A Poem by strange_gurl

ignore the grammar

 i dont want everything around me to be good
 i dont want everything i do to be good
 i dont want to be sorounded by good people
 i want to build my house from the wood
 i want to drink from the pure rivers
 i want to eat the fresh fruits
 i dream of a fearless future
 i dream of an angel lover
 suddnely a loud scary sound forces me to open my eyes and stop dreaming

 i look around me but all what i see is the UN-PERFECTION
 the sound of bullets and rockets
 the tears of the mothers who lost their children
 the smell of the dead bodies
 limit my dreams
 pull my hopes down
 burn my wishes
 it's un-perfect feeling watching my wishes turn to a smoke
 a dark smoke that disappeare in the air
 the day became a night
 the sounds of bullets became louder
 i watch the stars smiling
 and i hear the moon whispers to me ''perfection is waiting for u tomorrow''
 even though i do realise that excatly what happens to me every single day
 it became a routine watching my perfect dream turns to disapearance
 but dreaming of perfection
 is my greatest obbession

© 2008 strange_gurl

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Fantastic!! a stomper of a poem and a great rhyme!! Love it!!

Posted 11 Years Ago

I feel like you and me are on the same level here, whilst we dream of that perfection it seems we keep

"watching my perfect dream turns to disapearance"

But it is a great obbsession to have.

I like this poem


Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on February 24, 2008



sheffield, United Kingdom

About name is Tara,am 20yrs old,i live in uk in sheffield... i've always loved to write,and i got so happy when i saw this site which i can publish my stories,i know my grammar is not perfect but .. more..