A long Time Ago

A long Time Ago

A Story by Shoshana

Flash backs Julli lol...


Mommy's gone. I don't like when she's gone. 

He's here. I don't like him. He yells. Hey shouts at Mommy.

He shouts at me. He hits mommy. 

He hits me. Mommy is sad. She cries. A lot. 

I don't like when Mommy cries. It makes me sad. 

He makes Mommy sad. He's here. He tries to find me.

I hide. I hide in the dark closet. He won't find me.
I'm a good hider. I do it a lot. When he's here. 

“Where are you, you little s**t?”

He shouts at me. He looks for me. But I keep hiding.

I startle awake, abruptly. Beads of sweat drip down my back and forehead. My ruffled hair is soaked. I gaze out the large open window, the sky dark and cold. Wind blowing in my direction. I glanced at the clock. It's 5:20 am. I stumble up and sip on my cold water. Mrs. Jones must have refilled it with colder water when I was sleeping. I barely get any sleep.  I close the large window in my Sunset Bay apartment and go to the restroom. Then, I pull on some jeans and a long shirt. Pulling on my jacket, I’m out the door.

Driving in my Audi A3, I drive up onto Highway 190, zooming at 53 MPH. I pump up the volume on the radio to get rid of my dark thoughts. 

Pull it together G.

Five minutes later I pull up in the school parking lot. There were people everywhere. I see Talisa and Hannah. Then over by the brick wall is Normani and her friends...Demi and Kehlani? That’s...interesting. I climb out of my car and go up to the girl who is over by the front entrance. 

Her brunette hair falling sheepishly over her scrawny shoulders. I glance at her, staring into her emerald green eyes. Just then, Ryker comes skedaddling over, having me tear my eyes from the girls’. ‘Yo, I totally saw Honey ask Lucas out. He’s a new kid. B-but that’s not even the best part. He said he had a thing going on with… Kendall!” He bursts out laughing. I have a smug look on my face, stilled, glancing over at the girl again. She was on her phone. Her sweatshirt covering her tiny hands. Ryker abruptly stops laughing when he realizes he was the only one. “Bruh, why aren’t you dying right now?” He asks. I knew what he meant. But...I just had to. “Because I’m in good health…” I say with my poker face, still looking at the girl. He doesn't even notice. “No, I mean...nevermind...ohh,” he says once he sees me staring at her, “I get it, you’re in love!”  I start nodding my head but then realize what he had said. “Wait, what!? No! WTH god no!” I say, turning to him. “NO, believe me, I’ve went down that road before and it sucked. Don’t ever fall in love Ryker, okay?” He bends down to pick up a rock and says, “think it's a little too late for that, don’t you?” I pull out a pen and take a puff. Exhaling, I say, “really? Who was it?” He makes the, You know who im talking about don't play stupid with me face. I chuckle and lean against my Audi. “So, who is she?” he says. I shrug, taking another hit. “I don’t know but, I’m and integer. Negative. She’s a positive. We’ll never fit.” I frown at the thought. 

“Unless, you add them together, it’ll be 0. At least it's positive.” Noah says, sliding on the ice. Ryker agrees. I think about this for a minute. I mean, I guess. Not really. The bell rings suddenly. “See ya later.” Noah says. I nod and they both walk off. I notice that she hasn't gotten up yet. Keen. Discipline? I walk over to her and say, “hey.” Her cheeks flush with a rosy pink shade. She curves her lips into a shy smile. “Hi,” she says, getting up, “you here to tell me to get to class?” I laugh slightly and shake my head, “nah, not this time.” Furrowing my eyebrows, I look into her eyes as she stares into mine. Burning them. Just then, Jake Mason came over. “Interrupting something am I?” Yes. Now leave. “No,” she says, “i’d better...get to class anyways.” She smiles and I do the same. When she's out of ear shot, I say, “dude, wth is wrong with you?”  I shove my hands in my pockets and shift from one foot to another. “Oh, was, was that? Oh my… I am so sorry bro, I didn’t mean to.” An evil grin swipes across his face. Mmm, I want to hit him so bad right now. Fricken sarcastic little s**t. I plant a fake smile on my face and shove him out of the way, storming off to first period before I get too angry to control myself from hitting that little b*****d.

His name is Bash. He’s bigger than me. He smiles. And laughs. 

He talks a lot. All the time. To Mommy. To daddy. My brother. 

Are you stupid? He asks again and again and again.

 I tackle him and smack him hard in the face. His cheek turns pink.

 Hes crying. He cries a lot. He cries when Im here. 

I don't cry.  I never cry. Mommy is mad. Mommy is mad at me. 

 I have to go sit on the stairs. For a long time. 

Small hands wiggle me awake. “Jack, Jack get up.” The voice of Talisa fills my ears and I awake. Blinking my eyes open. I look around. Oh. Third period. Yay. I smile at her. She smiles back. “You fell asleep like 20 minutes ago. The teacher is too busy reading her book. She chuckles quietly. The Projector is out. Looks like we’re watching something. What? I don't know. My phone buzzes and I quietly pull it out of my sweater pocket. It's a message from Normani. 

Go to McDonalds after third period. I smile as I read the text and put my phone away. The classroom is dark. And quiet. There are faint whispers but that's it. I glance at Madison. Her hair falls in soft waves, down passed her shoulders. She looks exquisite. Then I look at Honey. She’s wearing high heels and a tight dark purple dress that shows off her alluring figure. Is she already dressed up for Prom? Well it is tonight G. She has her hair pinned so I can get a better view of her delicate jawline and the gentle curve of her neck. Talisa's curls are perfect right now. Her faded freckles cover her soft cheeks. Her glistening piercing fits her nose greatly. She catches me looking at her and I hastily glance away. I run my hand through my hair and the bell rings. We all run out of the room and I'm on my way to Mickys.

© 2019 Shoshana

Author's Note

i like reviews... bad or good. mostly good tho.

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I am interested to see where this leads. You already seem to have quite a collection of characters to mold your story...

Posted 6 Days Ago

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5 Days Ago

Yeah I actually wrote this a while ago. lol. just bringing it back i guess. :) thanks for your revie.. read more

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stiles and theo belong together... the tension is real im not good at writing but loquesea imm a giirrrrllll in neeed of friieennddds more..