Born Again

Born Again

A Story by Tony

A personal spiritual interpretation.


One of the most beautiful minds I've ever had the pleasure of touching is that of Mme.Blavatsky. I would have never given her a second glance, were it up to chance, but I took a fork in the road, and had a Discovery. The only reason her name provoked me was because of the unbelievably unholy way in which she is described by those who didn't approve of her Discoveries. I'm the sort of person that, when I hear someone deliver a truly scathing description of another, and decline to include something evident, so as to support their opinion, I'm Provoked. 

Usually, my method is to maintain my own Center, and be on no side at all, and carefully, and cruelly, dissect the opposing factors. I will decide, what is Right, and what is Wrong, through Reason, and Experience. 

Nobody I came across had anything but ad-homonym attacks for ammunition, and I was rather delighted to see that she, on the other hand, carried the mighty sword of Reason. Formidable, that. Once she was attacked on the topic of Reincarnation, a favorite of Scholarly Bullshitters and Egotists, forever. 

''You can't prove it! they screamed at her.''

''Can you deny, that you lived as a baby?'', she interjected. "And, please, describe to me some of your thoughts as an infant on the tit."

You see, she proved that they were right, and, exposed the idea that just because you couldn't prove something doesn't always void the entire concept.  She couldn't prove what she supported, but she clearly showed that her opponents were no better informed than she was. For if they had a good return to scald her with, it is the Way of these people to deliver it, pronto. Ego, mandates it, see, for the Hell of it.

[God's Cardinals]

Kud0s to these poor lost shepards, for holding their tongue ....... for once .... because when righteous mouths open to speak, believe I'm listening to every word of it.

It is with no small amount of Horror that I realized that Salvation was not a gift reserved to righteous christians, who had buckles both on their hats, and their boots, but was a result of Discovery. I caught onto this early on, for Integrity, and for audacious need for Balance. As time has passed verses from the bible have, unfortunately, become more clear than any great priest ever described it. 

God, has cast his Wisdom down upon the earth.

Good, has become evil, and vice versa. 

You see, it's like this ... only on a multiple, and centuries old Construct, it has Perimeters, and Parameters, you betcha.

For an example:

A guy went to talk to Rvd.James Swaggart. He was in turmoil, spiritually, concerning his sexual drives, and lusts and so forth. The kind reverend took the man in and gave him truly meaningful counsel, and instead of just sharing his own feelings, desires and experiences, he counseled him out of a book. A book that apparently, did not motivate him to virtue, personally, but he was devoted to sharing it's Design, anyways.

If this man knew he was being counseled in this fashion, had he Asked the Questions that were Obvious ... how would he have felt, then?

Amen, Brothers and Sisters, and they that have ears, listen to what the spirit says to these Churches, ay?

I hate to pick on ol' Jimmy Swaggart, but Son of a B***h! it's just so easy! And, he is just a shiny example of way, way too much of what I see parading around as Wholesome, and Righteous, and Godly, and I'll murder any hint of it coming near my Temple.

Yes folks, like it or not, that's all becoming Transparent. And all that stuff about the righteous going up to meet Heysoos in a cloud and leaving all the babtists and muslims, and whoever else isn't on your block, to suffer in hell, is becoming a more fragile, and frightening place from which to Use your Apocalypse [Revelation] every goddamn day, can I get a HellYeah?

Not a good time to belong to any clubs, really.

It is a good time to be born again. To feel that awesome musical force that exists when one breaks free from Mankind, and embraces God. It is not a good time to be standing around with a bunch of suspects screaming We are the World or some bullshit.

Is it?

If you feel this way about things, in small or large, consider the woman, Mother Theresa. The Bat out of Hell. Of course she more or less denounced the church ultimately. She was terrified, and used up. She didn't know the Consequence of her Tongue. It sounds nice to tell millions of Africans that AIDS is bad news. It doesn't fare well, Spiritually, to also say that the only thing worse than AIDS is condoms.

Especially, if you have their Adoration.

Do a body count. Do it now, for your very Soul.

Consider Father Synesius. A Holy Teacher, a man of the Cloth, yea. A man devoted to the Church. A man of Prayer, and Religion.

Discover happens, whether we confront it, or wait for it. Imagine Father Synesius tortured mind when he wrote these dying words:

"Oh, Father of the Worlds, Father of the eons ... the Rabble desires nothing better than to be deceived. As regards myself, I will always be a Philosopher, within myself. But I must be a Priest, to the People. 



I'd rather have teeth pulled than to end up like that, for some club that was made, 'just for me'.

Be well, Beware.

© 2013 Tony

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Friend Tony

I have wondered for ages what happened to you.
In other words I have wanted to read something great and you
were not around until now.

I recognized you right away when I started to read where you
was spending time busting old cows at 5000 feet and then when
I scrolled to the bottom and see where you are in Mexico , I sAid tomyself,
"that`s Tony".
You always wrote about such illuminating subjects as Mexican w****s and
ride`n the rails.

You still write good --- I kinda miss the stories about the women you love
down Mexico way----- but, I`ll find`m and read them all again.

Back from some cowtown in South Dakota for a visit.

---- Eagle Cruagh

Posted 5 Years Ago

Wouldn't join any club that would have me as a member, as the man says.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Mexico...... Tan Lejos

I am a guy, 49. I am spirit residing in a carbon based life form. The god I know can be found in motion and rest. I live in Mexico because it's very free, and community still means something. .. more..

~Onceter~ ~Onceter~

A Story by Tony