Belief in the Light

Belief in the Light

A Story by The Doctor

         Richard and I walk hand in hand into the bank, smiling and talking as we decide on where to go fro some lunch, enjoying our vacation. We get into line behind a man in dark clothes. I stare at the back of him, feeling a little uneasy as I do. Forcing my eyes back to Richard, we start to talk about some of the things that we've done on our trip. A trip neither on e of us expected to go on, but things fell in place for it to happen. Something that we are thankful for so much. 

         The clerk calls for the next person and the man in front of us walks over. He pulls something from his coat pocket and speaks low, low enough so no one but the clerk can hear him. I shift from side to side to see what it is that is happening, I catch the clerk's face and it's filled with fear. She's close to tears and is shaking terribly. Her eyes widen as she catches a glimpse of me looking at her. The man turns around and points a gun at me and fires. 

         Richard yells and goes to run at the man but is shot in turn... Landing on the floor next to me..

         My heart beats painfully, each throb another dose of agonizing pain. Sharp and fierce, like a million daggers running through my veins. I wince and force my eyes open...

         I try to look around but my vision is blurred. My head rolls from side to side slowly, feeling something sticky between my head and the granite floor... The rest of my body feels cold and far away... I look to my left and see my husband next to me... His mouth open, releasing and accepting large, un-full-filling breaths.

         "Why... Why am I on the floor...?" A whisper escapes, just enough for even me to just make out what I've said.

         "I... I love you...." He says in the same tone, tears heavy in his eyes.

         The blurriness returns, tears blocking the view of Richard.

         "Maybe... Maybe he did it for his family... He needed it...."

         Richard smiles half-heartedly and slides his hand to mine and grasps it as hard as he can. Shaking in pain and fear...

         "You always had faith in others..." His lower lip trembles as more tears pour from his eyes. 

         I begin to cry more as I squeeze his hand back. Foot steps bring my attention back to the front of me. A man in a blue shirt comes over and slips on a pair of gray gloves as he kneels next to me. His eyes fill with fear and defeat.

         "I can't do anything," he says helplessly to a man standing above us.

         He looks back down at me, he reaches into a bag and pulls out some white squares.

         "This is going to hurt," he says softly, locking his eyes with mine.

         He takes them and presses onto my torso, I yell in pain and squeeze Richard's hand. I open my eyes again and find the room becoming brighter...

         "She's not going to make..."

         Richard drags himself closer to me and looks at me, tears falling like rain.

         "I love you Emily. I always have. I've never wanted anyone else... I love you..."

         "I love you Richard..." my voice cracks as more tears pour out. "I'm scared Rich... I'm so scared...." 

         "I know..." his voice trembles. "I know you are. But it's going to be okay... I promise you it will be..." his face loses composure as his head rests on mine. Sobbing uncontrollably.

         "Richard... Promise me I will see you... Promise me I will see you there... That you will wait for me..."

         He nods silently, trying not to lose control again.

         "Forgive him..." I smile through the tears and shakes our hold. "For give him... He would..."

         Pain comes across his face, not wanting to forgive the man... Not wanting to let him live...

         "For me..." I sob. "Please..."

         He holds back more tears and nods slowly.

         More light fills the room, causing me to smile.

         "I have to go Richard..."

         "NO! Please Em, don't leave me," he sobs again.

         "I will see you..." I cry out a sob. "Good bye Richard.."


         All noise fades out... the pain disappears... and all I see is white...

© 2011 The Doctor

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The end really tears the Heart, something to be proud of, nice job if I may say.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Very nice. So, is heaven the place of eternal love? Questions, questions. very good. Bravo Doctor, Bravo.

Posted 8 Years Ago

interesting piece :)
nice write Dr.

Posted 8 Years Ago

The Doctor

8 Years Ago

Thank you.=)
christine zapanta andes

8 Years Ago

I really enjoyed reading this. It's emotional and well written, All in all, it's just a great story.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Great use of dialogue, it really carries the action along. Well written!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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The Doctor
The Doctor

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