Her Special Night

Her Special Night

A Poem by storiestotell

Finding something to wear on a special occasion!


She sat on her ummade bed,

dressed in her lepard skin

mystique push up bra,

and her lace trim hispsters.

Her wedding anniversary,

and she didn't have a thing to wear.


Black handkerchief hem skirt

with a metallic top lays on a stool.

She stares at it with dismay.

She wants sexy, not funeral wear.


Blue flyaway pants, sheer flowing layers.

A beaded top with flare sleeves to match,

all scattered on the floor.

She wants elegance, not professional.


Dark red patchwork blouse,

she tries on, but doesn't fit

across her perky bossoms.

Tears spill down her face,

now feeling fat and ugly.

She wants triming, not plump.


Chocolate brown v-neck cardigan,

camel/teal skirt, and reptile pumps.

Hole in blouse, streched elastic in skirt,

and her toes hurt just looking at the shoes.

Sobs echoe the room.

She wants style,not discomfort all night.


Sunshine yellow subtly top,

and tight fitting jeans that show her fanny.

She knows he loves this out fit,

but it wasn't right for the ocassion.


Her room was a cluttered mess.

She walks slowly to the closet,

noticing a beautiful wrapped package

in the far back.

She opens the card to read.


My love, my beautiful wife,

how I love you so.

Here is a little something for you

to wear tonight.

If I know you, and I do,

right now you're down to tears

searching for that special out fit.

Search no more my love.

See you soon!


She lifts the lid off the box,

revealing a silk red dress.

She puts it on and looks in the

full length mirror, smiling.

She feels, sexy, elegant, slim and beautiful.


White pumps, black boots, brown heels,

none that would suit her new dress.

She feels arms around her,

then she sees the pair of red flat

ballerina shoes dangling in his hand.

Laughter escapes his lips as he

whirls her around and kisses her.


"Your limo awaits, my lady."

Wide eyed, she peers out the window.

He kisses her one last time,

then they walk arm in arm out,

knowing her clothes want be on for long.



© 2011 storiestotell

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I think this was wonderful....from the decisions, decisions, decisions on our lovely's agenda...to the thoughtful and loving gesture from the most considerate and understanding husband to the romantic interlude they both know is certain to consummate their love when the red silk dress and red flat ballerina shoes have served their purpose.
I really felt and lived each anxious and loving moment with you...and that, storiestotell, is what art is supposed to do....
Well done!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

I absolutely loved this short story, you certainly have a way with text, it made me feel like I was watching a full color high definition movie!
I applaud you.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I LOVE how you use the details to paint a picture of her. I can see her sitting on the bed and I'm in love with the man whose going to tear those clothes off too. ;-) What a fabulous write. I'll check out more of you stuff. You have a talent for painting images with words.

Posted 9 Years Ago

The first line: "She sats"... Think you meant: "She sits" or "She sat".
The poem gripped me from the very first verse. At first, I found it joyfully ridiculous. You know - all the clothes scattered around and all that jazz. And then, I got that warm, fuzzy feeling inside:) Nicely done!

Posted 9 Years Ago

I absolutely adore this poem! You have turned me into a poetry fan, since I do not normally read poetry. Great job! As a wife and mother, I know my body is not the same since having a child, I have felt all these emotions before. You captured them perfectly and the amazing husband, which I have also, just makes me smile when I read it. You are getting a 100 from me! Love, Love, Love it!!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

Extremely descriptive and captivating .

Posted 9 Years Ago

As hard as it is for me to overlook spelling, I did here, because the depth of this man's love was just so overwhelming. I once thought of myself as a man who was proud to give his every waking moment to bettering his woman's life...until she gave me the boot for one mistake. But I am glad to know that that spirit continues to live, and that there is at least one woman who sees and appreciates it...and, oh, yes, REWARDS it, too!

Posted 9 Years Ago

Excellent. I loved it. So vivid.

Posted 9 Years Ago

WOW. The last line was cool too...quite a fond tale of love and affection in a crisis like this..the hubby's understanding is quite magnanimous..Really nice work..Enjoyed your reasoning why she had to reject all dresses she had !!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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