when summer writes

when summer writes

A Poem by Stephanie

Feelings after spending quality time with friends on a front porch til 4 in the morning yesterday.

There is summer
in the refusal of the wind to settle
across our faces, and through our hair
as we sit in fours on a new friend's front porch,
time defining nothing for us.

Summer night is our setting:

We travel to nostalgic stories we didn't know we were crafting at the time
to be touched upon to remember, to read over and over again 
like a favorite novel that never fails its promises.

We dream again of past realities of summers
over the top of temporary lovers' bed sheets,
in the music of heavy breathing, and
in the friction of fingers grasping each other's bodies,
rushing lust for pleasure, fingers found exploring
my very depth,

the secret keeper of youth's truth- safe, quiet, touched upon
only through poetics.

there is summer
in nights of carnival lights that sprinkle stars in our warm skies
beneath the boardwalk, our hiding only ours to know,
drowned in laughter inhaling the crashes of ocean mist
cheap natty light beer cheered by our youth,
sand burrying our feet:
our future craves this novelty.

of strangers, false friends, familiar homes, drunken, sober words, intended actions,
repeated mistakes, lack and overdose of movements, destructive decisions
we've learned to admire:
a pencil of their own, each set of 24 hours promised in
June, July, August:
our blank pages, summers:
stories inked forever for us.

There is summer 
for us to craft our own
storybook we can read through while we sit on this porch where
streetlamps, and house lights dim through the windows; 
darkness surrounds us, though. Our voices create the brightest
vision of all.

It's summer nights like these that reminds me of the promise of
beauty created by what is hidden in our ability to remember and
our decisions to spill them out to each other,

to write them to each other in smiles
or overdue apologies. 

These are summers that keep on returning
each becoming, and undoing.

I love them all the same. We rise along, 
carry along with summer's return and promised leaving. 

I await your heat every
Fall, Winter, Spring.

Your writing keeps me here.

© 2012 Stephanie

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Added on May 16, 2012
Last Updated on May 16, 2012
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