Chapter 4

Chapter 4

A Chapter by ♥SunkissAngel♥

Isabella is finding her world turning upside down. Now the first guy she ever trusted turned out to be out to help her. Now Isabella is in a place she is not familiar with.

       When I woke up i was in a room but it was not my room this room seemed like it was in a military type place.  i looked over at the clock that sat on the table. The time was noon and i felt like dieing. The door opened and Donovan walked in "i am sorry i had to do that but you would have not come if i asked you to "He said as he walked in. Donovan was in a uniform he looked like a military leader or something like that. I looked at him with disproving eyes he had lied to me and to make it worse i trusted him.
      Donovan looked at me he let out a sigh 'Listen Isabella, i did not want to take you but i was just following orders. I hope you understand that." He said as he stood there in the door way.I sat up and sighed "Donovan i do understand that but what i don't get is why me?? Why am i endanger?" She said more to find out what he wants then a question. Donovan sighed and closed his eyes. "I wish i could tell you but i can't." He said "It is only orders i am sorry." He said and left the room.
       I looked at him as he left the room in a fluent motion. With a sigh i stood up and opened the door. Something was wrong with this place it felt like i was being watched. Well of course it did there is secretary cameras every where.I closed the door and pulled my hair back as i made my way to the main room. Donovan was standing by a window as i entered the room he did not even notice i was there. It was like he was in a trance or something like that.
      I walked up to him and placed a hand on his shoulder "Donovan you ok" I asked him. He did not respond he was completely mute. "Donovan are..." I said as i turned him around to see his face. I was startled he looked like he had drowned and the body was in the water for 42 hours. I stepped back not taking my eyes off of him. "No no this can't be happening  it just can't" She said as she shook her head and back up straight in to the wall.
      I swear my heart was beating so loud that you could hear it a mile away. Small drops of sweat slowly trickled down the side of my face as Donovan came closer. "This is not real, it can't be, it can't be." i told myself. Donovan's eyes were black as night and his face was pale as a ghost. To tell you the truth he looked dead but how?? How could he be dead i saw him not to long ago and he looked fine.
      My head was spinning now and i was getting dizzy. My body begun to sway and i went falling to the hard ground.Donovan picked me up and pinned me to the wall "I told you." He begun "I would get you". The voice sent shivers down my spine. I could feel the color from my face fade away and i swear i saw my life flash before my eyes as he stood there his hands rapped around my neck.I tried to get air but it was no use, i was already weak and i had no energy to fight.

       I could feel the life slowly fade away in to the distance soon becoming a faded memory. My eyes flickered as death begun to consume me and then it all went black.I could not explain this but death is sum what has the feeling you are free finally free.
      "We got a pulse" A voice said with a sigh. My eyes fluttered open and i was in a room the beeps of monitors sent a shiver down my spine. I was in a hospital. I looked around to see the doctors, Wait no Donovan, Standing by me taking off his gloves. He was a doctor too or someone who knew about that stuff. Donovan smiled at me as he sat his stuff down."Well glad you are back" He said as he sat down "Do you remember what happened.
      As he asked her what happened the image of the ghost like Donovan popped in to her head. I closed my head and said "no" ,I lied. Donovan nodded "That is ok i understand that this was a hard time for you." he said and stood up. "Now why don't you get some rest" he said "i will check in on you every hour so sleep" he said and left. I looked at the wall "Sleep how could i sleep. i just had a near death experience." I said as i sat up. My head was throbbing it hurt so bad. And i could hear my heart beat as well.
    I sighed and tried to sleep but it was no use. "Donovan" I called after him before he got to far out of the room. "Will you stay with me i am board and i can't sleep" i said as i sat up. By the look on Donovan's face i could tell that he had other things he need to get done. Donovan nodded "Sure thing i will stay and keep you company" He said as he walked back to me. "So Isabella tell me what actually happened" He said. With a deep sigh i begun to tell him. I told him everything. From the day my brother drowned to now and he listened.
    Donovan was holding me now i felt safe in his arms like nothing will ever hurt me nothing."i am so sorry Isabella i had no idea" He said as he held me. I could not help my self i begun to cry. Single drops of tears rolled off my cheek and landed on Donovan''s shoulder. Donovan pulled away he wiped the tear from my face and said "Don't cry it will be ok" I nodded but i new that it won't be ok it will never be ok never."Donovan tell me the truth why you took me here" Isabella said With a sigh Donovan said "Because you are endanger" He said. I looked at him "Why why am i endanger? i asked .Donovan stood up and said "That is all i am aloud to tell you" he said then left.

   I sighed and looked out the window that rested above my head. I did not know what to do this was all new to her.Everything was new to me. Being taken from my home and bright to this place mad me scared. Yes I will admit it I was terrified.I laid down and sighed as the door opened it was Donovan again. He walked up to me and smiled."Isabella come with me" he said as he walked out of the room. I sighed and stood up. I did not know where we were going but i guess i should not complain. As we made our way in to this room Donovan looked sad. I tried to read him but his emotion was locked titer that a bank vault.
    This is not good..i thought as they stopped at a door. Donovan looked at me and frowned. "Isabella we had ran some tests and i don't think you are seeing your brother." Donovan said. I looked at him shocked. "What do you mean that i am not seeing my brother." I snapped "Of course i am seeing him" i paused . I then realized that he thought i was crazy. "You think i am crazy" I said looking at him with dis belief. Donovan frowned "Don't take this the wrong way Isabella but you need help" he said as others came in. I saw one of them had a syringe.
    I looked at Donovan my eyes said why Donovan. As they grabbed me i freaked out i begun to yell "I trusted you" That was the last thing i said before the two seduced me. I did not know that i would see him again but i will soon but he won't be the same and neither will i. Donovan watched as they took me out on a stretcher. I could swear before i was unconscious i saw him crying.
    When i woke up i was in this bed in a white room. I instantly knew where i was. I did not belong here. I am not crazy i just saw my dead brothers ghost. I guess that does make me sound crazy but i know it is true it has to be. My eyes focused them selves to the door as it opened and two people walked in. One was a doctor and the other one i guess was a nurse. They just looked at me like they were studying me. Like i was some type of freak. I saw the doctor put something down in his note book. I wanted to tell them to let me go but i guess that would only make things worse.
    After what seemed like years the doctor spoke. "Isabella Penway" he said "My name is Doctor kyle and this will be your nurse her name is Lacy. And we will be your temporary doctors. " He said. Condition what condition i am fine completely fine. i said to my self .I did not dare say it out load i knew what happens in this place. Well of course i would my mother worked in a house like this. I thought after i left the house i will never set foot in a place like this again. I guess, i was wrong. After a few more minutes they left the room and left me there alone.
   I sat up and leaned agents the wall. My head rested on the wall as well. Tears rolled down my cheeks as i sat there. I could not help but cry. My life was falling apart, and to make it worse the only one i cared fore, sense my brother died,does not believe  me. I sat there and cried for someone to believe me i just cried. 

© 2010 ♥SunkissAngel♥

Author's Note

sorry this took so long but i finally got it up hope you like it..


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Yes i am i will add chapter 5 in a week at the minimum there is going to be quite a bit of chapters to go..

Posted 10 Years Ago

such a great great story are you going to add more?

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Bonjour!! Hey every one you may know me but if not my name is samantha but i go by sam, Sunkiss, or Pepper sometimes. I am 15 years old and is currently in a wonderful relation ship. I have two si.. more..