Chapter 2: School, No!

Chapter 2: School, No!

A Chapter by Susan14


The sun was shining, there were no clouds, and it was going to be a beautiful day, if it wasn't for the fact that we had school today. I was excited though to go to school, that was a first. I did my hair, wore my best clothes and put on make-up for the first time. Something was wrong with me; I just didn't know what it was yet. I think it was happy because I was going to see Canon again. I was going down the stairs, hoping with joy. Apparently I was too happy and my mom noticed this.
     "Susan, why are you so happy?" Great just what I needed right now. I didn't want my parents to bud into my life all the time. My parents didn't like how I was always in the house they thought I was lonely.
      "Just am. By the way I will not be in the house a lot anymore because of high school and after school activities.
    "Do you want to talk about it?" She asked.
     "Got to go, or I'll miss the bus."
     "Okay, have a great day honey!"
     Thank god, I got out of there before I had to answer her questions. I got on my bus, sat towards the window waiting and wondering when I'll see him. That is when he boarded the bus but right behind him was his twin, not identical, brother. I had totally forgotten that he was on this bus too. Wander why I didn't see him yesterday. Of course I let Canon sit next to me but his brother sat right next to us in the empty sit. The only thing that separated us was an aisle. Here we go with the comments. Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
     "Susan I didn't know that you rode this bus." Jacob said.
     "Sorry to blow your bubble Jacob."
     "Oh, that's okay I don't mind. Susan do you....." Before he could finish Canon said something.
     "That's enough Jacob. Let's go Susan." He grabbed my hand and ran me off the bus when it stopped.
     "Sorry about Jacob, he loves to try and annoy people, especially with you."
     "Oh, that's okay, I know." He dropped me of by my locker and left. I thought he didn't want his friends seeing us together and thinking things, and neither did I. I meet another friend of Alicia's today whose name was Cecilia. She looked more like the quiet girl just how was before I moved here. She had dark brown-black hair, with brown eyes, and fair skin. I thought at that moment we were going to be great friends. There was still around ten minutes left till the bell rang. I was talking to Cecilia just to get to know her, when someone jerked me fast by my arm. It was Jacob.
     "Hey Susan, can I talk to you about something for a minute?" He asked.
     "Sure I guess." We walked away from my friends, far enough distance so they couldn't hear us. "Ok Jacob we're alone. What did you want to talk to me about." He had a serious face, not his usual joking face. I was a little worried. "What's wrong Jacob? Are you okay? Is Canon okay?"
    "I wanted to ask you something."
    "Ok, then ask me Jacob. Wait you’re not going to ask me out are you?"
    "No, um, Susan do you like my brother?'
     "No, do you really you know like him, like him."
     "Why who's asking?" I didn't want to tell him, but I had to tell someone.
     "I'm asking and I just want to know and I will not let anyone know not even him."
     "Fine Jacob I'll tell you how I feel about Canon but you can't tell anyone not even him. If you do, I'll gladly beat you to death." I would do that and it would be so much fun. We had around 10 more minutes before school because loads of teachers weren't here yet. The only reason I had to tell him is because if I didn't then he wouldn't leave me alone. I looked around to see that no one was in hearing distance.
     "I do have feelings for your brother since last year. He must be the sweetest, smartest, funniest, cutest person I've ever seen. I don't know if he feels the same way for me as I do for him but I know one thing for sure. I will never feel the same way about anyone else the way I do for him. So there's your answer, you happy now." If Jacob wasn't happy, I was because I felt such a relief telling someone at last. I sighed and leaned against the wall, Jacob did the same. "So I told you about how I feel about Canon, now tell me who you like, and you can't back out from this one Jacob." I knew he liked someone and since I told him who I liked he was also going to tell me who he liked now.
     "Okay, okay I'll tell you. You can't tell anyone not even the girl. Her name is Katie. She is so pretty, and she is so kind. I just want a chance with her. You know how it is like it is with you and Canon. Now that is over with, to sum everything up, we both have feelings for someone but they don't know."
     "That's about right Jacob." We saw Canon and Jacob left, if he didn't Canon might think that we are together and I would never get my chance with him. I walked over to my friend’s locker where I had left my things and got them and left for class. The bell rang so I just passed Canon when he grabbed my hand, waving Jacob away, and turning to me.
     "Why don't we walk together to your next class?" Okay wait a minute, Canon was saying this. How is this even possible, I thought I was to boring to even catch his attention.
     "Sure." I said not wanting to hurt his feelings at all. We departed by my classroom door. It pained me not to be anywhere he wasn't I didn't really like it. When I sat down  I started to think about what I would tell my friends about this morning. They were bond to ask sooner or later. I guess I could tell them that Jacob was a good friend and he was going to a tough time and needed my help. Ya, it might just work. My classes went by really fast for the first time this year, but health, mod 4/5, didn't, it never did. I headed out the door when the bell finally rang but when I did, I saw Canon standing there, and I guessed, waiting for me. We said hello, talked a little and then departed when we reached my class. He gave me a light, quick kiss on my cheek. My eyes widen, I thought he would never do that. He left when I walked into my class. Everyone was staring at me while I went to my seat. Alicia was sitting right behind me, eyes widened.
     "Susan did Canon just....." I didn't let her continue.
     "Yes he just did." Then I didn't talk to anyone else for the rest of the class period. Going from class to class everyone was staring at me. Wow, one little thing Canon did and now everyone knows, news goes around fast. Ninth period was going by very slowly. I wanted to see him so badly. I didn't expect him to sit by me in 10th period, but I was hoping. The bell rang and I walked to my locker, got my books, and headed to the library. He wasn't there yet so I didn't have to choice whether to sit with him or not. I sat at the same table I did yesterday, it was empty, and waited for the school day to end already. That's when he came in but my face turned sort of sour after I saw that Jacob was right behind him. Great he must be in this class too. Both of them sat at my empty table, I was fine with that.
     "Oh this is great Susan, you're in this class too?" Jacob said. Canon apparently had kicked him under the table, he didn't acknowledge that.
     "Yeah." Was all I could say, I wasn't going to keep him anything that he would turn something into. I looked at Canon and saw that he a face trying to say sorry. Class started so he couldn't say anything and I couldn't ask about the cheek kiss. We had a PowerPoint assigned to us. We had to do one and then present it to the class, we were put into groups of three. Since Canon and Jacob were at my table, Mr.P partnered the three of us together. Assigned the nervous system, we got right to work getting as much as we can do. It was due on Monday and it was Friday, so either we had to get it done in school or go over one's house. We were able to get all the research done but not the PowerPoint. I decided that I would go over their house because I didn't want my parents being nosey at home. I called my parents after school telling them that I was going over Canon's house. My parents were familiar with the twins and they didn't object.
     Canon called his parents to ask them to pick us up from school instead today and he also told them that I was coming over. Jacob headed off to his locker but Canon came to mine. I got all my stuff, and we headed to his locker. He got his stuff and then all three of us headed out the door. We got into his parents care and we left the school. We were at his house now and he was leading the way to his bedroom.
     "Jacob meet me in my room, fine." Jacob nodded and left. When he was back we all sat down at Canon's computer.  Canon sat in the middle, I sat to the right of him and Jacob sat to the left of him. We were working on the PowerPoint, I was in control of the mouse, Canon typed and Jacob told him what to type.
     "Susan, could you click right there, next to that word." He said softly.
     "What word? There's more than one here."
     "Never mind, I';; do it." We both reached for the mouse at the same time, our hands both touched. We didn't move our hands away, instead we looked into the other's eyes for who knows how long. We shared a moment. Of course leave it to Jacob to ruin the moment.
     "Guys, guys, are you two even listening." He said, looking up.
     "What?" Canon said, I moved my hand away and started to read the PowerPoint. I called my parents at  5 telling them that I was going to stay longer. It was okay with them. We finished around 5:45 p.m., so then I started to pack my stuff. Jacob left to probably his room, while Canon saved our PowerPoint.
     "I should get going." I said

     "No, why don't you just stay a little longer, we have so much catching up to do."
     "Canon, dinner's ready." His mother called up the stairs.
     "See, you need to eat, so I should leave." I started to walk but he caught me by the arms, stopping me in my tracks.
     "Look don't go, I'll eat and be right back, stay." He left then and I decided to stay. I was still standing, my back to the door, thinking what was going on. Today he gave me a kiss on the cheek, and now he wanted me to stay. Did he like me the way I liked him? It was possible. I didn't know how long I was standing there. He came back then but I didn't notice till, I was in his arms and he was spinning.
     "What?" he put me down then.
     "It's just me, don't get worked up." He was still holding both my hands when Jacob barged in.
     "Canon, can I borrow you iPod?" Jacob's eyes widened seeing our embrace. I moved back right away.
     "Can't you ever knock Jacob, now what did you what?" Canon said sourly, I never heard him talk like that.
     "Um, can I borrow your iPod for a minute?"
     "Sure it's right there. Anything else?" Jacob nodded a no, took the iPod and then left. That's when my phone started to ring, it was my parents and they wanted me to come home, we had people over.
     "You have to go don't you?" Canon had the most heart breaking expression on his face.
      "Yeah, we have guest over and it doesn't look good if I'm not there.
     "Okay then I'll see you Monday." I nodded. He walked me down to the door then. My dad was already out there, talking on the phone, not even paying attention to me. Canon stopped me just before I stepped outside.
     "Have a pleasant night." And he gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. I couldn't say anything. I just left. That night Canon stared in my dreams. It was a very pleasant day.

© 2009 Susan14

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omg love story!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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