Chapter 3

Chapter 3

A Chapter by ♥SunkissAngel♥

Isabella does not know what she has gotten her self in, and is that guy she came to know and love is to be trusted?? What is she going to do..

   The next day I found my self back in my room.As I laid there starring up at the ceiling trying to remember what happened last night. The last thing I remembers is a storm had rolled in and I was trapped under a waves harsh grasp. As I spun under the water,my head hit off of rocks that laid peacefully on the bottom of the ocean and that was the last thing i remembered.That and the sound of laughter then darkness.I rubbed My head it was neatly rapped with a bandage.
     I turned over to my night stand to grab my cell phone but instead of a cellphone I saw a note.As I looked at that note thinking who could have wrote it. Then it hit me it could have been that boy.What was his name?? I thought trying to remember it. Oh yeah Donovan.. I sat up and picked up the letter and opened it and begun to read but to my surprise there was only a few words on that paper it read.You got lucky!!
     With shock I crinkled up the paper and chucked it across the room to the trash can. with a sigh i  rubbed my head and stood up. Some how I survived if it was from luck or fate I did not know.All I knew was that I had to find a safe place, but where is the question that came in to my head.I walked in to my bath room.I placed my hands on the counter and looked down and sighed. with  a deep breath I looked up at my reflection in the mirror. With one fluent motion she saw her self pop out at her.
      I gasped as I ran my hand down my face. It was full of cuts and bruises and scares. Some how I got beaten up pretty badly under those waves. I sighed as I kept staring at my reflection.The sight shocked me I did not even recognize my self not one bit.I turned around and walked out of the bath room in to the thin narrow hallway. It was a bit dull but it had a few pictures on the wall. As I made my way down the hall I saw someone on my couch. I looked at the person as he turned around it was
Donovan smiled as he looked at me "Oh good you are awake" he said standing up. I looked at him ashamed on how I looked. Donovan looked at me and said "How is your head??" He asked as he looked at her face and head. I backed up "I am fine thanks" I said as I walked in to the kitchen "how long have you been here?" I asked him as I got a glass of water. Donovan shrugged "I don't know sense last night around 11:00pm" he said as he sat on a stool. I nodded "So you rapped my head and stitched up my cuts" She asked him.
Donovan Laughed "no not me i had a doctor come here to your house to fix it up." He said as he looked at me with his hazel eyes.  Donovan was smiling at me as he sat there on the other side of the counter. I nodded as I put the glass in the sink. I did not know what to say this was an  awkward silence. Just sitting there not saying anything just there.  Donovan finally spoke up "Well sense i know you are alright i guess i should be on my way." He said as he stood up. "I hope we see each other some time" He said and was gone just like that. I watched the egg shell colored door close with a thud.
      I stood there for three more minutes before I made my way to the couch and sat down. When I turned on the television channel 82 was on.The science channel.  I sighed, I did not feel like changing it I just laid back and watched mind was on that guy who was sitting on her couch earlier. He was sure a strange one how he is always there. It is like he is following me,but why?? I wondered. My head turned to the side to see a shadow slide across the wall. I looked at the wall wondering what was going on.
        I stood up and walked down the narrow hall way that led to the office in the back.I was following the shadow. As
I entered the room the door slammed shut. She spun around and tried to get the door open but it was stuck some way or another. "I told you you should worry for your life" The voice hissed. I spun around to see my dead brother standing there. I stared at him "I swear i did not mean for you to die i was only six i am sorry" I said backing up to the wall. "Please i did not mean to"I  bagged for my life.
       My brother stood there "Not good enough you just watched and now i want you to feel the pain i went through." He hissed and the white mist swarmed to me. When it hit me I gasped and fell to the ground.
I did not know what to do. The breath was being sucked out of me,along with my life. Darkness slowly begun to cave in on me. My eyes rolled to the back of My head Just as the door opened and it was Donovan. I felt a weight lift off of me. I laid there gasping for air. I did not know what was going on I was in a daze.
Donovan knelt down next to me. "Isabella are you ok??" he asked me as he checked my pulse and then asked me what happened. When I did not respond he picked me up and put me on my bed. "Isabella you need to tell me what happened." He said. I looked at him, I stared for a bit then said. "I am fine just go"  Donovan looked at me with concern. "Isabella please i.."  I cut him off. "NO GO!!" I hissed. Donovan nodded and left the room. He was so concerned. I put my hands over my face. 'Why me??' She thought. I Looked up at the wall.   It was time for her to go to work. "maybe i can call in sick." I asked my self.
       I picked up the phone and dialed 7..7..3..2..4..5..7..8...0..2. The phone rang three times then a voice picked up on the other end. "Hello....I called to say i can't come in today. I am not feeling so well"
I said an hung up. I laid down and sighed.  I closed my eyes and soon fell asleep.
    I woke up to the sound of a plate crashing on a tiled floor. 
I looked at the clock. It read 2:50am. I stood up and walked in to their kitchen. I took a bat from the closet. I then made my way to the kitchen to see this person in the fridge. "STAND UP SLOWLY AND I WON'T HURT YOU" I yelled. Slowly Donovan turned around with chicken in his mouth. He took it out. "Sorry Isabella if i scared you" He said. I put the bat down and glared at him "What are you doing here??" I asked him curiously.
Donovan sighed "Isabella you are in danger. I am from the Relocation program" He said "I need you to come with me" I looked at him. "Why??" I asked. Donovan sighed one more time"No Questions no time for that." He said as he pulled out a syringe. I looked at him"Stay away" I hissed. Donovan sighed as four more people came in and held me back. I struggled to get free as Donovan gave me the shot. In a minute my eyes rolled to the back of my head and I was out. "Let's get her back, now" He said as they left the building.

© 2010 ♥SunkissAngel♥

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