labor rights

labor rights

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The american people have given up their labor rights that thousands have died for over the years to have a safe work environment and liveable wage. Labor unions are organizations that barter on your behalf for the conditions of your employment. Anything that you disagree with at your job can be brought to the unions attention. I have worked both union and non-union jobs, I would rather work a non-union job but if the conditions of my job are unsafe or if i feel undercompensated for the labor or skill I am providing, I should have a voice. I currently work non-union and my company is very good with labor relations... I love my job!
If you look into the past, the Industrial Revolution brought horrible labor conditions. Progressives changed that. They gave us the eight hour days, and enacted laws and regations to improve work conditions. Labor unions use dues to lobby within the legislator on your behalf. Most people have a negative opinion to unions becausr of how geady they can be.
In my case, we bad a four year contract with our company. it expired. We had a union meeting in private with a union repesentative to duscuss any issues with the company and our compensation. Most unions promote wages over benefits due to the fact that in order to be in a union it was required that you pay a percentage of your wage to the union higher wages means more money for them. In my case, over a thousand dollars. Some unions will bypass the workers and pursue their own agenda with your compensation, thats what happens when you give up your rights to a third party. In the end, they control your vote. I don't think unions will make a comeback anytime soon, but when people are underpaid, when their shorted on their paycheck, or subjected to sub-standard conditions just remember, you got what you wanted. If you want to regain your regain your economic rights, you will have to make the sacrifices past generations did.
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Added on June 1, 2014
Last Updated on June 1, 2014
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