December 13, 1944

December 13, 1944

A Chapter by Summer Windton

The diary of Carrie Foster


December 13, 1944


Dear Diary,

  This is my first diary. Ever. Aunt Rachel gave it to me before we boarded the ship to the Americas. I don’t want to go. It’s not that we may be slaughtered like a lot of the Jews. We’re Welsh so I don’t think there would be a problem. You see, Mother died several days ago. She just died in her sleep. She went so peacefully. It brings me to tears. I love my mother.

     I am now on a ship with my little sister Ana, who’s seven, and my brother Ben who’s nineteen. I’m just fifteen years old. I am now looking out onto the blue water, feeling the cool rush of air settling on my back, looking at the shuffle of the crowd on the deck. I think about Mother. She loved us so much.

     We’re going to a city named New York. I have no idea where it is or what it’s like. I heard it’s big. And beautiful. There’s a very tall statue of a woman there. I heard it’s the most magnificent thing man has ever lain eyes on. Oh, I do hope they are right. I want to be blown away by its sight.

     I wish Mother were alive. Perhaps, I could’ve sent her a photograph of the statue. She would’ve enjoyed that.

     My brother, Ben, is sitting next to me, looking out over the water. He’s taken Mother’s passing pretty hard. He did everything for Mother. Mother had been ill for quite some time now. He did everything he possibly could for her. Everything.

     I want to find love while in York. Maybe I’ll fall in love with a dashing boy and we’ll marry and have seven kids and a fine house with pillars. And a garden, of course, with lots of flowers.

     I wish that Mother would be alive to see that. Me and my fine husband holding hands, my pregnant stomach sticking way out, and she, grayed with those fine blue eyes of hers, holding my free hand. And occasionally feeling my stomach for any kick. But that won’t happen. She’s gone now. My heart’s burdened so.           

© 2011 Summer Windton

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Summer Windton
ignore grammar problems if any.

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What a great start :) I love journals. You explained everything perfectly and led into the main point very well. I like how you put in the descriptions without sounding description heavy. Thanks for a great start, I hope you write more because I enjoyed it :)

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Summer Windton
Summer Windton

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