The world inside ...

The world inside ...

A Poem by stranger-n-life

Compromises to life turn mankind to seeking transient rewards in the nothingness created by man for mankind , yet the spirit remains in us all, knowing lovingness the better way even in this life...

sustained mechanically inside,
never seeing the whole,
as though afraid of repercussions,
no sense of leap,
no leap of sense...

as though dead,
or might death be a moment of relief,
of challenge,
of excitement,
of glimpses beyond the facades
...of seeing?

 but really,
why  play games?
just mimicking the past ,
as though it were good enough,
as though you never wanted to say:
"This was my life, mine alone,
 and no-one could feel there was more could happen." ?

Is this then a sign of defect of the  'heart'
or just  the 'contented' deceit of self,
propagated misdirection,
 even of its protagonists,
into dying insidiously of its 'comfort' ?
 yet have they said to you:
 "No other goal could be more important" ?

 but is this not the fault of 'importance' itself,
that complacent concept,
even in denying its own insufficiency?

What shines then,
what belief?

Quickly then,
do not condemn yourself
to the warm blindness,
but suffer
in strange joy of knowing
 love of truth
and the truth of love
that it is life
and life is nothing else...

There is more for us to know
by facing the never-solved,
... without hiding,
and thus knowing why one
journeys without end,
seeking beyond finding,
so suddenly then
 feeling wholly alive for a change.

... rather than
sitting in the valley
smoking your own soul...

© 2010 stranger-n-life

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Added on April 24, 2010
Last Updated on April 24, 2010



London, Wildlands, United Kingdom

A poet , looking inside and out for relations to the spirit of love that is so far 'above' this world ... truth of heart that tears apart the lies which many folks, for now, live by ... from which .. more..