Some Things Stay With You Forever

Some Things Stay With You Forever

A Story by Shoshana

Stiles has a nightmare, his friends haunting him in his sleep.

Stiles was asleep. Finally, getting some rest as he never does these days for more than a few reasons. He was moving and sliding and kicking and- screaming. What's happening? No. What's happening to me? His mind races as he tries to escape the surreal nightmare. Was it a dream... or not? He couldn't tell, it feels so real. 
"You disgust me Stiles." Scott had spit at him, shoving him to the ground. He gasps, trying to get out of this. Trying to catch his breath. Pathetic. He was pathetic. "I don't ever want to see you again Stiles." Malia's turn. She spoke the words with such revulsion that Stiles twitched at the sudden hate. A tear pooled at the corner of his eyes, spilling down his soft pale cheeks. 
"You killed my bestfriend... I hate you so much." Lydia's voice was soft but full with hatred and contempt. She was crying, wiping her cheek. Scott pulled Lydia into a hug, her back to Stiles' face. Scott glared at Stiles with complete repulsion. His eyes spoke exactly what he said. Stiles continued to shake from fear and sadness. He needed them. He loved them. Loves. But he understands why they hate him. He was a murderer. A killer. He didn't deserve them. "GO AWAY! WE HATE YOU!" Kira screamed loudly in a scratchy voice. Stiles jumped, genuinely scared. 
"YOU took everything from me!" Lydia snapped, turning to Stiles and pushing him, making him stumble back. "EVERYTHING, EVERYTH-"
Stiles shot up in his bed, screaming and squirming underneath the thick blue covers. He gripped the blankets like he was falling off an edge and needed to hold onto something. Anything. He continued screaming. "Stopp! Please! Stop!" 
He couldn't tell what happened. Am I awake? He thought. It was dark. A figure came jogging into the muggy room. Theo. 
"shh-shh-shh," he whispered, grabbing Stiles and holding him. He wrapped his arms around him, Stiles' head on Theo's lap. "Shh, it's ok, you're here. You're here." he mumbled to Stiles. Stiles' heart continued pounding heavily. He was just happy to be in the arms of his lover. 

© 2019 Shoshana

Author's Note

I'm new and living up to my username.

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Wow. this is breathtaking. i think I might cry. amazing.

Posted 1 Week Ago

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Added on September 4, 2019
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stiles and theo belong together... the tension is real im not good at writing but loquesea imm a giirrrrllll in neeed of friieennddds more..