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The progressive movement only lasted a few decades, but 
It completely altered the course of world history. It changed how our government worked, how our economy operated, it even changed how society operated. We are now a century into the experiment that is Progressive America. Technology and computing power have made a great leap in the past twenty years, people are not only connected but can be mass monitored at a global scale every time they touch their cell phone and even the poorest in America can get access to basic needs from government programs. We do not see wars between large powers resulting in millions of deaths, there is no mass starvation, or deadly plagues. Wars are fought with back channels of political and economic influence. International Laws have been established to mediate between nations. 
People in the developed world are living long and healthy lives, there are government programs for unemployment, retirement, and medical care. We are in what resembles a Utopian society. The progressives created a system. We are given a number at birth so we can be part of the system and participate in society. It is a theoretically manageable system, but the system only works however for who is in control. The American is a democracy with a republican senate. Not the Republican party, a Republican government that exists in a democratic society. It doesn’t operate like that anymore, but its still called that. 
In order to survive in society one must have a political vote, and an economic vote. The first determines who will lead you, the second determines your share of the economic pie; your labor rights.
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Added on May 23, 2014
Last Updated on May 23, 2014
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