinking of the night's events to come, and how their lives will drastically change in ways he can barely fathom. Nor wants to fathom for that matter. But it stuck to the front of his mind, no matter how hard he tried to take one event at a time, they all continued to pile up.

One Hour Later

The king and his royal family take their seats behind the protective glass. My family takes a seat next to them as I walk to the teleport to put on the suit. The silence as I out the suit on adds to my stress, making the presentation more crucial. 
"Your Highness, my name is Dr. Knoax Berman. My team and I are here to present you with an evolution with our teleportation system. We have also upgraded our race to time travel. This will help to create jobs and allow us a hold in time preservation. A foot hold you have been longing for.
"This suit is hopefully only temporary. I know it does not sound hopeful, but it is an unexplored territory for us. We are finding our own way into this new frontier and we want to make sure it is one hundred percent safe for our people.
"I will start off with simple teleportation. There should be a seat next to you your Highness, I will end up on the platform you see on the floor. It is a wireless connection between the device and the platform. So i shall commence."
I turn to my crew and give a nod to start up the machine. Walking inside the tube I put on a full helmet that represents  that of a helicopter pilot's. I snap the visor down and shut the door. My vision fills with a white light that blurs out my vision, I close my eyes and wait a few seconds. Without warning i feel myself thrust forward, my body being thrown around like a ball on string. Suddenly all movement stops, and sound fades out. I open my eyes and find myself looking at the test tube teleport. I turn to the king on my left and lift the visor.
"King Alvestor, I have presented the first half of my work." I walk down the steps and back to the test tube. "The second half is a little difficult. So I will appear next to you just as I walk down the steps."
I walk back in and receive the same experience. Few seconds later I open my eyes and watch myself walk down the steps, and disappear in the tube.
"Your Highness, that is the best way I can represent our time travel ability. I hope it is to your approval."
He stands up, looks at me without saying anything. The crystal blue eyes locking with mine. His matching pale face not making any sign of emotion. 
"Very good. Excellent presentation," he smiles and begins to applaud. The others following suit.
"Let us have a dinner in your honor."
Everything is going according to plan.


© 2011 The Doctor

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Added on June 13, 2011
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The Doctor
The Doctor

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