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"Lord, I kneel before thee in askance of a diligent offering.  My mind is whole and my sums are few; yet, I'm elated to be here in your kingdom of many who seek refuge on your alter.  I kiss the stones of your table to feed my young who are in need of your caring nature.  I am humbled by your graciousness, and live for your word of sanctity so the fish may multiply and bring forth a new generation of man out of the sea."
The man bows his head before the Lord who places both hands upon the man's head, and says, "Rise, my child, and fret no more of the rot which you hail, but, instead, I wish for you to continue on your journey of bliss and fortitude for a stronger nation to come from your veins.  The vile and the wicked continue to cast themselves in the remedies of fear and rage, while you shall walk for and be the prince among men."
The man gazes up at the Lord and rises to his feet, shuddering with his own rippled waters that rush from his eyes.  He devours his crust of bread and makes a rendering plea, "My Master, please give me the endurance needed to lead my congregation on the path to enlightenment, and give me the knowledge to feed them with so they too may come here into your kingdom and be at peace as I am at this very moment in time."
Drifters hail the King of all kings, and rise to the challenge in obtaining a communion with one another so they can in turn be one with themselves, and of one body, of one kingdom, of one nation, of one world, of one Universe, of one God.  The Lord continues to shield the hearts of the meek through his waters of the heart.  The wolves continue to dance in the forest as man continues to heave with rigidity of all Creation.  For the child of the storm has empowered the feverish mountains with fortitude of the light.  The richer the soul, the wiser the mind, and the greater and more powerful the light is that guides man's heart.
Fire that burns within me,  feed me with the ripened fruit of the apple tree, and allow it's rich juices to trickle within my palate.  For I wish to paint the world red, and rid myself of the darkness that haunts my feeble mind.  The doors of the present are guided by the echoes of the past which must be stipend so that I may rise above all unwarranted thought and deed.  The longer I strive to reach time's pinnacle, the more powerful my inner child becomes, and the stronger the body that feeds on the path of righteousness.

© 2014 Joanna Maharis

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Joanna Maharis
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this is heady and beautiful. I am surprised no one else reviewed it, Joanna.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Added on June 12, 2014
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Joanna Maharis
Joanna Maharis

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