My Crazy Theory That Elvis Many not have Die in 1977

My Crazy Theory That Elvis Many not have Die in 1977

A Story by Stephen J. Vattimo

This article explores why, and how could Elvis Presley fake his death , to live the rest of his life in seclusion.


We have all heard of urban legions of how our favorite celebrity faked their own death and is alive in well in some secluded place, living now undercover. 
Most people want to believe their supper hero has a super power that makes them immune to death.
The celebrity I am going to talk about, I was not a fan of. I was more of a Classic/Progressive Rock group listener. 
I did read a couple of books about Elvis written by people who were closer to him, and I read two books about his drug use problem.
From the knowledge I obtained from these books, I thought for many years, the man was killed by the following: Prescription drugs, all night party binges, unhealthy indulgences, financial drain by a manager who got payed half of Elvis’s earnings. Which his manager gamble away most of his share. Closed off from the real world, and its realities. 
Now a life style like this, without changing tracks would surely end at the polar of the grim reaper.
So being a sober mined person, I for a long time thought that in 1977 the King of Rock and Roll die, until I watched a movie entitled, Elvis meets Nixon. This movie in a reenactment of when Elvis on a whim, ran away from Grace land, without anyone knowing he had gone, or where he was headed.
When Elvis get a room at a Washington D.C. hotel, trying to somehow arrange a meeting with President Nixon to get him to make him a drug enforcement agent. He takes a fight out to Los Angeles to meet his friend, Jerry Schilling. During the car ride Elvis tell his friend, he is tired of the, life of being Elvis Presley, and all its badges. While staying in Los Angeles, Jerry suggest Elvis take a stroll down town because the weather was nice. Elvis shoots down the idea, saying, you know I can’t go in public without being mobbed. He friend tell him, he won’t get mobbed, people are different out here. 
So when Elvis goes out on the town in Los Angeles, He discovers a cold harsh reality. The young people in 1970’s did not listen to his music, to them he was a has been. When he went into a record store and ask where he could find his records, the store clack showed him to the discount rack.
So here is my theory. 
Once Elvis was faced with the hard cold reality that he was no longer the bigger than life super star, he once was. Also the fact He was tire of doing two show a day, to continue to support his life style, as well as being the financial provider for the Memphis Mafia members, and his vampire manager. Who would force Elvis to perform his show even when he was deathly ill. Because his manager was gambling away all his money, and most likely borrowing more money to gamble with from real mafia that own the casinos. 
So I believe Elvis, planned to fake his death, to get out of the death trap his life had become. I believe he knew it was only a matter of time his show in Vegas would burn out, and he would end up financially distorted. I believe he felt people were treating him as a meal ticket and not as a person who had needs.
I believe Elvis and a few close trusted friends, came up with the idea of taking everything that was the Elvis Presley King of Rock and Roll image and making it into a museum, So Elvis could have the financial mean to live a quiet live under a new Identity.
People say it can’t be done, the IRS would catch up with him for taxes. Not if money is received by a trusted first party, who would take care of the taxes. They in return would give money to Elvis for his financial needs. Therefor if Elvis had someone taking care of his financial matters, he could live without being part of the banking system, there for living off the grid.
If I you are intrigued, watch the movie when Elvis meets Nixon. Tell if you think my theory might be possible.

Written by Stephen J. Vattimo 2/7/2020

© 2020 Stephen J. Vattimo

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Added on February 17, 2020
Last Updated on February 17, 2020
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