Drunk Diaries 2

Drunk Diaries 2

A Story by struggles with buttons

What are the most beautiful times of the day?  A pretty unanimous answer is going to be  sunrise and sunset.  When are you the most beautiful?  When you’re waking up, and when you’re going to sleep.  Why?  I am going to start with waking up, you’re fresh, you’re new, you’re raw, and untouched by the days worries.  The moment you first wake is like the moment you first see the sun come up over those mountains, or over the city line.  It’s breathtaking, and awe-inspiring; it’s something you wish you could rewind and watch over and over again. You’re awaking is original and genuine, whether you wake up with your hair in an afro, or makeup smudged around your eyes, even those darling lines all over your face from the creases in the pillow, or from how you had your hand pressed into your face while you slept.  Although you might feel as if you need to immediately put yourself “back together”, you don’t; you should lay there and enjoy waking up, enjoy feeling as unique as you are.  You’re beautiful, don’t fret.  As for falling asleep;  even though I enjoy the way you look when you’re untouched by the days worries; I also admire the way you look when you have made it though the day’s cruelty.  The way you look when you’re over it, and ready to just give it all up to your dreams.  When you’re ready to put away everything that might have gone so terribly amiss, to hide in a night of fantasy.  (and don’t worry, if you have a nightmare, I’ll still be there to make sure you’re safe) When the sun sets, yea, it might have had a f*****g horrid day, but you know it will make it to tomorrow, and look just as beautiful as it did the day before.  

Anyway… these are the thoughts that come to me after a few drinks, cheers.

© 2012 struggles with buttons

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struggles with buttons
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Added on September 8, 2012
Last Updated on September 8, 2012
Tags: Drunk, Sunrise, Sunset, Beauty, Sleep, Waking, Diary


struggles with buttons
struggles with buttons

Lake Forest, CA

Sometimes when I have a couple drinks, I take to my computer and start writing about the way I see things. more..


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