The Aura of Surfing

The Aura of Surfing

A Story by Steph

The Aura of Surfing.


There’ something about surfing that will never be explained. It makes us so happy but its hard to explain why. Maybe it’s the sun hitting our cheeks or our wet, salty hair. Maybe it’s the ocean ourselves. I will never be able to explain why surfing gives out such good vibes, and maybe its meant to be that way. Some things need to remain a mystery and that’s how the universe wants it. Surfing gives out this amazing vibe of just being purley happy and stoked. I cant explain it but just being out on the ocean makes me feel like im infinite. Makes me feel like everything is how it should be, nothing is meant to be perfect and we need to accept everything with its flaws. Surfers have the best aura surrounding them. They have no worries and are carefree. No one sweats the small stuff. I believe that’s how its meant to be. We can all freak out about the small things or hold grudges but whats the point? We are all just trying to be happy. And surfers for some reason, figure this out and how to be happy by just riding a board in the ocean.  Some people will try to explain this and give a scientific reason why surfing makes you feel amazing. But, in reality we have to find that out for ourselves. You get one chance at this life, live it without worries and be happy. Maybe that’s what surfing has been trying to teach us. Stay stoked, my friends.

© 2013 Steph

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Added on May 7, 2013
Last Updated on May 7, 2013
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