The Life Of Unity

The Life Of Unity

A Story by Sukhmeet Singh

This is Part 2 of The True Law,

         Eukeka, the ex-king of the Japi Clan, why he would want to date, a low rank like Sui Tal. This had gotten Eukeka's parents very depressed, mostly because they had a corrupt social inequality system, and they didn't want to ruin it. Sui was a beautiful young girl, who truly loved Eukeka, and Eukeka had loved Sui, regardless what rank she was, in fact Eukeka ended the social system, and the biggest thing was, Eukeka was always loved and hated for that decision, but he didn't care, because the love for Sui was so high that he felt it was worth it. Eukeka had once seen a sign that said, "Eukeka and Sui should go to Hell together, kill Eukeka, Kill Sui, put blood on their eyes, force them to broken bones!!"
         This had truly played with Eukeka's mind, as even he was frightened, but he understood that the world at that time was still corrupt. He actually after reading some terrified by the might of hatred, ran towards Sui Tal's house. When Eukeka was crashing through her house, by darkness of death, Sui was also terrified, as she was a low rank. Sui ran towards Eukeka valiantly, because she felt he was her only source of protection, as should Eukeka's only protection was Sui. Sui had told Eukeka, "Eukeka, honey, I am truly terrified about what our future would be like, I mean people are hating us, should we leave this country and go to Para?"
          Eukeka had truly loved to make cooperation with Sui, but he had known, the torture of what would happen if they had been caught by Para, as he had experienced when the King of Para came to the Japi land, Tai Raj, when he came, he noticed that the nation of his old kingdom had been in true hatred with Para, and he knew once he set foot in Para the Japi government would declare extreme war. So, despite all these factors he told Sui,"I do love your decision, but we should not go to Para, there is another land I would recommend, and that place should be..."
         Sui was anxious to hear what perfect world, in which Eukeka was to be thinking about. Sui astonishingly said,"Please, Eukeka tell me, what perfect world are you thinking about, I bet it would be romantic and the best place ever, say it, Eukeka, please!!!"
       Eukeka had known Sui really wanted to go somewhere to get free marriage, but Eukeka felt that Sui should have been more patient, he whispered very quitely to Sui,"Sui, I know you want to leave badly, but calm down, if we are to loud, both of us will die, I want to die with you, but as I want to also live as long as I can with you, and I think we should go to Zenderpour."
     Sui really didn't want to go to Zenderpour, but she had known that options were very less for her and Eukeka, so she nodded her head yes, and grabbed Eukeka's hand softly, and whispered to him, "Lets go now, before it is to late."
     Eukeka was in the thrill of shock, he of all people had known Sui had always hated Zenderpour, the reason for that was still unclear, but he was astonished, he heard foot-soldiers of the Japi coming closer, as he was hearing the soldiers come he knew that he had to keep himself and Sui protected from execution, as he wanted the freedom to be with Sui anywhere he should want to go, he took out a pistol, and had made a firing at the foot-soldiers after them. When Eukeka had shot one of these soldiers, he had noticed it was his great friend, known as Jar Wansan, Eukeka was deeply hurt by this, he told Jar, "Jar, why would you do this, you know how much I love Sui, why would you betray me like this?"
    Jar was bleeding from the mouth and neck when Eukeka had shot him, Jar could have not believed that Eukeka would shot him. Upon hearing Eukeka, Jar answered Eukeka by saying, "Eukeka, you actually that I was your friend, if you truly believed that all this time I actually cared for you, you are wrong, the truth is Eukeka, I always despised you, I was hired by your parents to keep spying on you and Sui, that is the only reason I did so."

© 2012 Sukhmeet Singh

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Added on September 30, 2012
Last Updated on September 30, 2012