A Poem by Ronaldo

The weight of dreams


Oh, this vertigo!

This desire to fall

and for all these Dreams

to be wrestled from me.


Oh! would I rise so high!

Oh, could I rise so high!

Rise above this boiling sea,

with its brandished waves

that swirls and enslaves

my nights to days

and my days to nights.

Oh, could I rise so high

 with fists that shake the infinite sky,

and splinter a piece of eternity.


But why?


Only to know the vastness of the depths

I'm fated to sink and edify?


The depths, with their ominous calls.

The depths. They,

that now lay siege upon my soul.

"How long?", they howl,

"Can these winds of toil

keep you abreast?"


I can attest.

I am tired of this flight.

The immensity of the heights

buries me deep.

So deep I'm steeped,

and these wings now bereft,

too frail to sustain this vision's heft.


These rags, my King's disguise,

my crown of dreams,

cast from the mare's nest,

plucked from the absence, blind.

 I'm torn across two poles,

my smallness, my haunting immensity,

Strung into this toil untimed,

with fruit of stones

that fall from my heart

and fragment my bones.


Oh my urchin heart!

So quick with your flood

of infatuated passions,

and I, so long with their labored crawl.


To Delilah's lap I'll fall.

My strength, my secrets,

a small price

for her sweetness.

Unburden me from Freedom's weight

Oh Priestess,

 with your alluring serenade.

For I'll never touch eternity's gate,

Nor will the stars ever promenade.

Born of the nothing,

only to return,

to the nothing.


Oh! it is only this wall

of difficult dreams

that separates me

from the rest of the dead.

© 2018 Ronaldo

Author's Note

Trying things...

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This was an adventure to me! Very epic and emotional. The atmosphere screamed 'intense quest' and was full of this powerful aurora. It was a pleasure to read this

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

Thank you for your take on this! I am happy you can see the life in this rather than the lack thereo.. read more

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Added on July 9, 2018
Last Updated on July 9, 2018
Tags: dreams, weight, vertigo, fall