The True Law

The True Law

A Story by Sukhmeet Singh

This story is about a nation that has a large social system, and how it affects a 12 year old king, and his friends.

      Once, during the times before there were kings and queens, when all had to depend on one another, there was a boy, who had an extremely incredible thought of the future. The name of such a boy was, Eukeka Japi, and he was from a clan of peace and unity, even towards the most evil people, this clan, commonly known to others as the Japi, would be the best friends in the reigns of corruption. Eukeka at the time was chosen as a legendary clan leader of the Japi, of course his father was, the great, Hernora Japi, known for saving the Japi from a true killings of such people, this was an advantage Eukeka had, that most others, could appreciate. Eukeka at this time was 12, when he had been chosen to lead the Japi clan, both his mother and father were very proud of their son, as Eukeka had been the youngest clan leader of the Japi. 
   Eukeka had met a soldier of his, and this soldier was truly astonished by how Eukeka, had became a clan leader, at such a young age. This soldier, then asked the 12 year old king, "How does it feel to rule our clan at such a young age, Master Eukeka?" 
   Eukeka, had truly been surprised at his soldier asking him such a question like this, so Eukeka eventually, answered his question, "Servant, as you do know, my power is higher than you, as you are the servant, and I am the master, do you not know, you should bow down to me."
  The soldier was laughing at the 12 year old king, as the ruler of the Japi clan to the soldier's, philosophy didn't understand what the need for a ruler was, the soldier responded to Eukeka in a tone of seriousness, to teach his fellow king the true meaning, "Ha, do you truly believe that being a king is just about servants, and power, no  this is not the way that one can rule, the ruler has lots of responsibilities, such as taking care of the common people, as I myself am, secondly, for one to rule, they should, at all times keep stableness, incase there is a fight people in our own clan, and finally, they should be prepared to die for our cause, now let me ask you, are you ready for such a big responsibility?" 
   Eukeka, had been truly excited with his soldier being this educated about the philosophy of political rule, Eukeka bowed to his beloved soldier as he was king of a whole world, Eukeka was astonished to see this soldier, and had asked this soldier, "Oh, great soldier, please tell me, what is your name?" 
   The soldier of Eukeka, had stood up, packed up his swords, and left, to say, "Oh, my equal, my name is that being known to the whole world, I am the great prince of the Para nation, for my name being Tai Raj!"
   Eukeka made a mysterious look on his face, because he had thought that, Tai Raj was his soldier, but in fact, this prince came all the way from miles away to meet Eukeka, just to teach him the ways of the true ruler, Eukeka was extremely shocked once, Tai Raj had left his land controlled by him.
   The Japi clan had heard the entire news that the prince of the Para nation came special to teach their leader coming from thousands of miles, as this news had became wide-spread, those who had heard of this news rushed to the the house of Eukeka, just to get the facts straight, one man even asked Eukeka, "Master, Master, is it true that you have bowed to the prince of the Para nation, if that is true, then they must be better rulers than you."
   Eukeka was depressed to hear, that people would say Tai Raj, could have been a better rightness ruler that the Japi law, he had answered the man's question, "Yes, even I leader of the Japi clan, have bowed to the great Para nation, but only as I had to give my respects, this clan could learn a lot from that nation of Para."
   The man was frustrated to hear that Eukeka, had bowed to Tai Raj, the man was so frustrated, at Eukeka, that he punched Eukeka, directly in the face, which, would be considered really disrespectful in the Japi traditions, the man yelled to the king, "Oh, you are such a weak king, I can't believe I had to punished to serving a weakling, like yourself, I am going to retire this pathetic clan," eventually, the man stole Eukeka's personal possessions, and damaged Eukeka's body, and then he had left the Japi land.
   Eukeka was extremely heartbroken to see and hear the loss of loyalty, by a man, to the extent of just pure hatred, this was an extremely difficult time for him, as he had just done one simple sign of respect, Tai Raj had also heard of the news, at was angered at the loss of loyalty, even though it was only one person, because Eukeka, would be willing to die at a simple age of 12 years, but that man gave up his loyalty to something as simple as a bow to the prince of Para. There was one young girl around the age of Eukeka, who had seen the whole scene from the question about bowing to Tai Raj, up until the part when Eukeka was physically beaten, although, she was not in the Japi clan, she still felt that it was wrong to just denounce loyalty to a king.
   This girl went to give Eukeka, sympathy, for all of the pains he suffered, the little girl had hugged Eukeka, in the mood of caring, Eukeka had never had someone to truly care for him, as his parents were always busy making rules, his own servants, would not even speak to him, so he was truly surprised that someone who didn't even know about him, would do so much, he then realized, that regardless what the time culture or how you get it, there will be people who truly care, Eukeka asked the girl, "Madam, you are not even a Japi, why do you care to even hug me, please tell me, I also want to know, what is that you call yourself?"
  The young girl, was quite gloomy from hearing, how she was respected, for caring, but she could understand that Eukeka was facing greater hardships, so as a very kind girl, she didn't judge him, and she answered Eukeka, "Um... King of the Japi, I would like to be respected as an equal, not higher or lower, because it truly hearts my heart that, the world has these systems of high and low, and as for my name, that would be, Sui Tal, my only wish is that you don't see people as beneath you, as that could affect one in a truly negative way, the reason I hugged you was quite simple, I truly care if anyone gets hurt, I wouldn't judge anyone on their social status."
  Eukeka, now he was very honored, because he had then realized, that how close he could be to people that truly care about him, compared to those who don't care a bit about him as in, the would only care about him, because he was high in the social ranking system, he noticed how rare people like Sui Tal and Tai Raj were, compared to the people like, the man who denounced his loyalty for a simple bow, even if one was to be in his clan, he noticed true goodness, was a blessing. Eukeka had told Sui, " Sui may you be blessed like I am, to have people who truly care about, and may the almighty timeless being bless you always, you have opened my heart, by simply being here, thank you, I now understand, I wish only that you may always be my friend."
  Sui was happy to hear that Eukeka had understood, she was very much used to being discriminated, for two things. Firstly, she was a commoner, and they were always judged by rulers, as inferior. The second reason was, she was a female in the corrupt world at the time, but she was glad that the Japi had understood this lesson. Sui had gave Eukeka a friendly hug, and told him, "Of course, I will be your friend, at least you understand that you are not the only one with problems like this."
   An elite of the Japi had entered the room with Sui and Eukeka, and he was frustrated at the view, of an outsider of low birth, hugging the great King of the Japi Clan, the elite member yelled at Sui, "Oh, how dare such an evil outsider, wait worse than outsider, a low birth commoner touch the great King of the Japi, Eukeka Japi, now should I kill you, or should Eukeka, our great King!"
  Eukeka was in a state of harsh psychological thoughts, of the Japi elite wanting to ruin the whole philosophy of equal that everyone was in loyalty to. Eukeka told his elite, "Sir, if you kill this friend of mine, you should kill me first, this is the true power of loyalty, of anyone, and I won't allow you to do this, unless you want me to die as well!"
  The Japi elite was overwhelmed, through the words of his king, he bowed to Sui and told her, "I am truly very sorry for this misdeed, I didn't know the two of you were that close," he bowed to Eukeka, "King Eukeka, you never told me, you two were close friends, if only I had known."
  Eukeka was in the mood of abolishing, the system of discrimination, so that this stuff would end, the Japi elite eventually left, Eukeka had went to the Court of All Law, a place in the Japi territory, and he made a speech,"All, people were in a equal state, the fact that one considers themselves as higher or lower, as of today should end, as such systems are leading our clan, not only our clan, but the entire world is suffering through this system, as my friend from Para, Tai Raj has lead his nation through equality, there is also a girl, her name should be known to the Japi, because this girl, she is my best friend, she would be considered of a low birth, although I do not believe in such systems, her name is Sui Tal, and this girl really opened my heart, it is because of her, that I am making an attempt to create the system of true equality, what I have experienced, some people will always judge every little thing you do whether it is the true action of greatness, and if the people do not follow the truth, one may denounce your entire loyalty, but if you believe what you do right now is right, then such things could never be wrong, I know this, even if I make the largest speech ever, someone will always hate your rules, I am speaking here today in the highest court of the entire Japi Clan, known to be called, The Court of All Law, and this law that I am speaking of, could be hated, by maybe all the people in the Japi Clan, but this law must be passed, because it will lead us towards our commonly known goal of unity and peace for all, and these are the main principals that everyone in the Japi Clan should believe in, and I would like to thank you for actually trying to listen to this long speech, I know you have bigger things to do, but this law being passed now is a greater thing, my final words to say is, Thanks For Paying Attention!!"
  The Court of All Law, were very beautified, by the words used to create such a system which, would eventually be known in the systems as equality, the courts were saying,"Bravo King Eukeka, long live the King Of Equality." The governments were starting to create the bill of equality in which they had included gender equality, end of the reigns of kings and queens, to add a new law of democracy, less discrimination to those born of outside races and cultures, the equality of religious philosophy, and ultimately, the equality of all clans.
   When this law was being passed, and reviewed for being in effect, the Japi Clan was making a great protest against the discrimination previously experienced, as there was a huge amount of corruption, in the Japi Clan, the law of equality was finally passed, and it was largely supported, this new law had been created on the dark days of inequality to support equality, the name of the Great King Eukeka of the Japi Clan was famously known all over the world, even to the modern day people studied about him, after the law that he wanted to pass so much was finally passed, he had resigned from all forms of politics, so, that a person who would be more fit to be a leader than himself would rule, and not be judged on what family they were born into. 
  Ultimately, when this law was passed, it influenced other clans to sign a similar type of law, to lessen the discrimination, but in every other clan, they didn't create democracy, but included every other detail in the equality law, similar to the Eukeka bill, and the second nation to put this bill in effect, was Para, the rest of the world would eventually follow in signing such a bill, similar to that of the Japi Clan.
   Eukeka was 14, on the day the bill had been signed, he had also had been the boyfriend of Sui Tal, despite the previous differences, as a new law of the government had been, no child marriage. Next, Tai Raj, had became king, and was in the ways to teach the same lesson he taught Eukeka.

          The End!!! 
    Hope you enjoy part 2

© 2012 Sukhmeet Singh

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Added on September 23, 2012
Last Updated on September 24, 2012
Tags: Politics, Law, Control, History, Fantasy, Love, Corruption, equality, philosophy, psychology