Chapter One

Chapter One

A Chapter by Trevor

The beginning of the story.


Chapter 1

Draft 2

Note: First two pages are a nightmare.

Page 1


A wide shot. There’s a small boy running towards the reader. He’s in a hurry, tripping over himself. The far right side of the panel is taken up mostly by a long wooden porch, with overhang and all. The other side of the panel is pretty much black except for some grass on the ground.


An over-the-shoulder shot of the boy running, facing away from the reader. We can see the corner of the porch he’s running toward, blood running from around it.


A shot of the boy turning the corner to see what is behind it.


A look of shock on the boy’s face as he looks up.


He looks up towards a silhouetted figure, which should have it’s back to us. Ideally, we’ll be looking over his shoulder down at the boy.

Page 2


As big a shot as you can get without totally taking up the whole page. We now see the front of the figure, covered in shadow but teeth and eyes are visible. Eyes are evil and demonic while the teeth are covered in blood. In one hand, the figure clutches a man’s body, dead eyed and most of his neck missing. At it’s feet, a mutilated corpse of a woman. Get as gruesome as you want with it.


Small shot, close up of the young boy’s face. He’s happy and speaking to the creature.

Boy: “Thank you.”


A young man’s eyes, wide and alert. Waking up from the nightmare.

Note: His mouth shouldn’t be visible until the last panel of page six

Page 3


Xemond sitting up in his bed, hand over his eyes like he has a headache.


Close up on his eyes again, hand lowering so he can see.


Big shot of his bedroom. Old Victorian looking furniture and style, but a complete mess. Like a teenager’s room. Door to the rest of the apartment is slightly open, but the rest of the apartment isn’t visible outside the door.


Shot of him sighing, still in bed. Head hung low.

Page 4


Shot of him getting out of bed and picking a book of his nightstand.


Small shot of him walking to his door and opening it


Big shot of the rest of his apartment, just as messy as the bedroom. Stuff lying around, dishes in the sink that aren’t done. Just lazy. He’s walking to a table pretty much in the middle of the room.

Page 5

Note: Small panels here. Lots of stuff happening here.


He notices a bird landing on his window sill while sitting down at the table.


He starts flipping through the pages of the book.


He finds the page he wants.


While still looking at the book, he reaches for a knife.


Knife in hand and still looking at the book, he reaches for the salt on the table.


He sprinkles some of the salt on the knife.


He looks at the bird while pointing the knife towards it in his hands.


Looking intently at the bird.

Xemond: “Volsei.”

Page 6


The knife flies from his hands and stabs the bird, pinning it to the frame of his window.


Xemond gets up and walks towards the bird.


He pulls the knife off the wall, bird included.


He looks at the bird for a minute, inspecting it.


Not seeing his face, he starts eating the bird over the sink.


View of the dishes in the sink, blood and feathers and meat from the bird all over them. A few pieces still falling into the dishes.

Xemond: “Ugh...”


We only see the bottom half his face, sharp teeth (very similar to the ones from his nightmare), bloody and open so he can express his dissatisfaction.

Xemond: “It’s never as good.”

Page 7


Xemond’s in his closet getting dressed. He’s already got a white shirt on and he’s sliding his black pants on.


Now he has a vest over his shirt (Like one used for a tuxedo) reaching up for a hat on a shelf in the closet.


Now he’s at his front door putting on his big overcoat.


Cane in hand, he’s looking out the window at the sunlight pouring into his apartment.


He pulls a small black cloth from his coat pocket.


He slides it on his face, the front is out of our view.


Door shuts on his way out.

Page 8


A wide silhouette shot of one man working the front desk the fire to his left, but from our view it is behind him. He’s leaning pretty far down, really intent on what he’s writing.


The front door opens. We’re looking over Xemond’s shoulder toward the front desk and the man working.


Close on the young man’s face, a small smile forming to welcome his guest, but he’s still eyes down writing.

William: “Hello, how can I help--”


Same shot , but a little closer on his face; smile gone and replaced with fear in his eyes now looking straight ahead.

Xemond: “Hello, William.”

Page 9


Big reveal shot of Xemond’s mask. From behind William but still able to see the terror on his face. Xemond’s just standing in front of the desk, hands resting on the cane in front of him (Very Polite).

Xemond: “Is Fredrick in today?”


William points behind him to his right. Xemond follows his finger to the door he’s pointing at.


Close on William’s eyes looking back toward where Xemond is walking into the door.

Xemond: “Thank you, William.”


Farther out in front of the desk, we see William leaning back in his chair sighing and still scared. A click is coming from the door Xemond entered.

Page 10


Inside Fredrick’s office. Organized papers, but loose, like someone is trying to keep neat but is unable. Fredrick is looking up from his desk when Xemond enters the room, a half-smile on his face.

Fredrick: “Good morning, Xe. How’s it going?”


Xemond is lowering himself into a chair in front of Fredrick’s desk.

Xemond: “Quite well Though, I suppose I had a poor breakfast. And yourself?”

Fredrick: “Good. Thanks for asking.”


Xemond is now fully seated and we can see both of them in the panel.

Xemond: “And how are the children?”


Fredrick has his head down but his eyes are looking up toward Xemond. He’s still writing at his desk.

Fredrick: “Oh, they’re fine. Cassy hurt herself the other day but it was only a scrape.”

Xemond: “That’s good. Children must find their limits.”


Close up of the pen Fredrick is using to write with. Xemond can be seen in the background head tilted slightly.

Xemond: “And how is Marrion?”


We see Fredrick stop writing and look up with a very serious look on his face. The two stare at each other in silence.

Page 11


Fredrick goes back to writing at his desk, head down again.

Fredrick: “She’s fine.”


A panel for the awkward silence.


Xemond raising his right hand up and sitting a little straighter.

Xemond: “My practice is going well.”


Fredrick brings his head up all of the way and relaxes a little.
Fredrick: “Oh, right. What have you been working on today?”

Xemond: “Projectiles.”

Fredrick: “Projectiles?”


Fredrick is leaning back in his chair, Xemond in resting one leg on his knee. Friendly conversation.

Fredrick: “Isn’t that a bit basic?”

Xemond: “One usually starts with the basics.”

Fredrick: “Fair enough.”


Fredrick is grabbing some paper out of a folder on the desk.

Fredrick: “Well, you didn’t come for the pleasure of my company.”

Page 12


Fred is handing Xemond the paper. On it is some handwritten information (Some of it is Fred’s writing, some of it is someone else’s).

Fredrick: “You came for work.”


Xemond looks over the paper handed to him.

Fredrick: “Clients name is David Milligian. Had to go and find that out myself. He wanted to stay anonymous and no questions and whatnot, but you know me. Ever cautious.”


Xemond is folding the paper in his hands, looking up at Fredrick.

Xemond: “What does our Mr. Milligian want?”

Fredrick: “Wouldn’t tell me. He wanted you to meet him at the address he wrote on that paper.”


Xemond places the papers into his inside jacket pocket.

Fredrick: “Like I said though, I did my research. Couple of blokes are causing a bit of unrest at the factory he owns. From there though, it’s just speculation.”


Xemond leans on one arm of his chair listening to Fredrick.

Xemond: “How do you mean?”

Fredrick: “It’s just rumors. Little pay, dangerous conditions, the children working there are too young, beatings, etc. You’d have a better chance hearing it from the horse’s mouth.”

Page 13


Xemond gets up to exit the room.

Xemond: “I think I’ll do just that. Thank you, Fredrick. I’ll let you know when the job is done.”


Close up over Xemond’s shoulder looking back to Fredrick.

Fredrick: “Yeah. Oh, hey.”


Xemond looking back at Fredrick with the door open.

Fredrick: “Try not to, y’know, kill anyone on this one. At least not unless it comes to it.”


Shot of William listening from the front desk, very scared.

Xemond: “Oh yes, don’t worry. I will attempt to restrain my appetite for warm meat.”


Xemond is suddenly very close to William’s face and William lets out a scream.

Page 14


Xemond walks up to the exit and opens it, looking back at William.

Xemond: “Oh, for f**k sakes man...”


William sobbing at his desk.

Xemond: “...get a grip.”

Page 15


Xemond is a small spot on the road heading to the right of the page. We can see a factory in the top left of the panel, looming over the residential homes, complete with a big ol’ smoke stack. Still early in the morning, so the sun is still rising. Xemond’s path branches in two directions, one is a slightly wider alleyway than the one he is currently in, heading to the factory with two police officers in it.


Close on Xemond peeking around the corner into the alley where the officers are. They appear to be having a friendly conversation with each other.


Xemond begins to pull his mask off while also pulling a small white cloth out of his pocket.

Page 16


In between the two officers dressed in victorian style uniforms (We can make a stylistic variations, it’s not even on Earth). One is trying to continue a story while the other is noticing Xemond approaching. Xemond is slightly hunched over and moving very quickly.

Officer #1: “And ‘es trying to hold onto it, so I step back and say--”

Officer #2: “Hold on. We got one comin’.”


Over Xemond’s shoulder, his hand raised up in apology. The officers eye him curiously.

Xemond: “*cough* *cough*! Sorry, gentlemen. I’m not a tad under the weather today.”


The officer who was telling the story is looking at the other quizzically while the second officer is looking a little concerned for Xemond.

Officer 1: “That’s, uh, that’s alright sir.”

Officer 2: “You OK, old man?”


Xemond coughs into his cloth. His other hand is discreetly dropping salt onto the loose bricks on the ground.

Xemond: “*cough*! Oh, I’m just a bit sick is all. Late night and I’m just getting back home, can you believe that? No worries, though! The wife will fix me right up.”


Officer two holds a hand up to Xemond, gesturing for him to stay put.

Officer 2: “I’m sure she can sir, but we’ve got to be checking anyone comin’ along this way.”

Xemond: “Oh, dear. Has some*cough* has something happened?”


Officer 1 nonchalantly talking to Xemond, shoulders shrugged. Officer 2 is looking angrily at Officer 1.

Officer 1: “Ah, some rich bloke’s getting all uppity ‘bout something.”

Officer 2: “What the hell you doing? You can’t be--”

Officer 1: “Oh, what’s he gonna do? Cough on us? Get us a little sick?”

Officer 2: “Well, at least let’s check his teeth.”


Officer 1 leans in close to Xemond, trying to look into his mouth. Xemond pulls himself back a little so they can’t see his teeth.

Officer 1: “Fine. Sorry, mate, I’m just gonna need to see your teeth.”

Xemond: “Oh,*cough*. If you really must.”


Close on Xemond’s mouth, teeth almost touching the cloth he has in front.

Xemond: “(Whisper) Volsei.”

Page 17


Big ol’ shot of one of the bricks smashing right into Officer 1’s face from the ground.


Xemond starts to crouch and pull his mask down.

Xemond: “Volsei.”


Second brick flies up from the ground but it hits Officer 2’s arm raised to block his face.


From right behind Officer 2’s right leg. We see Xemond with his mask on, about to draw the sword from his cane.

Officer 2: “Agh! You s**t!”


Straight on shot of Officer 2, gun in his left hand, right hand limp and bleeding a little.

Officer 2: “You f*****g vamp piece of s**t!”


Close on Officer 2’s eyes. Sand flying into one of them, causing some irritation.

Officer: “Arr.”


Close on the hand of a man on a rooftop next to Officer 2 and Xemond. He’s letting the wind blow some of the sand from his hand into the alley.

Jacob: “Sumbei.”


Officer 2 about to fall over from tiredness.

Officer 2: “Uhhh....”

Page 18


Aerial shot of Officer 2 laying on the ground, asleep. We can see Xemond standing there, looking down on him.


We see the silhouetted figure coming down from the top of the building. Xemond is looking up at him, one had on his hip, the other on his cane.

Xemond: “I appreciate the assistance, but I was more than capable of dispatching him on my own.”


Shot of the figure falling down from the building and rolling up to Xemond. Like a sequence or a frame by frame. He’ll speak at each part of  his descent.

Jacob: “Oh. I. Know.”


Big shot of Jacob greeting Xemond. They’re both in the shot, but Jacob is the main subject.

Jacob: “I just couldn't help-”

Xemond: “Showing off?”

Jacob: “Showing you up, more like.”


The brick that hit Officer 1 in the face is in the foreground while Xemond and Jacob look at it from the background.

Jacob: “And that’s not exactly very hard with the amateur s**t you’re pulling here.”

Xemond “I Believe the proper term is ‘Beginner’.”

Jacob: “Whatever you say, Xe.”


Over Jacob’s shoulder, looking at Xemond.

Xemond: “I must admit, I’m curious as to why I even needed to ‘pull that amateur s**t’. Why were they out here?”

Jacob: “Not too sure. Could have something to do with a client I’ve just gotten. Wanted everything real hush hush. Didn’t even give his name.”

Page 19


Xemond pulls out the paper with the address for David on it and shows it to Jacob.

Xemond: “Did he ask you to come to this address?”


Jacob looks at the paper and has a look of amusement on his face.

Jacob: “Oh, s**t. He’s hired you as well, eh? Well, what say we have a nice stroll to meet our new best friend?”


Jacob and Xemond begin to walk down the path toward their destination.

Xemond: “His name is David Milligian. Fredrick did a little digging.”

Jacob: “Of course he did. Well, mister Milligian will probably get spooked if we come in greetin’ him like a brother.”

Xemond: “Agreed. Let’s let him reveal himself in his own time.”


Both still walking, the two Officers can be seen behind them.

Jacob: “You think he’s the one who’s got the cops out today?”
Xemond: “It’s entirely possible. He owns the factory up north, so most certainly could afford the service.”

Jacob: “Factory, eh? I remember the one my Dad used to work in.”


Shot of their feet walking on the ground and Xemond’s cane.

Xemond: “From what I’ve heard, they haven’t gotten much better. This probably has to do with safety, money or some other such nonsense.”

Jacob: “You think that stuff’s nonsense? The people who work there deserve a decent--”

Xemond: “It’s nonsense in that those problem’s should be at the forefront of the employer’s mind. If not for empathy to their conditions, then to at least to avoid striking and a drop in productivity.”


Shot of the alley-way, both officers on the ground and Xemond and Jacob far down the way still talking.

Jacob: “Heh. Maybe you should voice your opinion to Davey once we get there.”
Xemond: “Maybe. I’ll need to judge the man for myself...”

Page 20


Old dilapidated building with Jacob and Xemond looking directly at it. They are at the bottom of the stairs at the front, leading up to the front door.

Xemond (Box): “...size him up, as they say.”

Jacob: “This is it?”


Jacob and Xemond side by side. Jacob looking up at the house, holding his glasses up. Xemond is placing the paper with the address on into his coat.

Xemond: “It appears to be, yes.”

Jacob: “It’s barely a hundred feet from the factory he owns.”


From behind, Jacob and Xemond looking at each other. Jacob is making a small gesture to something behind them.

Xemond: “He’s likely never done something like this before.”

Jacob: “Great. Love an amatuer. Oh, bloody Hell...”


In front of the guys, looking between their shoulders at a man on a bench with several pouches strapped to him.

Jacob: “...he’s hired a mage.”


From behind again, both looking back toward the mage.

Xemond: “How do you know David hired him?”

Jacob: “He hired us, got the cops out, why wouldn’t he hire a proper mage? He’s giving us a very unpleasant look, isn’t he?”

Xemond: “Maybe he’s just nervous?”


Same shot, except Xemond is looking directly at Jacob while he’s still looking at the mage.

Jacob: “Of what? Us?”


Same shot, except now Xemond has his head tilted slightly while Jacob looks to the mage. Imagine Xemond is giving him a “Seriously?” kind of expression.

Page 21


Xemond begins his walk up to the front door of the building. Jacob is turning his head around to look at Xemond.

Xemond: “You astound me, Jacob.”

Jacob: “Huh?”


From the doors point of view, Xemond is knocking on the door, Jacob is now totally turned around looking at Xemond.

Xemond: “We’ve dispatched, not five minutes ago, two officers who were prepared to arrest or detain me for the very reason that magician might be afraid.”


Jacob is now approaching the top of the stairs to talk to Xemond.

Xemond: “Very basic facts seem to slip by you quite easily, my friend.”

Jacob: “What? You think he’s scared of your mask?”

Xemond: “Not the mask, necessarily, but of what it means of me.”


Jacob is now at the top of the stairs and they are now talking to each other while they wait for the door.

Jacob: “Honestly, I forget it’s a mask. That’s just your face to me. And don’t get me wrong, I get nervous around you myself plenty...”


Close on Xemond’s face, with the back of Jacob in the foreground.

Jacob: “...but that’s more because you’re a scary sod even without the teeth.”

Xemond: “So, my species is an afterthought to you?”

Jacob: “I guess so.”

Xemond: “Hmm.”


Xemond and Jacob in front of the door waiting in silence for the door to open.


Same shot, except now Jacob tilts his head up and to the right and Xemond looks down at his cane and shuffles slightly


Same shot, Jacob with his hands outstretched and head forward, yelling. Xemond, barely moved, looks at Jacob.

Jacob: “WHERE THE F**K IS HE!?”

Page 22


Small shot, Xemond about to knock on the door again. Jacob is out of the shot.

Xemond: “Perhaps he didn’t--”


Big shot. From the inside of the house, Jacob has kicked the door down. (Pick whatever angle works best for the door falling and flying inward with Xemond still at least somewhat in the shot.)

Xemond: “--hear”


View from the inside staircase looking down towards the door, just kicked in, Jacob and Xemond walking inside with Jacob leading in.

Jacob: “Knock, knock!”

Xemond: “Is that entirely necessary?”


David comes to the first landing on the stairs, extremely angry and scared.

David: “What the Hell do you think you’re doing!?”


Wide shot of the house so everyone is visible. Xemond and Jacob are on the left side of the panel standing side by side, David is making his way down the stairs.

David: “You asses know how to knock!?”

Jacob: “He DID knock!”


Same shot, David almost at the bottom of the stairs.

Xemond: “I did knock.

Page 23


From the left side of David’s leg hitting the floor as he finishes his descent, we see Xemond and Jacob standing on the freshly broken down door. We can begin to see someone making his way up the front stairs, but it’s only an outline.

David: “I’m trying to keep things quiet! The last damn thing I need is you thugs breaking everything and--”

Xemond: “I apologize for interrupting, but your bad manners caused my colleagues bad manners, sir.”


Xemond and David are walking towards each other now. Make sure the doorway is out of frame. They’re having an argument.

David: “The Hell you mean, ‘bad manners’?”

Xemond: “You failed to answer the door in a timely fashion. It was quite rude.”

David: How the Hell does that justify kicking the door down”?


Over Xemond’s shoulder. Focus on David’s face, slightly confused.

Xemond: “It doesn’t. I’m merely lending context.”


Small panel over David’s shoulder looking towards Xemond and Jacob and a figure in the doorway. Should be in the general shape of the mage we saw earlier.

David: “Who...”


The mage send several knives towards David, trying to kill him. Xemond is about to draw his sword while turning around. Jacob is surprised and turning around.

Mage: “Volsei!”

Page 24


Xemond fully draws his sword and deflects the knives away from David. There are several markings on the sword (enchantments/runes).

David: “AH!”

Xemond: “Jacob!”


Small shot of Jacob cutting his palm.

Jacob: “Got him!”


Big shot of the door repairing itself (small splinters and things) and flying back into the doorway and subsequently the mage.



The mage grabs one end of the door and throws it back towards Jacob and Xemond.


Xemond cuts the door in half while protecting David.


The mage rushes towards Xemond behind the door about to cast another spell, and punch Xemond with a hand covered in runes.

Page 25


Xemond kicks the mage straight in the stomach and sends him to the ground.

Mage: “Infa-uummph!”


Mage on the floor on his back getting up.

Mage: “Arrgh.”

Jacob: “Burne!”


The wood panels on the floor reach up to the mage and keep him bound to the floor.


Jacob is kneeling near the mage with his hand on the floor, keeping the floor bound to the mage.

Xemond: “He’s bound, then?”

Jacob: “Yea. He’s not going anywhere.”


Xemond starts kneeling down to talk to the mage. Just show his sword pointed to the ground and his knees bending with the mage on the ground.”

Xemond: “Good. Now, then...”


Same angle, except now Xemond is kneeling all the way and looking straight at the mage.

Xemond: “...what the f**k was all that about?”

Page 26


We can see from over David’s shoulder, the mage looking directly at him.


The mage begins to close his eyes tight and glow an orangish color.


Xemond is looking at Jacob who is looking at the mage. Both are very worried.

Jacob: “Oh, s**t! He’s gonna go up!”

Xemond: “Can you stop the spell!?”

Jacob: “It’d take too long! We can run, but we’d never make it out of the blast radius!”

Xemond: “Then what can we do to stop him!?”


Close up on Xemond’s face looking toward Jacob (off panel).

Jacob: “The spell only dies when he does!”


Xemond looking down at his sword in his hands.


Xemond holding the sword with both hands over his head, about to stab the mage.

Xemond: “I’m so sorry, Fredrick.”

Page 27


Big shot of the mage getting stabbed on the ground, color fading from his body and eyes wide in pain.”


Xemond slowly pulls the sword from the mage’s body.


David starts walking toward Xemond whose head cannot be seen in this shot.

David: “Ok, you’re definitely hired. I can ignore a lit--”


Xemond backfists David in the face, sending him to the floor.


David looking back at Xemond from the floor, blood dripping from his nose.

David: “The Hell do you--”


Xemond places the tip of the blade on David’s shoulder and press in a little.

David: “Ow! What!?”

Page 28


From David’s POV looking up at Xemond, looking pretty scary.

Xemond: “I made a promise to my friend this morning, sir.”


Xemond, kneeling down to David’s level, sword still pressing in.

Xemond: “I promised him I would avoid bloodshed to the best of my abilities.”


David’s POV again, Xemond is gesturing to the dead mage on the floor. Jacob is in the background, looking neutral.

Xemond: “That man over there gave me little choice, but his death could have been avoided.


Over Xemond’s shoulder, looking down onto David’s terrified face.

Xemond: “I want you to explain to me exactly why he would come here, why he wanted so badly to kill you.”


Close up on the sword in his shoulder going in a little deeper.

David: “ARRGGHH!”

Xemond: “I want you to explain to me exactly why you made me kill him.”


Close on Xemond’s head titled in curiousity. Really close on his goggles so we can see David’s panicked reflection.

Xemond: “Do we have an understanding?”

End Chapter One

© 2015 Trevor

Author's Note

This was mainly written for an artist to draw from, but any feedback would be great. Also, this isn't the actual Victorian England, it's a fictional world. Any artists interested in drawing for this can just message me.

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Featured Review

Really intriguing!!! :) I'm not sure what kind of creature/vampire/lichen/etc the main character Xemond is, But I like how you have the office set up and how he is careful not to show his teeth since they are so different. :P :) I really like the office set up, those scenes are the ones that really pulled me in, they are really good!!! :) It makes you wonder more about who this mystery client is! :) And I liked the scene with the officers, I found the part where the officer didn't think an "Old man" Could do anything to them, slightly humorous! :) And then ending was very enticing, I like how it left off with the question "Do we have an Understanding?" :) Very good writing! I really enjoyed it! :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


9 Years Ago

Well, thank you the very much! I'm gonna be going between writing this book and my other one, "Alys .. read more

9 Years Ago

Oh, and Xemond is a vampire. He wears the mask so he doesn't burn his face in the sunlight.

9 Years Ago

Okay thanks for letting me know. I know in the comic it well be obvious he is, I just want sure. Cau.. read more


this was extremely intriguing. i was almost expecting something that wasn't super original like a lot of vampire stories end up these days, but this one was a breath of fresh air. and having it be a comic is a really awesome idea. never seen one like it on here. you have a lot of potential for this story :) i cant wait to read more :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


9 Years Ago

Thanks! I wanted to do something with vampires that wasn't just a rehash of Twilight or True-blood, .. read more
Really intriguing!!! :) I'm not sure what kind of creature/vampire/lichen/etc the main character Xemond is, But I like how you have the office set up and how he is careful not to show his teeth since they are so different. :P :) I really like the office set up, those scenes are the ones that really pulled me in, they are really good!!! :) It makes you wonder more about who this mystery client is! :) And I liked the scene with the officers, I found the part where the officer didn't think an "Old man" Could do anything to them, slightly humorous! :) And then ending was very enticing, I like how it left off with the question "Do we have an Understanding?" :) Very good writing! I really enjoyed it! :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


9 Years Ago

Well, thank you the very much! I'm gonna be going between writing this book and my other one, "Alys .. read more

9 Years Ago

Oh, and Xemond is a vampire. He wears the mask so he doesn't burn his face in the sunlight.

9 Years Ago

Okay thanks for letting me know. I know in the comic it well be obvious he is, I just want sure. Cau.. read more

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Hey, my name's Trevor and I'm attempting something that I'm pretty terrified of right now. I'm putting my ideas and works out to be judged and critiqued. The things I'd like to focus on the most are i.. more..

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