Loneliness And The Long Ago

Loneliness And The Long Ago

A Story by Summer Grace

This is supposed to be about 400 word flash fiction

It was a rainy Friday night in the spring, the time of year when the trees are just faintly green, with the buds coming out. The spring rain was falling on the gray world, making it more gray and the roads were slick with rain .A man looked out into the falling rain from the front door of his new apartment. He had just moved here upon learning that his wife was leaving him. His name was Michael. He was very lonely tonight. So are many people on this rainy night, he thought, so are many people. It was the kind of night that leaves those with loneliness longing.
Friday nights are especially lonely for those with no one, and nothing. Friday nights are maybe even lonely for the dead, but of course the dead are always lonely, aren't they?  It was a lonely May night at the cemetery. The rain fell on the gray tombstones, blurring the features of the dead in the photographs and falling in the letters and numbers on the stone that recorded the names and dates of so many past lives. A car came down the highway by the cemetery, falling headlights scanning the tombstones, before vanishing into the night on the rain slicked highway.

Michael tried not to think about the past.18 years ago, he'd lost control of a car on that rain slicked highway, on that long ago Friday night. Angelica, his high school girlfriend, had died. He had lived, as had the other friends with them. Only Angelica had died, only Angelica. He still blamed himself.

Michael turned away from his front door and thought he was in a dream. A photograph of Angelica had appeared on the wall, HIS wall. Of course, he didn't have a picture of her on his wall, nor did he own a picture of her now. His reaction was shock and kind of horror. Revenge?  Solace?  What did this mean?  Then he was further startled, for the picture vanished as if it had never been, and instead in the shadows of his curtains, he thought he saw an Angelica like shadow. ''Angelica?"   ''Angelica?" he said. The shadow moved..and instead of fear over the over the possibility she wanted revenge, comfort filled him, one emotion replacing the other in a flash. He wasn't alone. He looked again. There was nothing there.

© 2014 Summer Grace

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Added on July 9, 2012
Last Updated on June 3, 2014
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