Presencce ( I dance in circles )

Presencce ( I dance in circles )

A Poem by sunlight

Eternal love



Oozing feathered gossamer
Rays of light,
Kiss his naked skin.

His strawberry scented sleep
Lies like a thought in the air.

Token beams of the blue, pregnant moon
Bathe my bare breast and body.

The stretched parchment of my love
Echoes silent in the lightness of a dream.


Ethereal folds of sheer shadow
Make love to my tranquil thoughts.

Hush !!!- the candle blows.

And darkness falls as curtains
Of unforgiving death.

( his breath silent now,
The sleep a well form whence no return
The waters of his mind still and bereft)

Oh the beauty!!!

I am engulfed in his memory.
I dance in petaled circles
Stars a ceiling for my embraced ritual.

And now...

These flights fulfil me.
I’m drunk on his life
Yet the ebbed death lingers
On this eternal moon beamed stage.

His soul suspended

The ghost of my love ,
Sleeping in a strawberry .lillied lullaby.

And I dance in circles,
Breathing in his death,
Expelling his life,

I am never alone.

In the picture is Selene,Titan Goddess of the moon.Her lover was Endymion ,a shepard prince.
He was granted Eternal youth and immortality by Zeus and rested in eternal slumber.
Although I speak of death ,I meant the death of his awakened body ,for his sleep lies ever onwards.




© 2008 sunlight

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this is a poem.i like the way you wrote that and the way you formatted

Posted 15 Years Ago

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'I dance in petaled circles...'
Scenic expression. You paint portraits.

Posted 15 Years Ago

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Added on February 25, 2008



cork, Ireland

im a 31 year old girl,young at heart.I have written a bit of poetry in the past and would like to share it with others to get some feedback. more..