Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by Trevor

Alys is just looking for something to do.


Chapter 1

Draft 2

Page 1


Close up on a fire in the fireplace burning brightly. We’re inside the Colt’s house, so it’s a fancy a*s fireplace.


Close on Alys’ eyes staring into the fire, wide and in awe.


Alys’ hand lazily being raised up toward the fire.


REALLY close on Alys’ eyes, wide and again in awe. In their reflection we see the fire nearly double in size, some of it escaping the fireplace.


Smile on Alys’ face as she stares into the fire, eyes are out of panel. In the background we can see a door beginning to open.


Door opens and we can see Alys’ mother Arabella entering the room, looking angrily/disappointingly at her daughter. Alys’ smile is smaller but still present.

Arabella: “Oh, for - Alys, I’ve told you to stop doing that. You’ll damage something.”

Page 2


From inside the fireplace: Alys starts to slouch in her seat and the fire calms down. Her mother walks out into a larger part of the house behind the couch Alys is sitting in. One of the servants begins to walk in the room from the same way Arabella walks out.

Alys: “Fine.”


Alys sees the servant walking toward the fireplace to clean the mantle.


The servant begins to clean the mantle, standing in front of the fireplace. Alys begins to sit back up in her seat, an idea forming in her head.


Alys raises her hand up again, a look of anticipation on her face.


The fire blazes and grows in front of the servant. The servant hasn’t moved or done anything to protect itself (gender doesn’t matter, make it whatever you want).


The servant looks at the fire attempting to engulf them with complete disinterest.


The servant looks back toward Alys, again totally disinterested.

Servant: “Are you cold, Miss Alys?”


Wide shot of Alys letting her head down, servant standing in front of the fire.

Alys: “*sigh*”

Page 3


Alys is standing out on the balcony of her house. Below her we can see two or three servants tending to a garden. Over a hedge wall to the far left, we can see part of the arena. Dirt floor in the center, wooden frame and stands, etc. Alys is leaning on the railing, slouching, bored.

Alys (Box): “No.”


Looking up at Alys on the railing. She’s looking slightly to her right to someone talking off-panel.

Thea: “You bored?”


Alys’ chin and arms resting on the rail are in the foreground, Thea is in the back (she’s the main subject, here).

Alys: “Whadda you think, Thea?”


From inside the garden so we can see them both on the balcony. Thea’s moved closer to Alys, now.

Thea: “I was only asking.”

Alys: “I know. I’m sorry. It’s just...frustrating.”


From behind the girls, high enough to see over them and into the garden. In the far right of the garden, we can see a young man (15 or 16) yelling at one of the servants.

Thea: “Yea. It’s--oh.”
Alys: “Oh, what?”

Thea: “Look...”

Page 4


Closer on the boy yelling at the servant. Servant is totally blank faced.

Thea: “He’s back, again.”

Alys: “Hmm.”

Thea: “What’re you thinking?”


Slightly behind Thea so we can see both of their smirks.

Alys: “Hopefully something fun.”

Thea: “Well, go for it, then.”


The boy and servant should be in the foreground looking up towards the balcony where Alys  is waving down.

Alys: “Oh, hello Rowan!”


Close on Rowan’s angry face, looking up towards the balcony.

Alys: “Won’t you please come up!?”


From behind the girls again. Alys is pointing down and to her right, below the balcony. Thea is close to Alys, practically whispering into her ear.

Alys: “The stairs are just around the corner!”

Thea: “What are you going to tell him this time?”


From the back wall of the balcony, both girls talking with grins on their faces.

Alys: “I’ll act far too affectionate, hang onto his arm, and mention one of the other boys a few too many times.”

Thea: “You think we’ll see a good fight today?”

Alys: “Hopefully!”

Page 5


Rowan makes his way up to the top of the stairs. Alys goes to greet him, arms outstretched.

Alys: “Oh, it’s so good to see you Rowan!”


Alys holds onto one of his arms, appearing very innocent and impressed.

Alys: “Oh, my! Have you been exercising?”

Rowan: “No.”


Same shot. A pause for awkward silence.


Same shot. Alys is trying to regain some of her composure and change the subject.

Alys: “Well...I know Eddard has--”

Rowan: “Oh, are you sure it’s Eddard?”


Same shot. Alys’s smile is fading and Rowan tilts his head in thought.

Rowan: “Maybe it’s Travis. Or Sven. Oh, you know, it might be Derrick.”


Alys’ face, smile almost gone and looking up at Rowan, concerned.

Alys: “Are you alright?”

Page 6


Rowan gives Alys a sarcastic smile.

Rowan: “Oh, no! I’m fine! Yes, I’m completely ready to go and beat my friends or go perform some ridiculous feat in your honor!”


Same angle. Rowan is angry with Alys looking a little flustered.

Alys: “Rowan--”

Rowan: “Save it.”


Rowan looks away from Alys in frustration.


Same angle. Rowan turns back to her, totally pissed.

Rowan: “Did you even consider it? Or were just seeing how long I’d hold out?”


Alys turns her head away slightly, a smile reforming on her face.

Alys: “Oh, nothing like that!”


Same angle, she turns back to him, a full smile on her face, looking devious.

Alys: “I was just bored.”

Page 7


Over the balcony, Alys starts walking away from Rowan and back to Thea.

Alys: “You were a great way to alleviate that boredom. Always trying to impress me and get my attention.”


Alys is in front of Thea now, smiling. Thea is neutral in the back.

Alys: “You guys really gave us a good show!”


Alys’ hand on her hip in the foreground, Rowan looking angry and regretful in the back.

Rowan: “You made me burn Travis! He can’t even open his eye now!”


Alys, rolling her eyes.

Alys: “Oh, he’ll live.”


Cracks start forming around Rowan’s feet.


One of the cracks breaks part of the railing.

Page 8


Alys holds her hand above the broken rail, almost disgusted by it.

Alys: “God, will you just calm down?”


Rowan puts his hand to face, covering his pure f*****g hatred.


Rowan turns to walk away, disgusted. His footprints still on the balcony.


Alys looking down the stairs with a blank expression, Thea right behind her.

Thea: “*sigh* I wish that lasted longer. So, what now?”


Alys holds her hand over the broken segment of the railing, a small blue light emitting from it.

Alys: “Well, I guess we gotta clean this mess up.”


Thea begins to walk over to Rowan’s footprints.

Thea: “I guess.”

Page 9


Alys and Thea are opening one of the entrances to the stands in the small arena. In the arena itself, we can see Alys’ father working with a very fit servant. They are both examining swords, armor, etc next to a crate.


The girls go to sit on one of the benches, watching her father hand some of the equipment to the servant.


The servant’s standing on a shield on the ground. Alys and Thea are in the background, bored.


Close on Alys, finger pointed up, a smile on her face.


The shield moves forward, causing the servant to fall backward and land on his back. Alys’ father looks over his shoulder from the crate in front of him.


Her father looks down at the servant, sighing. He’s kneeling.

Gawin: “*sigh*”


Gawin begins to stand.

Gawin: “Really, Alys. This is just what I need today.”

Page 10


Gawin reaches down to help the servant up, one arm outstretched. The servant reaches up to take it.

Gawin: “Are you alright, Al?”

Al: “I think so. Though, I do have a sharp pain in the back of my head.”


Back of Al’s head. It’s a little bloody, broken skin, etc.

Gawin: “Let’s take a look. Ugh.”


Gawin presses his hand on the injury, a small glow appears under his fingers and palm.

Gawin: “Hold still.”


Gawin inspecting the injury, totally recovered.

Gawin: “Alright, it’s fine now.”

Al: “Thank you, my lord.”


Wide shot of Gawin talking from the pit to Alys and Thea in the stands.

Gawin: “You two couldn’t wait until tomorrow to screw around? And what was all that on the balcony, eh?”


Alys leans back in her seat (backless), relaxed and looking coyly at Thea. Thea snickers.

Alys: “Oh, some people can’t take a joke.”

Page 11


Alys, still leaning back in her seat. Thea has a hand up explaining something to Gawin who has his arms crossed. Al’s putting the shield back into a crate.

Thea: “Don’t worry Uncle Gawin, Alys and I took care of everything.”

Alys: “Yeah, we’ve fixed it.”


Gawin looks toward the balcony from the pit.


Same shot.

Gawin: “Huh.”


Same shot, but now Gawin has looked back to the girls.

Gawin: “So you have.”


Gawin bends down to help Al lift up the crate in the middle of the pit. Alys sits up a little straighter on the bench.

Alys: “You didn’t believe me!”

Gawin: “Look I’d love to play with you honey, but the fights tonight and Al needs to be completely ready.”


Close on Alys and Thea, questioning looks on their faces.

Thea: “Is that tonight?”

Alys: “I suppose so.”

Gawin: “Thea, it’s with your family! How do you two-- Oh, nevermind. Just try not to kill him anytime soon, eh?”

Page 12


Cut to a cliff overlooking the sea and covered in grass. Alys sits on a tree branch while Thea levitates a large rock in the air.


Thea throws the rock out towards the ocean.


Far out in the ocean now, where the rock lands.


Thea puts her hands on her hips and sighs. Alys sits in the tree to Thea’s right. They both look out to the sun just beginning to set.

Thea: “*sigh*”


Same shot.

Thea: “Do they feel pain?”


Thea looks up to Alys sitting in the tree, asking a question.

Alys: “Huh?”

Thea: “The servants. I mean, Al said he felt it earlier, but he barely seemed to notice it.”


Alys looks down from the tree, kicking her feet and thinking.

Alys: “I’m not sure. I practically set one on fire once, and they just asked me if I was cold.”

Thea: “Really?”

Alys: “Mhmm.”

Page 13


Alys begins to climb down from the tree while Thea continues her thought.

Thea: “Hmm. So they can feel it...but I guess they just don’t react to it. But why have them feel pain at all?”


Alys lands on the ground, bending her legs on impact.

Alys: “Ah!”


She starts to stand up straight.

Alys: “I don’t know. Pain’s just annoying!”


Small panel. Alys tries to put weight on her left leg, but pulls it back up in pain.

Alys: “Ow! See what I mean?”

Thea: “Maybe.”


Alys looks up to Thea, putting things together in her head.

Alys: “Maybe?”

Thea: “Well look, if you didn’t feel anything in your foot, you wouldn’t know it’s not alright.”


Alys begins to sit down in the grass. Thea continues to stand, talking to Alys.

Thea: “You would just keep using it, right? Then it would get worse and just break or tear or something.”


Alys, sitting on the ground, looking at her ankle.

Alys: “That makes sense, I guess.”

Thea: “It’s kinda necessary, isn’t it? So we can get better?”

Page 14


Alys heals her ankle with both her hands, the same glow appears like it did with Gawin.

Alys: “For now.”


Alys stands up now and smiles at Thea.

Alys: “At least until we make ourselves indestructable.”


Thea crosses her arms at Alys as she brushes the dirt off her backside.

Thea: “We’re not gods, Alys.”

Alys: “Oh, not yet.”


Both look back towards Thea’s house in the background, her father, Michael, can barely be seen.

Michael: “Thea! I need you inside, dear!”


Looking out over the cliff again. Thea’s running home, one hand raised in goodbye. Alys stands looking back to her.

Thea: “Alright, father! Hey, I’ll see you later tonight, ok?”

Alys: “See you then.”

Page 15


Alys looks out over the cliff by herself, staring at the early sunset.


Alys looks to her left towards a boulder lodged in the ground.


She glances back to the ocean, head still toward the ocean.


She puts one hand up, trying to lift the boulder.


She begins to struggle with the boulder, still not moving.


She uses two hands now, her face red and frustrated.


The boulder manages to rise a few feet off of the ground.


Alys tries to throw it off of the edge.


The boulder moves a few feet, then falls.

Page 16


The boulder rolls down to the edge of the cliff.


From under the cliff, watching the boulder roll off the edge.


Alys is exhausted, panting and sweating.


The boulder hits the side of the cliff, breaking off some small fragments.


A drop of blood falls and lands near Alys’ feet.


Alys feels under her nose for the blood.

Page 17


The boulder lands in the ocean.


Alys looks at the blood on her hand with a worried expression.


She looks back out over the ocean.


The boulder sinks down into the ocean.


Alys looks down at her hand with a blank expression. Hand in the foreground, rest of her in the background.

Page 18


Same shot as before. It’s night now and Alys is all cleaned up now.

Thea: “Hey.”


Alys looks up to her right to see Thea walking up to her.They’re on the balcony again, both dressed up for the festivities.

Alys: “Hey.”

Thea: “You alright?”

Alys: “Yeah. Yeah, I’m fine.”


Both of the girls rest their arms on the rail, looking down at the garden; lit up with lamps and lights and such. People are mingling, drinking, partying, etc.

Thea: “You wanna go down and get something to eat? Before the show?”

Alys: “I ate already. I want everything to start, so they can all go home.”


Shot of the two girls looking out over the party (the party isn’t in view, just their faces).

Thea: “Yeah, they are pretty annoying. Oh, that guy always creeps me out!”


A very official and stern-looking man is having a drink over by the hedge wall. He’s standing alone with his hood up.

Alys: “Who, the Order? He’s just here for the fight.”

Thea: “Yeah, but that’s all he does! He doesn’t talk to anyone or crack a smile or anything!”


Alys looks at Thea with an amused expression. Thea is trying to think/explain herself.

Alys: “Would you like him better if he did smile?”

Thea: “Oh, God no!”

Alys: “Then, what should he do?”

Thea: “ less creepy! I don’t know!”

Page 19


Alys begins walking towards the stairs, a smile on her face. Thea is worried.

Alys: “Well, why don’t we go talk to him?”

Thea: “What? No! Why?”

Alys: “It could be interesting!”


Thea begins to follow Alys down the stairs, still worried.

Thea: “No it won’t! C’mon, let’s just wait until the fight starts.”


Alys and Thea are now in the garden.

Alys: “Oh, we can have a little fun before that!”


Alys begins walking through the garden, ignoring any guests trying to talk to her. Thea is right behind her, trying to convince her not to talk to the Order.

Thea: “Can’t we do something else? I really don’t want to talk to him!”

Arabella (off-panel): “Talk to who, dear?”


Arabella approaches the girls, smiling and dressed for the party.

Alys: “Oh, hi mother. We were just on our way to talk with the Order.”

Thea: “I wasn’t.”

Arabella: “Oh nononononononononono, you mustn’t talk to the order!”

Alys: “Why not?”


Arabella pulls Thea and Alys by the arms, still smiling, to a food table in the middle of the party. Alys looks a little upset, Thea is relieved.

Arabella: “Because he’s only here for the fight! He doesn’t participate in the party like us. Speaking of which...”

Alys: “Mother!”

Thea: “Oh, thank you so much.”

Page 20


Arabella hands both of the girls plates with some cake and grapes on them.

Arabella: “Eat! Talk! Mingle! Just for a few more minutes, the main event will start soon”

Alys: “Oh alright, mother.”


Arabella walks away to talk to her guests. Alys looks disappointingly at her plate, while Thea eats a few of her grapes.

Alys: “*sigh* I just hope it ends quickly. Who’s fighting for your family today, anyway?”

Thea: “Bo.”


Alys looks amusedly at Thea (cocky, even).

Alys: “Oh. Well, then it should be quick.”

Thea: “Indeed. Bo usually ends things in under five minutes.”

Alys: “Um, no. Al will take his head off. Father and him have been practising forever.”


The girls look mischieviously at each other over their cakes.

Thea: “Oh, and Bo hasn’t practiced at all? Trust me, you’re going to be in debt to us for a long time.”

Alys: “Are we actually looking forward to this for once? Is this happening?”


Alys takes a bite of her cake.

Thea: “Heh. I suppose it is. Do you want to go place a bet or--”


Alys’ father makes an announcement from the garden, near the entrance to the arena.

Gawin: “Lords and Ladies, our main event is all set to start! Please take your seats!”


Alys and Thea walk in the crowd to the arena.

Thea: “Al won’t be coming back out.”

Alys: “We’ll see.”

Page 21


Everyone seated inside the arena. Bo and Al are preparing to fight each other in the pit. Bo wears pauldrons and a helmet, small round shield and battle axe in hand. Al wears a helmet and greaves, carries a round shield and a sword.


Al makes a lunge forward with the sword, Bo blocks with his shield.


Deflected, Al turns around to his left to block an axe strike from Bo.


Al pushes Bo back with his shield.


Foreground: Bo and Al fighting in the pit.

Background: The Order stands to witness the fight on a raised platform.


Close on the Order’s face, mostly hidden by his hood.

Page 22


Alys and Thea look on the fight, excited and intent.


Al manages to knock Bo’s shield away. He’s about to make a killing blow.


Thea glances toward a smiling and excited Alys.


Thea makes a small flick with her hand.


The shield finds its way back into Bo’s hand.


Bo is able to raise his shield in time to block Al’s sword.

Page 23


Alys gives Thea a look of delighted surprise.


Alys half-smiles while glancing at Thea.


Same shot. Alys looks forward now, hands in her lap. A single finger raised toward the fight.


Bo trip and falls to his right, Al is about to strike down.


Bo manages to block with his shield, arm propping him up on the ground.


Thea playfully hits Alys on the arm. Both girls are just on the verge of laughter.


Over the shoulder of the Order, looking right in Alys and Thea’s direction.


Close on the Order’s eyes, barely visible beneath his hood. He’s pretty pissed.

Page 24


The Order raises the weapons from the fighters.


The axe decapitates Bo and the sword skewers Al’s head.


A wide shot of the people in the crowd in shock, the girls just about in the middle.


Thea and Alys are pulled up and out of their seats.


Thea and Alys land in the pit, arms out to brace their fall.

Page 25


The girls look up at the Order with pained expressions as they stand up.

Order: “Alys Colt and Thea Colthurst! I have witnessed your interference in the duel between your own house champions!”


Alys helps Thea to her feet, both look up terrified to the Order.

Order: “According to the laws set forth by the first Lord of Sanveil...”


The Order’s face, angry and hard to see in the moonlight and hood.

Order: “ will hereby be sentenced to one year of servitude as slaves of the opposing house!”


Gawin, outraged, leaps out of his seat, wife holding his arm to calm him down.

Gawin: “She will not--!”

Arabella: “Gawin.”


Gawin angrily tells his wife to let go.

Gawin: “Woman, do not touch me!”


Gawin starts making his way to the Order. Arabella looks down, dejected.

Gawin: “My cousin owns mines the the damn mountains!”

Page 26


Wide shot of Gawin getting closer to the Order.

Gawin: “Michael’s servants die in those caves! You’ve practically sentenced my daughter to death!”


Over Gawin’s shoulder, looking towards the Order.

Order: “I have passed judgement. The laws cannot be changed.”


In the foreground we see Gawin’s angry face, jaw clenched. In the Background we see Alys and Thea holding each other, scared.

Order: “Your daughter will labor in the mines of Colthurst for the next year.”


Close on the girls, terrified in the pit.

Alys: “Thea, I’m sorry. I-I just--”

Thea: “What’re we going to do?”

Alys: “Should we - Should we try to run or  some--”

Michael (off-panel): “Gawin, please! Calm down!”

Page 27


Michael is on the opposite side of the arena from Gawin, trying to calm him down.

Gawin: “Michael, Thea help grow crops and clean the house. Alys may very well die working for you! I cannot be calm!”


Closer on Michael, trying to plead with his cousin.

Michael: “She won’t! I’ll make sure of it! As long as I am Lord of those mines, I promise you, she will not die!”


The Order interjects in their conversation.

Order: “No. As long as the sentence stands, I will make sure that she lives for its duration.”


Over Alys’ head looking up at the Order.

Order: “She must be alive to be punished.”


Alys’ hand points to the sword in Al’s head.


Alys pulls the sword from the head.


The sword flies straight at the Order.

Page 28


The Order looks directly at the sword, about a foot from his face. At this point, the sword has halfway turned into snow.


A look of surprise and dread on Alys’ face


The Order extends his hand toward Alys, fingers spread out.


Alys’ eyes, wide in fear.


Same shot. Eyelids going heavy and eyes rolling back.


Alys begins to fall over. Everyone looks on, scared.



Page 29


Alys begins to wake up. Close on her tired eyes.


Zoom out. She’s inside a carriage. She puts a hand to her head, still waking up.

Michael (Off-panel): “Morning, Alys.”


Alys looks to see Michael in the carriage sitting across from her.

Michael: “Well, technically it’s noon, but...”


Over Michael’s shoulder. Alys is slightly distressed.

Alys: “Uncle Michael...?”


Michael lowers his head, eyes looking up at Alys.

Michael: “I’m...I’m so sorry everything happened like this. Your mother was--”


Alys suddenly sits up straighter, anxious.

Alys: “Where is she? And my father?”

Page 30


Michael rest his arms on his knees, explaining the bad news to her. Alys is angry and scared.

Michael: “*sigh* You won’t see them. Not for the next year, at least.”

Alys: “Why the Hell not!?”


Michael begins to get a little annoyed.

Michael: “Alys, you tried to kill an Order! That kind of thing doesn’t exactly get you family visits.”


Alys starts to raise her arm up to her Uncle. She’s surprised by the manacles on her wrists.

Alys: “I was just--what?”


Michael begins to get up in the carriage.

Michael: “The Order put those on. And before you even try to get them off, look down at your forearm.”


Alys rolls the sleeve up on her right arm. A black rune is drawn into her skin.

Michael: “You can’t use any magic while you’re here. It’ll be taken off once your sentence is up.”


From outside the carriage, Michael opens the door to get out.

Michael: “And unfortunately...”

Page 31


Full page shot. The entrance to mine is right outside the carriage. A little blanket of snow cover the ground. Servants are coming in and out of the cave, covered in dirt and soot and such. Several bodies line the road into the mine, covered by just a blanket. Alys looks on the scene with dread, while Michael holds the door for her to come out.

Michael: “...that won’t be for a while.”

End Chapter One.

© 2014 Trevor

Author's Note

Mainly written for an artist to draw from. I didn't write any character descriptions but I can if anyone wants them.

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Its good man really good, can't wait to read more

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