Chapter One

Chapter One

A Chapter by Laura Ann



The Famous Tale of Fenngh Scofeau



       Fenngh Scofeau was not pretty, and she did not intend to be so. Yep, she was a true Tom-Boy. Her favorite color was black, which she wore almost every day. Whenever a relative of the family gave Fenngh pink clothes, Fenngh would smile politely and say, “Thanks.” Later she would stuff them into the garbage, where they belonged. She had shoulder-length black hair, which she put into a bun and left a group of thin strands hanging on her right side of her face. She liked her hair that way, because it looked short like a boy’s hair would. Yet, when people called her a boy she would glare at them and say, “Shut up.” Her friends would laugh and the person who called her a boy would turn on their heel and run. Most of her friends were boys, and she did NOT love any of them. She had two friends that were girls, and their names were Jalagie Kuftreg and Nae Hadbertar. They all were Tom-Boys, which was one of the only reasons they were friends. BEST friends. Jalagie’s favorite color was dark blue, and Nae’s favorite color was gray. All of them HATED pink. Fenngh’s friends that were boys were named Hadnef Bojmor, Lackhad Jopurt, and Diffgend Salorite. She was hanging out with her friends the day before high school started.

          “Won’t people think we’re boyfriend and girlfriend?” Lackhad asked.

          “They always do,” Fenngh said, “But remember, ignore them.”

          “Yeah, I almost forgot,” Diffgend said sarcastically. Fenngh, Hadnef, Nae, and Jalagie all laughed, and Fenngh punched him playfully. Diffgend pretended to be wounded, and fell to the ground.

          Fenngh grinned down at him. “You know, just a while ago I was walking past here and I saw a poisonous centipede.”

          “Where?!” said Diffgend, jumping to his feet.

          “Nowhere, I was joking!” Fenngh said. “Diffgend, you take simple jokes way too seriously.”

          “No I don’t,” Diffgend defended himself. “I was just playing. I knew that was your joke all along.” Nae gave out her funny-sounding giggle and hid behind Jalagie’s back. Because her giggle was so funny, everybody burst out laughing. It was so funny that Hadnef was rolling on the ground, laughing his head off. Everybody was staring at him, but he didn’t care. He laughed and laughed and laughed.

          “Okay, okay!!!” Fenngh said. “We get the picture.”

          “Yeah,” Lackhad agreed. Just then, the friends saw girls walking up the path.

          They were blondes, no doubt about it. They always wore belly-shirts that were pink. They acted like they were the hottest girls in town. Also, whenever possible, they would take out their flip-phones and would chat away for about forever. This time, they had put on loads of make-up and low waist jean capris with PINK belts.

          As they were coming closer, Jalagie saw one of their purses. It said, “Gabriella Is So Cute” on it. One of the girls’ names was Gabriella. The other girls’ names were Stephanie and Brianna. They were called “The Pops” because they acted popular. The Pops came closer.

          As The Pops walked past the friends, they stopped. “Your hairstyle is so ugly,” Gabriella told Fenngh.

          “THANKS,” Fenngh shouted in her face. Lackhad laughed.

          “I bet you and Fenngh are secretly going on dates,” Stephanie told Lackhad.

          “We are,” Lackhad said. “In your dreams.” Jalagie and Nae giggled.

          “You two should really shut up,” Brianna told them.

          “You!” Jalagie and Nae said at the same time.

          Diffgend was the most handsome guy of the group. He stepped up to Stephanie. “Hey,” he said in a deep, handsome voice. “Wanna go on a date tonight?”

          Stephanie fluttered her eyelashes. “I’d love to,” she said.

          “NOT,” Diffgend said. He burst out laughing. Stephanie rolled her eyes at him.

          “Get real,” Gabriella said to Diffgend. Diffgend kicked her.

          “Stop, you’re ruining my new pants!” Gabriella screamed furiously.

          “Who cares about your stupid pants, DUMBO?” Diffgend asked.

          “Me,” Stephanie, Gabriella, and Brianna said at the same time.

          “Then you’re dorks,” Hadnef told them.

          “Uh!” The Pops cried. They turned on their heels and ran, talking on their flip-phones the whole way.

          “Man, we sure showed them,” Hadnef said, smirking.

          “Showed them what? The way to McDonald’s?” Diffgend asked, jokingly.

          “No, you silly goose!” Nae said. “We showed them, uh, we showed them, umm, we, uh, we--”

          She was interrupted by Jalagie, who said, “We showed them who’s boss around here!”

          “Yeah, exactly!” Nae said. “That’s what I was going to say.”

          “You were not!” Fenngh and Lackhad told her.

          “Was too!” Nae argued.

          “Were not!”

          “Was too!”

          “Were not!”

          “Was too!”

          “Okay, okay, Diffgend and I get the picture,” Hadnef said.

          “I agree.” Jalagie nodded. Fenngh, Lackhad, and Nae stopped.

          “Now there’s no fun anymore,” Fenngh said. “I might as well go home!”

          “No, you can’t leave us!” her friends pleaded.

          “Then what’s to do, if all the excitement has passed through our bodies?” Fenngh asked.

          “We could go to lunch, all six of us,” Diffgend said. “I’m starving.”

          Everyone agreed.

          “I’m calling my Mother,” Fenngh said. She took out her NORMAL cell phone that didn’t have a flip-lid.

           She punched in some numbers. Then something odd happened. “Gwolas, Mother! Bertad ingef fands Jalagie, Nae, Hadnef, Diffgend, e Lackhad ter loonus? Yuh. Haguy juftge nwomie. Yuh, I tuands su. Tanz, Mother. Bwey, bwey.” Fenngh turned off her phone. “I can have lunch with you.”

          “What happened?” Diffgend asked. “What language were you speaking?”

          “The language of Gharlzack,” Fenngh said. “It is a mix of Spanish, Swedish, German, French, and a little Polish.”

          “Wow,” Jalagie said. “It sounds funny.”

          “Yes, I know,” Fenngh said. “But it’s the only language my family knows.”

          “Why do you know English then?” Lackhad asked her.

          “When I went to school back when I was little, I had to take English class. It was pure torture! But I got over it,” Fenngh explained.

          Everybody gave out a big, fat “Oh.”

          “Now, where are we going for lunch?” Fenngh asked.

          “I have a surprise,” Lackhad said. “Just follow me.”

          Everyone did, and after walking for a while, Fenngh realized where they were going, but didn’t say a word about it. “They’re going to my favorite restaurant,” she thought. “Paella Paradise.” Soon they reached Paella Paradise. They stepped inside.

          The nice and beautiful smell of Paella greeted them, and their stomachs growled.

          “Does everybody want their usual dish they always have?” Lackhad asked.

          “Yes,” everybody said.

          “Of course, I’m paying,” Lackhad said. He walked up to the counter to tell the orders, while the others found a spot to sit in. They got a table with six seats, three on one side and three on the other.

          Lackhad returned, telling them their orders would be there in a minute. The girls sat on one side and the boys sat on the other. Fenngh sat across from Lackhad, Jalagie sat across from Hadnef, and Nae sat across from Diffgend. Soon their meals came. They said grace, then dug in like pigs. In less than a half an hour, everybody was finished. Lackhad paid the check, and they got six mints. They ate their mints and started to walk home.

          “Hey, I know what we can do next!” Nae said. “We can play Ring-Around-The-Rosie!”

          Diffgend laughed. “That’s for toddlers,” he said, grinning.

          “I know,” Nae admitted. “I was just goofing off.”

          “Or we could play Duck-Duck-Goose!” Jalagie said, now joining in the fun. Soon everyone got bored of listing off toddler games they could play.

          “Let’s think of something that WE can do. Not what toddlers can do,” Fenngh said.

          Lackhad suddenly said, “I know! We can have a jump roping contest!”

          “Yeah!” the others agreed. They all went home and got their jump ropes, then went back to their meeting spot.

          “Ready, set, JUMP!” Fenngh said.

          Everyone started jump roping. Hadnef’s feet got tangled and he sat down. Jalagie was next. Then Diffgend. After him was Nae. Fenngh was next. Lackhad won.

          “Yippee!” Lackhad cried. “I won, oh yeah, oh yeah, I won!” Everyone laughed.

          Fenngh shook her head, grinning. “Our whole life’s a joke!” she said. Nae giggled, and sent everyone else on a laughing spree.

          “I can’t believe that school’s starting so soon,” Jalagie said sadly. The others nodded in agreement. All of the six friends loved summer time. It was probably the only time they all got to hang out without being disturbed.

          Just then, the six friends heard footsteps coming up the path. Around the corner appeared Julie Star, the school news reporter. She was the same age as the six people. Her auburn-red hair hung loosely over her shoulders and her dark blue eyes were sparkling. Fenngh admired her, secretly. Julie was probably the most-loved girl in the school. Plus, Fenngh had a feeling that she had a crush on Lackhad.

          “Hey, peeps,” Julie gushed. Everyone waved. “You all just look so perfect for a front page back-to-school pic!” As soon as she said it, everyone shifted around uncomfortably. Fenngh pulled on her strand of hair, Nae fiddled with her shoelaces, Jalagie kept on staring at the leaves, Diffgend kept nudging Hadnef, and Lackhad was glancing around uneasily.

          Julie aimed her camera, and directed a pose for all of them. “Okay, ready,” she called. “Say, ‘yes’.”

          “Yes!” everybody said, and the camera flashed.

          “Thanks,” she said, and smiled a perfect smile. Fenngh detected something flashing in Lackhad’s eyes. She sidled up to him and jabbed him in the ribs with her elbow.

          “We’re gonna--er--go now,” she told Julie, “So, um, bye!” She dragged the others down the walkway and back to a huge old tree, which had been their favorite meeting place for years.

          “What’s up with you, Fenngh?” Nae asked.

          “Nothing,” Fenngh said, her face reddening, “Nothing at all.”

          “Really,” Jalagie said, stepping up.

          “What’s up?” Diffgend asked, now stepping forward.

          “What’s going on?” Lackhad and Hadnef stepped into the circle around Fenngh also.

          Fenngh looked at the five faces around her and began to panic. “Hey, whoa,” she said, “Back off.”

          “Fenngh, what’s wrong?” Lackhad asked.

          “Nothing!” Fenngh shouted. “Just leave me alone! Okay?” She backed out of the circle, and ran off into the woods as fast as her feet could take her.

          Nae was right behind her. “Fenngh, please wait up!” she yelled. Fenngh stopped and rolled onto the grass. She felt tears streaming down her face.

          Nae dived down beside her. “Fenngh,” she whispered, “Whatever is the matter?”

          “It’s that Julie Star!” Fenngh burst out.

          “What’s wrong with Julie?” Nae asked.

          “She likes--never mind! You wouldn’t understand!” Fenngh said.

          “I’m your best friend, Fenngh,” Nae soothed, “I will understand.”

          “I--like--Lackhad,” Fenngh whispered softly.

          “But all six of us agreed on no crushes,” Nae replied.

          “That Julie Star is going after him!” Fenngh said, ignoring Nae’s last sentence.

          “But--but--but--Fenngh, no!” Nae shouted. “No, you can’t! It’s against our pact!”

          “I don’t care!” Fenngh shouted in return, “I just can’t help it!” She started crying harder than ever.

          Nae patted her on the shoulder for comfort. “I guess we all like someone,” she confessed.

          “Huh?” Fenngh asked.

          “I--sort of like Diffgend,” Nae admitted, “And Jalagie likes Hadnef.”

          “Then, let us keep our crushes a secret from the boys, hm?” Fenngh suggested. Nae nodded in agreement. The two stood up and walked back to the group of four waiting for them.

          Fenngh swallowed to keep in a sob and wiped her eyes. “We’re okay,” she said.

          The others (except for Nae) stared at her oddly. All six just stood there.

          “What?!” Fenngh finally burst out. “Is my shoelace untied? Are my pants falling down?? Is my hair undone?? Why are you staring like that?!?!! Cut it out!”

          They still stared.

          “Aye yi yi yi yi!” Fenngh said, throwing her hands up in the air. “What’s this world coming to?”

          The four people around her exchanged nervous glances. Nae stood beside Fenngh, puzzled. “Well, stop staring!” Nae agreed. The others finally stopped.

          The six friends started towards home. Fenngh found herself walking next to Lackhad. He grabbed her hand and gave it a friendly squeeze. “You okay, Fenngh?” he asked.

          “Yes, I’m fine,” Fenngh said.

          “Then--um--what happened?” he asked. “To your hair, I mean.”

          “What do you mean?” Fenngh asked, touching the top of her head. Lackhad stopped walking, and so did Fenngh.

          “Fenngh, look.” Lackhad undid her hair, swung it over her shoulder, and shoved it in her face. Fenngh stifled a gasp. Her hair was blond!

          “What--what happened to my black hair?!?!” Fenngh whispered.

          “Beats me,” Lackhad said, shrugging.

          “I HATE blond hair!” Fenngh said angrily. “I don’t know how I got it, but I WILL find out!”

          Lackhad looked at her uneasily. “Fenngh, someone’s hair doesn’t turn blond ordinarily.”

          “Huh,” Fenngh said.

          Lackhad looked into Fenngh’s eyes. “You broke the pact, didn’t you?” he asked suddenly, and starting pacing towards her.

          Fenngh started walking backwards, away from him. “I--um--er--uh.”

          “I put a spell on the six of us,” he whispered, “And if anyone broke the pacts we made, their hair would turn blond.”

          Fenngh started to quiver and shake. She started feeling woozy. “I--don’t feel so good,” she said dazily, and fainted.

          When Fenngh opened her eyes, all five friends were standing around her.

          “Fenngh, are you okay?” Diffgend asked.

          Fenngh rubbed her forehead. “Yes--just feeling a little bad in the head,” she replied. When she looked up, she nearly fainted again. Jalagie and Nae’s hair was blond, too!

          “Jalagie!” she gasped. “Nae! Your hair!” The two girls nodded solemnly. Fenngh looked at the three boys as well. “Did they find out?” she asked Nae.

          Nae shook her head. “They know we broke one of the pacts, but not which one.”

          “Oh,” Fenngh said.

          “So, girls,” Lackhad said, “There’s only one way to find out which pact you broke.”

          Fenngh’s bottom lip twitched.

          Lackhad said, “And, thanks to Fenngh, I think I figured it out.” His face began to turn red. “You see,” he said, “If someone faints after they broke the pact, that means...”

          “It means?” Hadnef asked anxiously.

          “...It means that the girls have crushes on someone,” Lackhad finished. The boys’ faces turned pale. Suddenly, something weird happened. The boys’ hair started to turn blond! First it was Lackhad, then Diffgend, then Hadnef.

          “Ha!” Fenngh said triumphantly, “Then, they have crushes as well!”

          Nae giggled, and, of course, everybody else burst out laughing.

          “Oh, well,” Lackhad said, “We might as well confess.”

          He nodded at the boys, and Diffgend said, “Lackhad likes Fenngh, Hadnef likes Jalagie, and I like Nae.” Then, everyone smiled. Fenngh stepped forward to Lackhad, Nae to Diffgend, and Jalagie to Hadnef.

          “I will end the spell,” Lackhad said, and whispered some words. Then, everyone’s hair was normal! Lackhad’s was black, and so was Fenngh’s, Diffgend and Jalagie’s hair was dark brown again, and Hadnef and Nae’s hair was red-orange.

          “So, I guess this means we are all boyfriend-girlfriend?” Fenngh asked.

          The others nodded in agreement.

          “All right,” Fenngh continued, “This also means we have a new pact: No cheating on anyone.”

          Once again, everyone nodded.

          Fenngh clapped her hands together, then said, “So...who wants to agree to something else?”

          “Depends on what that ‘something else’ is!” Diffgend said, and everyone laughed.

          “Well, we have to keep our boyfriend-girlfriend things secret, okay?” Fenngh asked.

          “That sounds reasonable,” Jalagie agreed, and everyone else (AGAIN) nodded.

          Hadnef spoke up. “Can we tell our parents?” This was a very puzzling question for the other five.

          After thinking it over for a few moments, Lackhad said, “I guess we could, since we are going to be freshmen in high school. That is old enough for everyone’s parents, right?”

          “Yep,” the other five chorused.

          “It’s settled, then,” Jalagie said. A huge grin spread across her face. Everybody else smiled, too.

          Hadnef suddenly checked his watch, and his brow furrowed. “Man, I’ve got to go. Sorry, guys. See you tomorrow!”

          Bye, Hadnef!” everyone called, as he ran away.

          “I have to go, too,” Nae said sadly.

          “Me three,” Fenngh said.

          “Same here,” was heard from the others.

          “We’ll meet in front of the school tomorrow, okay?” Lackhad yelled to all of them. They nodded in response, and went home.


          Everybody, especially Fenngh, couldn’t sleep that night. They were all impatient for high school, and wanted to see how their relationships would develop. Little did they know that the upcoming schoolyear would change their lives in ways they never thought possible.

© 2010 Laura Ann

Author's Note

Laura Ann
I wrote this in second grade...weird, huh? :P

Scofeau looks like it would be pronounced SCAWF-OH, but it's really SCAWF-OO. I fail at pronunciations!!! Yayy.

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If you wrote this exact thing in second grade... dude... you are destined to be a book writer, then.
Btw I love how back then people thought flip phones were the fancy shiz, now if you have a flip phone, its like your phone is a dinosaur.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Aw! :) So cute!!!

Posted 12 Years Ago

wow... That's awesome... Lol I LOVE their names and the story is just cute and funny!!! Great job

Posted 12 Years Ago

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