Chapter 2

Chapter 2

A Chapter by ♥SunkissAngel♥

This is a chapter of the book The Past Haunts You


     I woke up to find my self in a white room.There was a lot of monitors around me. I then realized i was in the hospital.When my vision came in to focus i saw Donovan sitting in a chair next to me.I looked at him he had his head in his hand and he was sleeping.I put my hand to my head and i felt stitches.i brought my hand down from my head  and sighed.
    Donovan was still sleeping in that position. As i looked at the door i saw the doctor come in. He smiled at me checked my pulse. "how are you feeling"he asked as he continued his routine.I looked at the doctor 'i am fine" I said as i watched him.The doctor nodded as he looked at the monitor. "Well that is good you had a bad fall"He said.
     I looked at the doctor as he stopped and stood back looking at me too. "Who found me"I asked so serious. The doctor smiled at me and pointed to Donovan. "he did.'The doctor said"You are lucky that he found you when he did."he said.I nodded "yeah" I said as i lead back on my pillow.I sighed as the doctor walked out.My head was raped in bandages and i could tell Donovan was walking up i smiled.

       Donovan woke up to see me.He smiled as he walked over to me. "How are you feeling"he said smiling. "You had a nasty fall Isabella"he said smiling even more.I could see that Donovan was really worried for me and i did not know why.As i looked at him his eyes seemed soft. Really soft like i don't know how to put it. "I am doing fine thanks"I said as i sat up. My hands were trembling not from the fall from Donovan i could not keep my self under control.

      My heart started to race and it was clearly shown on the monitor. oh crap i thought slow your heart rate down Izzy i kept saying to my self. I did not want to show Donovan that i was nuts over him. Like totally crazy for him. I took some deep breaths and i could tell it was beginning to work. good good keep doing that i said to my self. As i caught my breath i noticed that Donovan had left.

     I looked around the room "were could he have gone" I mumbled to my self. I was now alone all the notice i could hear was the beeping of the monitor and the low sound of the TV. I sighed as i laid back down on the bed. I closed my eyes for a second then when i opened them i saw my brother. Although he was two when he died he looked like he was ten.

      I looked at him my heart was racing again and the lines on the monitor started to move fast with my heart beat. As i looked at him he walked closer to me, Well more like floated sum what, "You did this to me and now you will pay. You got lucky last time but the next time i won't go easy on you"It sneered and vanished. At this time alarms were going off. I was having an heart attack. The shock of seeing him scared me so badly that it knocked me out.  
      I could hear all the doctors and nurses rush to find things. I was now breathing fine and my heart rate was back to normal. As i listened i could tell they were talking about me. The doctors and nurses were confused on how i suddenly got an hear attack. My eyes felt heavy and i could not get them open. I just laid there still.I finally opened my eyes about two hours later to find Donovan back.he ran up to me when he saw me "Are you ok i herd you had a heart attack"he said worried. I looked at him and nodded "i am ok i promise."i said.

       Donovan smiled at me "It is good that you are ok"he said smiling.I just looked in to his eyes. They were amazing so beautiful. As the time passed everything was fine for the next three days. I was sitting in the cafe the same spot were I met Donovan.This time i was alone and Donovan was no were to be seen.The last time i saw him was that night at the hospital. As i searched the web on anything about ghosts and on how they can manifest.

      Something coughed my eye. I turned around to find no one there yet i still have this feeling, this feeling that danger i near and my time is coming to an end.I closed my ab top up and decided to walk home. As i entered my two bedroom apartment i saw a note on the door it read...

                  Dear Izabella,

I  am sorry i left so sudden at the hospital but things came up. I hop you understand. Please meet me at the Thompson beach tomorrow and bring your bathing suit.


I read that not over and over again. He wanted to see me and at the beach too this is amazing simply amazing. I kept saying to my self in my head.I had put on my flannel pj bottoms. and i fell a sleep.

           .         .         .         .             .            .         .         .    

    Then next day i went to the beach. I was waring my orange bikini and i had laid down my towel and just then i looked up to see Donovan. He was waring his suit too. I looked at him and smiled he had a six pack and was totally hot. I mean wow on a scale o one to ten he was a thirteen. I stood up and smiled at him. "So what are we going to do today"I asked.

    Donovan smiled at me "we r going to surf"he said smiling. I looked at him and smiled back "I love surfing' I sad grabbing a board "Race you"I said as i took off to the water.i could see Donovan running next to me and we both hit the water at the same time. We surfed all day long even after the people left and the sun sat. I looked at Donovan on that surfboard that night. I did not and will not for get that night. For the first time in my life i felt safe. For the first time i was free from this nightmare.

© 2010 ♥SunkissAngel♥

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thanks i will have chaper 5 up in a week at the minimum.. :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

this is a great story ...i love it

Posted 10 Years Ago

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