Chapter Two

Chapter Two

A Chapter by Trevor

Xemond and Jacob must protect David Milligan while trying to resist the urge themselves.


Page 1


Close on Xemond’s goggles, still fixed on David’s fear-filled face.

Xemond: “Well?”


The mage, now dead on the ground, still held down by the floor-boards.

Xemond: “Who was he Mr. Milligan?”


Xemond presses the blade further into David’s shoulder.

David: “Ngghh...”

Xemond: “Why did you make me kill him?”


David, collecting himself, fires back at Xe.

David: “I didn’t make you do anything, you bloody psychopath!”


Xemond leans in, making David’s angry facade crumble.

Xemond: “Flattery will get you nowhere.”


Xemond’s sword skewers David’s shoulder.

David: “DAAGGHH!!!”

Page 2


Jacob interjects, grabbing Xemond and making him stand.

Jacob: “F*****g Hell, Xe! That’s enough!”


He goes on to give Xe a scolding.

Xemond: “Jacob, I am handling--”

Jacob: “You ain’t handling s**t. You need to calm down.”

Xemond: “Calm down? I’m perfectly--”

Jacob: “Nononono, you’re not. You’re furious.”


David uses the stairs to help pick himself up.

David: “He’s furious!? Imagine how I feel!”


Jacob takes over this little interrogation, getting in Davie’s face. One hand pointing to the dead mage on the ground.

Jacob: “No, imagine how he feels. I imagine you’ve got plenty of people out there who want you dead, yeah?”


Closer on Jacob’s face, indignant over David’s apparent ignorance.

Jacob: “But I very much doubt many of them are willing to blow themselves up just to get to you. Whatever happened, he blamed you for something that made him flat out give up in life itself. So...”


Jacob is getting scary himself.

Jacob: “...what could that be?”

Page 3


David’s taken aback by Jacob’s own dark turn.


And now he’s getting sick of this s**t.

David: “Oh, you people! I don’t know what I did to him! Whatever slight I’ve done against him, it’s not as bad as you think!”


David picks himself up with the stair rail.

Jacob: “You sure of that? You know what it takes for a suicide spell like that? He would need to ingest a disturbing amount of gunpowder just for the initial reaction to take place.”


Xemond chimes back in.

Xemond: “Not to mention the fact that he did so before he even entered the building. He intended to die here today. He saw no other way.”


David holds himself up by the rail, getting on the defensive.

David: “Do you honestly care why or how he tried to kill me? I summoned you both here so you could protect myself and my family from these fanatics! Just do as I tell you and you’ll get your money!”

Page 4


Xemond takes offence to what David says.

Xemond: “You think we are so blinded by greed that we would cede our integrity and protect a lout like yourself?”

Jacob: “Uh, Xe?”


Jacob is reluctantly trying to convince Xemond to go with it.

Jacob: “I actually do have bills to pay, y’know. And food to buy.”

Xemond: “You’d ignore what he put this man through for but of coin?”

Jacob: “Hey, most of us aren’t immortal, Xe. And besides, I’m not saying you need to ignore what he’s done, just...torture him after we get paid. OK? Who knows, we may be able to sort this out for everyone.”


Xemond makes eye contact with David over Jacob’s shoulder. David’s not sure how to feel about this conversation.


Xemond turns back to Jacob, in better spirits.

Xemond: “I suppose I can take a break and come to it later.”

Jacob: “You did already start didn’t you?”


Jacob allows his face to form a grin.

Jacob: “You better finish what you start, mate.”

David (off-panel): “Oh, no...”

Page 5


David’s coming to a slow, terrifying realization.

Jacob: “Oh relax, Davie, I was only teasing.”

Xemond: “I was not.”

Jacob: “That’s why I didn’t say ‘we.’”

David: “What if he wasn’t the only one?”


Jacobs brow knits together in curiosity.

Jacob: “Pardon?”

David: “What if there was more than one assassin? They...”


Pure terror on David’s face, more than even Xemond invoked.

David: “They may have gone after my family.”

Page 6


Jacob realizes the implications first, getting flustered.

Jacob: “Oh. Oh, s**t!”

Xemond: “Where is your family right now? Do you know?”


David: “They-They’ll be at home. At my home!”

Jacob: “Let’s hurry up, then!”


Jacob and David are nearly out the door when Xemond calls from inside.

Xemond: “We need to dispose of him”


Xemond kneels next to the sorcerers body.

Xemond: “If someone were to find his body, it is doubtless I would be arrested.”


David’s incredibly anxious to get to his family and insure their safety.

David: “Oh, they don’t know you did it! What could possibly lead them back to you?”

Xemond: “Two officers and I had a...disagreement on the way here. Not to mention the fact that the wounds on our mage here are consistent with my blade.”


Close on Xemond, head turned toward them.

Xemond: “And the police are all too eager to arrest a vampire for anything these days.”

Page 7


David knows he’s right but is desperate to get to his family.

David: “That...Just - hide him, do whatever it is you need to. Jacob, come with me. We need to make sure my family is safe!”

Jacob: “Xe, - “


Xemond telling them to go, he’ll take care of it.

Xemond: “Just make sure they are safe. I’ll cover our tracks.”


David is all too quick to take up Xemond’s offer.

David: “Good, let’s go.”

Jacob: “I’ll send you a location spell once we get there, yeah?”

Xemond: “Alright. That’s good.”

Jacob: “You know the spell for - “


Xemond gets on Jacob’s and tells him to get going.

Xemond: “Yes! Just go, I can take care of this!”


Jacob gets his s**t together and gets going.

Jacob: “Right. Bloody f**k. What’s the quickest way, Davie!?”


Xemond takes a moment and looks down on the mage.


His head hangs and his shoulders slump down.

Xemond: “*sigh* I’m sorry.”

Page 8


Big opening shot of Dave’s villa. The front of the house has a large garden with a high gate out by the road. Dave and Jacob are making their way through the main gate.

Dave: “Quickly!”


Both run through the front garden to the front door, frantic as f**k.

Jacob: “If ya got a gun inside - “

David: “I do!”

Jacob: “Then get it and sweep the house! Make sure it’s secure!”


The two burst in the front door to a large sitting room.

Jacob: “I’ll seal the house up!”


Jacob runs over to David, trying to stop him.

Jacob: “Wait, hold on!”

David: “What!?”

Jacob: “Your shoulder, mate! Let me fix it up real quick!”


David stops and lets Jacob fix him. Jacob places a hand on both ends of the wound.

David: “Oh. I’d completely forgotten about that.”

Jacob: “That’s adrenaline for you. Hitchtook!”


David test his new shoulder a bit as he goes to his desk in the middle of the sitting room.

David: “Holy...S’good as new. Were you a doctor before this or...”

Jacob: “I just dabble in a bit of everything is all. Go make sure the place is safe.”


David withdraws the gun from his desk and looks down the hall.

David: “Right. Amber! Amber, are you Home!?”

Page 9


Xemond’s next to one of the canals in the city, the mage’s body on the ground. He’s crouching, casting a spell we can’t see the exact effects of yet.

David (Caption): “AMBER!?”

Xemond: “Censear.”


Closer on what he’s doing. Glove off, he places one finger on the wood around the mages wrists (the wood that was holding him to the floor earlier) and it turns to metal.

Xemond: “Censear.”


Job done, he slides his glove back on and stands over the body.

Xemond: “There we are. They should be dense enough.”


He drags the mage’s body to the edge, the metal obviously weighing him down.

Xemond: “Unnnggg.”


He sinks by the his wrists and ankles in the canal.

Xemond: “Perhaps too dense.”


Xemond walk off toward the street.

Xemond: “I’ll have to find somewhere to rest if Jacob continues to take his time sending me their location.”

Page 10


David moving down a hall, both hands gripping his revolver.

David: “Amber? Amber!?”


He pokes his head into his daughters room.

David: “Melanie?”


View from farther down the hall, David still making his way through.

David: “Mel - “

Amber (off-panel): “David, what are you shouting about!?”


He peak his head into the room where his wife is sitting. She’s in a cushy armchair, book nearly closed in her hand, her index finger keeping the page.

David: “Amber!”

Amber: “Yes, I’m right here! What’s with the - why the bloody hell do you have your pistol!?”


David keeps his eyes facing out into the hall, pistol up and ready. His wife leaps out of her chair.

David: “Before that, just tell me, is there anyone else in the house?”

Amber: “Just the maid. Really, David, what’s going on?”

David: “What about Melanie? Is she upstairs?”

Amber: “Well, no. She’s...”


Close on David’s face, turned to Amber, eyes wide in realizational terror.

Amber: “She’s at school.”

Page 11


Back in the sitting room, Jacob’s kneeling, finishing up sealing the door and hears David snap at his wife.

David: “Today!? Today is the day she actually decides to go in!?”

Jacob: “Oh, boy.”


Jacob stands up, still distracted by their arguing.

Amber (Off-panel): “Well, I-I can’t very well control what she does, can I!?”

David (Off-panel): “Goddamnit, she’d better get home safe!”


Same angle. He walks over to the round coffee table next to the chair in the middle of the sitting room.

Amber (Off-panel): “Hold on, what do you mean ‘home safe’? What the hell is going on David!?”

David (Off-panel): “Look, there may be some dangerous people coming. I was just nearly blown up down by the factory-”

Amber (Off-panel): “Blown up!?”


Same angle. Jacob begins carving something into the table. We can’t see it yet. David and Amber remain off-panel.

David: “NEARLY! Some people I hired, they saved me, stopped the lunatic.”

Amber: “Killed them you mean! God, this is just what we need: murderers killing other murderers.”


Same angle. Jacob pulls a vial off his belt, examines it for a minute. David and Amber remain off-panel.

David: “Amber, please, just bear with it. I’ve got one of the men sealing the house up now, and once the other one gets here, we’ll go and get Melanie.”

Amber: “One’s in the house? Wait, where is the other one?”

David: “Well, he’s...dealing with the man who attempted to kill me.”


Jacob pours the vials contents into the carving he made. We still can’t see it. David and Amber are still off-panel.

Amber: “Oh, dear lord.”

David: “Love, I-”

Amber: “You need to get this under control! Get my daughter home safe!”

Page 12


Close on Jacob now, rolling his eyes at the lovers quarrel. He’s finishing his spell up, pouring out the last of the vials contents.



Jacob caps the vial and admires his work. Which is still off-panel.

Jacob: “Xe, you better get here as fast as bloody possible...”


Overhead of the carving on the table, filled with a red liquid from the vial. Jacob places his hands on opposite ends of the circle.

Jacob: “...because I will kill the both of them if I have to hear anymore bickering.”

Page 13


Xemond sits on a bench, back straight, hand resting on his cane. Waiting patiently.


Closer on his head as it perks up.

Xemond: “Ah, there you are.”


Xemond begins to rise off the bench.

Xemond: “Best not to keep them waiting.”

Someone off-panel: “Sir!”


Three police officers approach Xemond. The one talking to Xemond is short, and a little fat.

The second is a young lady. The third is thin and stern looking with a mustache.

Officer 1: “A moment of your time, sir?”


Xe tries to sidestep out, but the other two officers get on either side of him so he can’t get away. Officer 2 really doesn’t like him.

Xemond: “I actually have somewhere I must be.”

Page 14


The two aggressive officers blocking Xemond’s sides while the fat one talks in the middle.

Fat officer AKA Stephan: “The question was more rhetorical than anything else. We’ll just be a minute.”


Xe reaches for his cane, right hand gripped tight on the hilt just in case.

Stephan: “Were you near Mason’s Alley this morning? See anything strange?”

Xemond: “What’s this about?”


Skinny officer gets all up in Xe’s face. Female officer tries to get him to calm down.

Skinny officer: “Answer him, you f*****g vamp!”
Lady officer: “Hank!”


Xemond talks back to Hank.

Xemond: “You are a remarkably stupid man. You really should watch your language.”

Hank: “Think I’m afraid a’you?”

Woman: “Hank, back off.”


Xemond turns his attention to the woman, giving her some respect.

Xemond: “She, on the other hand is too intelligent to be a glorified thug. Though it is refreshing to see the fairer sex out and showing up the men in her profession.”

Woman AKA Abigail: “Piss off.”


Xemond turns back to the middle man who is, understandably getting impatient.

Xemond: “Fair enough.”

Stephan: “*Ahem* Two of our officers were assaulted earlier this morning. The confrontation resulted in one fractured wrist and one broken and dislocated jaw. The man who was still able to spoke of someone matching your description as the assailant. So, I ask again, were you near Mason’s Alley this morning, sir?”

Page 15


Xemond ponders the question for a moment.


He places his left hand on the cane with his right hand tight on the hilt. He’s ready if this turns ugly.

Xemond: “My friend and I assailed both of your officers. In self-defence.”


Hank jumps on the chance to assert his authority on Xemond. Stephan interjects.

Hank: “You f**k! That’s confession--”

Stephan: “Shut it, Hank! You said it was self-defence?”

Xemond: “In a way.”

Stephan: “Don’t play with me, vampire. If my men are acting out I want to know about it.”


Xemond rubs his right temple, irritated.

Xemond: “*sigh* Your men were positioned in that alley on request of David Milligan, correct?”

Stephan: “How do you--”

Xemond: “Milligan hired myself and my partner to act as his bodyguards until whatever matter he’s gotten himself into has resolved.”


Stephan is skeptical.

Stephan: “If that were true, why weren’t we informed of your involvement?”


Xemond comes down blunt.

Xemond: “I suspect it’s because my employer is an idiot.”

Page 16


Stephan sees Xemond’s point.

Stephan: “I admit, he didn’t strike me as the brightest when we spoke, but I’ll need confirmation from Mr. Milligan before continue.”


Xemond moves to his right, gesturing for them to follow.

Xemond: “Perfect, I’ll take you to him.”

Abigail: “You know where he is? We’ve heard nothing from him since yesterday.”


Xemond points to his head.

Xemond: “My partner in this assignment has sent me the location.”


Stephan: “So he’s a mage, your partner?”

Xemond: “Of a kind.”

Hank: “S’at supposed to mean?”


The group gets on their way with Xe leading the way.

Xemond: “You will learn soon enough. If you’ll follow me.”

Page 17


Back in David’s house. Jacob’s finished with his spell and the Milligans bring their bickering into the sitting room. Jacob tries to get David’s attention and Amber goes to mockingly greet Jacob.

Jacob: “Oh Davie, I just sent--”

Amber: “Oh, is this one of your hired killers?”

David: “Don’t start, Amber.”


Amber holds her hand out teasingly to Jacob, who awkwardly accepts it.

Amber: “My life is in your blood-soaked hands, good sir.”

Jacob: “Er...right. Ok, then.”


Jacob side steps away from Amber so he can talk to David.

Jacob: “Anyway, Davie, I just sent Xe our whereabouts. Should be here soon.”

David: “Good. Ok, once he’s here we’ll make sure Melanie is safe and bring her here.”


Jacob raises his hand to ask a question.

Jacob: “Got a couple questions while we wait, then. Firstly, who’d you piss off so bad that they’d send a suicidal mage at you?”

David: “I’m sorry, am I not paying for a job? If I don’t want to tell you I won’t.”


Amber steps up.

Amber: “Oh, you’re to tell me. I don’t bloody care what you don’t want.”

Page 18


Amber stares him down.


Jacob: “The lady’s spoken Davie.”


David sits down in the chair in the center of the sitting room.

David: “...fine.”


David looks to Jacob as he explains.

David: “You know I have the factory. The mill in the city. I’ve had to make some...hard decisions lately.”

Jacob: “What, you cut their pay? That’s a little boring.”

Amber: “Oh David, how could--”


David snaps a little, gets defensive.

David: “I am one of the few people in Bridport still willing to pay for outdated labor! You think I want to send them back to their families without money to buy food or clothes or anything else!? D****t, I’ve been in their position, I know what it’s like! But nearly all of my competitors have upgraded to those machines!


He calms down a little, head low and a little depressed.

David: “I can only sink so far below the competition before I’m forced to make sacrifices. But it’s business. And business doesn’t give a damn whether everyone gets paid or not.”

Page 19


Jacob starts a counter argument.

Jacob: “If you’re so keen on keeping as many employed as you you can, why not make cuts in your own salary? You’re sure as hell not making laborers pay with a place like this.”


David responds angrily, arm outstretched and gesturing to Amber.

David: “How the hell can I with a wife that needs fifty new book and twenty new outfits every week?”


David: “Oh, and let’s forget the daughter who begs me to pay for her attendance in the most expensive school in Bridport so she can go out with her friends and ignore it all day long.”

Amber: “Why didn’t you talk to us about this? I wouldn’t ask so much if I knew we couldn’t afford it.”


David turns to his left and waves his arm around the room.

David: “Oh, you mean how you discuss with me the furniture you--”


David’s anger boils back up as he notices the carved up table next to him. Jacob tenses and looks away.

David: “What in the f*****g hell happened to the table!?”

Jacob: “Uh...”

Page 20


A Knock at the door draws everyone’s attention. Jacob in particular is relieved.

Xemond (Behind the door/Off-panel): “Jacob? Could you please pull the barrier off of the house? I’d like to come in.”

Jacob (under his breath): “Oh, thank god.”


Jacob begins removing the barrier. Amber is confused.

Amber: Who’s that, now? The other one you hired?”

David: “*sigh* Yes, Amber.”


Xemond enters the house and ushers the police behind him in.

Xemond: I’ve brought guests. I hope you don’t mind, Mrs. Milligan.”


Stephan comes into the house with some confidence but the other two almost shrink when they enter the huge home.

Amber: “Thank goodness, proper police.”

Stephan: “I’m terribly sorry to intrude Mr. Milligan, but this...mercenary, I suppose, claims he was by you as a sort of bodyguard. My department wasn’t informed of any third party involvement so I just wanted confirmation that he was telling the truth.”


David stands up, a bit awkward and uncertain.

David: “Ah. Right. No, good thinking officer...uh...”

Stephan: “Folds, sir. Stephan Folds.”

David: “Yes, good work Mr. Folds.”


David hangs his head in embarrassment.

David: “I’ll, um, I’ll be honest, I’d actually forgotten you were patrolling for me.”


Stephan and Xemond exchange glance.

Stephan: “Yes, we were made painfully aware of the fact after the vampire here violently ‘defended’ himself from two of our less informed colleagues.”

Page 21


Everyone gives Xemond a look of disapproval except for Jacob and Amber, the latter of whom is freaking about the fact that he’s a vampire.

Jacob: “Oh yeah,we did do that.”

Amber: “He did--He’s a vampire!?”

David: “Did the mask not give it away?”


Amber is clearly not ok with this little bit of news.

Amber: “I just thought he was a tad eccentric is all.”

Jacob: “Well, that’s exactly wrong...”

Xemond: “The mask is for my rather sensitive skin, ma’am. The sun isn’t too kind--”


Amber gives Xemond a look of contempt and disgust.

Amber: “Shut your mouth. I want you out of this house. You murdered police.”


Stephan is forced to speak in Xe’s defense.

Stephan: “Actually, they’re quite alive. A fractured wrist on one and the other will need some fine surgical magic to speak again, but they’re alive.”

Amber: “That doesn’t mean he didn’t mean to. Doesn’t mean he didn’t want to kill them.”


Xemond marches up to Mrs. Milligan, suddenly much more imposing.

Xemond: “Do not presume to know me, Mrs. Milligan. You do not know what I wanted or what I would have done.”


Xemond looks to David who avoids making eye contact.

Xemond: “As your husband is well aware, I promised a good friend of mine not to kill unless it absolutely necessary. So do not think of me as some simple, thuggish vampire. I am far more civil than that.”


Xemond practically stares into her soul.

Xemond: “And far less forgiving.”

Page 22


The phone rings, slowly drawing everyone’s attention.


David goes to answer it.

David: “No, now’s the perfect time for a phone call.”


He answers, fingers pressing his temples.

David: “Yes, hello. I’m afraid I’m quite preoccupied at the moment, so--”


Everyone listens in silence.

David: “...what are...”


David totally blows up.



Stephan, Jacob and Xemond all step up to calm him down. J and Xe hold him back while Stephan goes for the phone.

Stephan: “Milligan, get ahold of yourself!”

David: “I WILL F*****G END YOU!!!”
Jacob: “C’mon Davie.”


Stephan hold the receiver to his ear and catches the last few words.

Voice on the phone: “--be in touch, David.”

Page 23


Stephan turns to look to David, being held down in the chair by Xe and Jacob.

Stephan: “What did he say to you?”

David: “I’ll kill him.”


Stephan grabs hold of David by the shoulders and gets in his face.

Stephan: “David, what did he say!?”


David looks Stephan in the eyes, full of hate and determination.

David: “They’ve taken my daughter.”


Amber pulls her hands to her mouth as she gasps. David begins to stand.

Amber: “Oh God, Mel...”

David: “He was just taunting me over the phone.”

Stephan: “Who? Did he say his name?”


Some of David’s anger dissipates as he looks to his wife.

David: “I recognized his voice. Amber...It’s Michael.”


She begins to break down.

Amber: “Oh God, no...”

Xemond: “Who is Michael?”

Page 24


David explains for his wife.

David: “He and Amber...knew each other before we were married. He’s been working in my factory for a few months now. I have no doubt he’s been rallying the other against me.”


Abigail speaks up.

Abigail: “Did he say where he was? Or give any demands?”

David: “No. Like I said, he just called so he could get under my skin.”


Jacob has an idea.

Jacob: “But he called. And that’s where we can get him.”

Hank: “Sorry, what?”


Jacob starts taking his shoes off.

Jacob: “As long as we don’t make another call, and assuming he doesn’t either, I can follow the electric trail back to where he is.”

Hank: “Ok, but...”


Jacob starts rubbing his socks on the carpet.

Hank: “The hell are you doing?”

Jacob: “I need an initial charge to travel along the line. Now, once I trace it all the back the phone on his end is gonna ring.”


Jacob gets close to the phone but doesn’t go to touch it yet.

Jacob: “If he’s even halfway intelligent he’ll know we’ve traced him. He’ll no doubt take measures to fortify himself or leave camp entirely. Just let me know when you’re ready.”


David holds his wife close.

David: “Just find our baby girl.”

Page 25


Jacob looks to the police.

Jacob: “Get ready to send the word to your other boys, Folds.”


His finger, real close to the receiver.


Same shot. Finger is a little closer and the static he built up travels from him to the phone.


Jacob’s eyes roll into the back of his head.


A dark and damp room. A s****y looking phone is mounted to the wall.


It begins to ring.

Page 26


A raggedy looking man runs into an old office space. Michael is inside, sitting facing someone off-panel.

Man: “Ashmoore! The...The telephone, it’s--”

Michael: “Ringing?”


The man is a little surprised.

Man: “Uh, yeah. How’d you know?”

Michael: “What else does a phone do?”


The man feels embarrassed. Michael stands up to walk over to him.

Man: “Oh. Right. I’m sorry, it’s just--”

Michael: “No, it’s good you told me. That was good thinking.”


Michael is in thought, weighing his options.

Michael: “We should have phoned someone else and closed the connection.

Man: “What do you mean?”


Michael puts his hand on the man’s shoulder.

Michael: “They know where we are. I didn’t expect Milligan to have a mage so close at hand.”

Man: “Oh lord...What do we--”


Michael gives the man a light smile to comfort him.

Michael: “Don’t panic. We have numbers on our side. Alert everyone. Get them into the positions we discussed earlier. We’ll be alright.”

Page 27

*Melanie is off-panel until page 28.


The man regains some confidence and manages a smile.

Man: “Ok. Right, I’ll do that. I won’t let you down.”


Michael closes the door to the office.


He turns to the figure in the corner.

Michael: “Your daddy’s more resourceful than I thought. The cavalry will be here soon.”


He sits back down in the chair, still talking to her.

Michael: “I expect he’ll throw whatever he can at us. He loves you very much, you know.”


He hangs his head for a moment, almost in shame.

Michael: “I know what that’s like. My little boy is my world.”


He looks up for a moment and just stares at her.


He reaches out his hand to her face. (Still off-panel)

Michael: “You know, it’s uncanny...”

Page 28

Full page of Michael and Melanie. She sits on the floor in the corner, hands chained to furniture on either side. Michael holds her chin and turns her head to get a better look. She’s crying but trying to hold it in. Her school uniform is ripped in some places, but mostly intact.

Michael: “You look so much like your mother.”

End Chapter Two

© 2015 Trevor

Author's Note

Second chapter of the script. Anything regarding the dialogue or pacing is welcome. Anyone who would like to draw from the script is also totally welcome (though very unlikely).

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