From Another Planet

From Another Planet

A Story by sunnyDays

horrified, An Evil Being named Seth escapes to earth creating a world of darkness everywhere he looks. Mantis the king sends down all strong soldiers and colourful beings who shall bring light and col

Luminescent like glittering stars, within the mysterious universe, a living planet existed.
The magical beings on this planet were totally empowered to become anything they’d wish for. The IceCream man turned himself into a rainbow flavoured ice-cream, licking himself, Curly man enjoyed twirling his arms around forever, and shape man, well he just wanted to fall in love with the beautiful LoveHeart women. The Queen and King took great care in creating a living paradise for everyone until a man had to wish for the opposite of colour and joy. 
One Morning King Mantis was disturbed by a loud voice. 
Ruby  a fortune teller rushed into the kingdom. His crystal ball seen the future of planet Earth.
“KING MANTIS, please look at Seth, he's colouring earth black, and in 15 minutes earth will be a huge black hole", said Ruby.
The King wasn't prepared, his hands began to sweat and shake.What if the strong almighty king couldn't capture Seth in enough time? 
Destructive, Evil Seth was the Kings worse enemy, Seth loved to rebel and hated all colourful things! he went against his family and wanted to destroy the earth for his own power and selfishness. The King needed time to think of a way to destroy Seth, so first he sent help down to Earth. 
 “ Its up to us to save the World, I need eight colourful beings to lighten earth were their is darkness, and my strongest soldiers to fight Seth” 
said King, Mantis. 
immediately Norman the rabbit, and Rocky were ready for taking off!
Sparks began flying and colours spreading like fire, everything began to brighten again. In the dark forest, a gloomy smoke rose from the trees.1,2, 3, and they fearlessly flown into the forest.
“Eww Mud? Ick! It's so gunky and thick! Eek! its squishy” said LoveHeart women.
Trapped in sinking mud, slowly sinking deeper and deeper.  
Seth arrived flying around them in circles with his evil croaky laugh. “ hahaha, Look at all of you, not so strong when your powers don't work in mud?.
Love Heart women began crying “ Seth why don't you love us anymore?”
Suddenly Lighting Struck the Earth. Mantis quickly pushed everyone deeper into the mud. 
“ Stop You!” The King had no time for conversation and put a spell on Seth.
“ A Dark being like you shall no longer have evil power, for Earth shall be Beautiful and rich again, and Seth turns into who you truly are”
Black feathers started to push out of his skin, eyes were turned black, caw, caw, was the only sound Seth spoke. He was forever trapped down on planet Earth and was cursed for the rest of his life as a crow.
The king told his people that it’s his honour to serve you. I shall be more prepared next time.
They all flown back to their Planet, Ice-cream man gave everyone chocolate ice-cream to eat, and they lived peacefully ever after

© 2016 sunnyDays

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Added on January 11, 2016
Last Updated on January 11, 2016
Tags: 8yearolds, children, adventure, planets, king, queen, ice-cream, fun, excitement



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