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~Marvelous Myth & Magic~

Who hasn’t heard of Easter Island? Yeah, the little island with the big weird looking heads, gazing out to sea…

Big deal, saw a thing on TV ‘bout it, I did.

I wonder sometimes if things aren’t given mundane names purposely. That probably sounds a bit askew of sane, but I do retain many odd ‘coincidences, nevertheless.

In these unbelievably marvelous times, with all the enlightenment going on, it has occurred to me that not only was my know of things like the pyramids, Easter Island, artifacts in Bolivia, etc, limited…. It is almost as if I was given the least interesting information available, as curriculum.

It could be my imagination.

Imagine, entonces, how excited I get every time I see some hillbilly looking character on the History Channel with a bad toupee’, talking about UFO’s and Ancient High Tech and so forth. Looking like the “UFO nuts’’ and “conspiracy theorists’’ of the 70’s and that speaking with undeniable variance to most of our ‘history’, and much of our ‘science’.

Pot smoking, granola bar, treehugger, sunworshippers, on mainstream TV, making perfect sense, and retaining logic and reason.

Now that, is progress.

It is a joyous occasion.

Now maybe the freaks who somehow got everything all messed up can go directly to Black Hole, and not return.

What a fat chance I won in being able to live in the time when I will undoubtedly will witness the death of myriad accepted ‘facts’ concerning all the major subjects.
Might not sound too interesting, but I am referring to revolutions of Know similar to the discovery that Earth was spherical, and not planar.
How is it, as a side thought, that maps exist showing clear knowledge of this fact, which were made long before the epic ‘discovery’.

I smell rats. Again.

I have for myself, proved that I was taught nothing, while stupendous gains were made,
in all types of tech, and discovery, under the guise I was participant.
I was not, but I caught up, and now I Know.

When I saw what else was in Egypt, I began to quiver. And by the time I got to Mazatlan, I was dancing with Kokopelli in the morning rains of Sinaloa.
Figuratively speaking, that is.

My mind was reeling, still is.
If you have seen brianforester’s channel on youtube, you will know a little of what I speak, and I do mean a little.

Or Klaus Dona.
Or ThunderBolts of the Gods.
Or ‘The Big Bang never happened’

Truly, I am cursed with limited time to interpret infinite things.
Incarnation, what a trip, no?


I was recently happy to see that ThunderboltsProjectChannel has a bunch of new stuff. And my feet are happier than ever.
Because, as I have always known, in my heart,
Things, are not at all as they seem.
How is the controversy concerning the lack of Electricity in Einsteins theories, and in Newtonian mechanics related to Easter Island artifacts and carvings?
How is the ‘myth’ of Zeus,
And the constant references to horrors such as 20 mile high tsunamis, and genetic alterations, spiritual and dimensional instabilities, monsters, giants and reptilians,
Just ‘legend’ and campfire stories told back in the day and embellished over time.

Where did these people get the ‘legend’, hmmm? Supposedly, they didn't  even know each other.

A person who has read a few books and watches History, TLC, etc, cannot avoid the fact that there is stuff around we should probably know about.
It may sound as though I am blaming the ‘powers that be’ for not telling me, but this is not so. Noone is obligated to interpret my existence accept me, and thus, all tragedy, pain, error and horror that I encounter, can be directly traced back to me.




I want to tell you something. I have noticed that many of the carvings in stone, all over the world, have archetype type properties in that they all look the same.
The ‘Wheel of the Sun’ for example is carved on rocks all over the world. With very few differences.
If these ancients only saw stars as points of light, and the sun as a monotonous yellow ball in the sky, why so much ‘myth’ and ‘legend’ surrounding various catastrophes?
I suppose that maybe they saw a different sky than we did, and thanks to the work of many unknown Scientists, and Historians, and so forth, I could be right.

Lookit all the question marks!:

Far out. Really, really far out.

I mean, there are some theories around as to the origin of the Valles Marinarus on Mars, but only one of them is loaded with Laboratory Results of Scientific Experiments.
The rest, like the Big Bang, Microwave Background, Neutron Stars, Pulsars, and The God Particle, etc etc,
Are merely speculations paraded around as fact.

It’s high time Tenure took a back seat to Tradition.
No matter what.
And that, my fellow citizens of Earth, is your responsibility, como siempre.

Here are some good links to get you started, if you have the time and are interested.

Thank you for your participation. When I am in charge, I’ll give you Tenure, or something……


© 2012 Tony

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i had a treasured book with some superb mexican embroidery diagrams once, i took it everywhere, it got left in a house i left and i still grieve for it even now. All this stuff you have written, is right up my street, I feel these kind of things right down to my core, but they only ever fall into my lap (like your write) when i stop searching so hard. Like the wardrobe back to Narnia. What do I want from it all I don't know, I dont have the head to work it all out, but the flow of it does something for me.
Superb Tony ...that said i probabyl wont press the youtube line, i have unbooted all the things i need to get onto stuff like that, trying to free up space on my laptap. Sorry...would have liked to have taken a look.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Thank you for such a unique approach to the fascinating subject(s). I read a lot about Egypt and Mexico's history and I am spellbound.
Jocelyn wonders.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Ah Tony, how I have missed you...I am very slow at the learning but the symbols man, wow, it is very hard for us to understand our lives without at least trying to understand the symbols...I mean after all they are still every where...even in our dreams.
BTW I must laugh when I think of societies view of what being connected is...seems to me all those thousands of years ago "humans" were more connected than we...Peace, Love, and Light

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Mexico...... Tan Lejos

I am a guy, 49. I am spirit residing in a carbon based life form. The god I know can be found in motion and rest. I live in Mexico because it's very free, and community still means something. .. more..

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