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Chapter 4: Valentine's Day!

Chapter 4: Valentine's Day!

A Chapter by Susan14


Month by month passed, we had our dates, but there was no other progress in our relationship. We did almost everything together except when our families had parties and we were dragged away from each other. It was 6 in the morning right now, February 14, 2009, Valentine’s Day. The day that love was born. I was standing in front of my mirror, getting ready to go to school. I was wearing a lot of red today, but the school had told us to, plus teachers were giving out extra credit. I was done with everything in 20 minutes and headed out the door. When I got to the bus stop, there were two more boys at the bus stop. Guess people moved in, never noticed. I wasn’t the only one at the bus stop anymore. When I got closer to them, one of them turned around. It was Canon! And Jacob!

                “Canon what are you doing at my bus stop?”

                “I wanted to surprise you with something.”

                “Surprise me, surprise me with what?” He then pulled out a bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates.

                “Will you be my Valentine?”

                “Yes.” I said giving him a big hug. The bus came then, he gave me my flowers and chocolates. We got to school in a few minutes. When we got there we found out that we were having a free day, we really didn’t have to come to school but if we did we had to sign in with our teachers then we could leave again. We got into the school then and went straight to Cecilia’s locker, knowing that everyone would be there. They were.

                “Hey guys this is great that we get a free day isn’t it.” Anthony, Cecilia’s boyfriend, said with excitement.

                “Yeah, it really is great to get a day off.” Canon replied.”We should all go back to my place like Saturday; I’ll get us Chinese food, if everyone’s okay with that.” Even Jacob and Katie were here now; the circle of friends was complete. 

                “That sounds good.” They all said.

                “But, instead of someone dropping us off there, why don’t we walk, it’s a beautiful day.” James said.

                “Sounds good.” Anthony said.

                “Only one thing we have to do. We have to sign in with our homeroom teachers and then sign out at attendance.” Canon said. “So let’s go.” Everyone one headed out. I went with Canon. We were walking down the halls. Lots of students were still here. They stared at us as we walked down the hall, hand in hand.

                “Why do you think they’re starring at us?” I asked Canon.

                “I don’t know, maybe they’re surprised to see us together like your friends were surprised to see us together.” He replied. I still had his flowers and chocolates in my hands. I think he was right about the stares but I tried to ignore them. We went to his teacher first and then to mine. We joined the others outside after signing out. We walked towards his house, with Jacob and Katie leading the way, with the others right behind them. Canon and I were the last ones, making sure that no one went the wrong way. The sun was shining bright; it was going to be a beautiful day. I was walking and holding hands with the most perfect person, what could go wrong? What more could a girl ask for? We were the only ones not talking; we were starring in opposite directions. In this silence between us, I called my parents to let them know where I was going, didn’t want them to worry. After hanging up, Canon finally broke the silence. I was grateful; I couldn’t handle the silence anymore.

                “Are you okay with everyone coming over?” He asked. I guessed he thought that it would make me mad that we couldn’t spend time together alone on the day of love.

                “Yeah, I guess so.” I said.

                “You’re not happy.” He said looking away, not happy with his decision. I raised my free hand, and touched his cheek, turning his face towards me. From this gesture, it looked like it made him a little happy and if he was happy, then I was happy. It pained me that I had made him sad and I was going to make it right.

                “It’s not that I don’t want them to come, it’s just that I thought we were going to spend time together.” We weren’t far from his place it was just a couple of feet away, so I stopped him. And for the first time I kissed him. He always kissed me I never had ever tried to kiss him myself. After the little kiss I talked first before he could say anything at all. I looked at his face and it was wowed! That’s got to be good; it means that I’m a good kisser.

                “Okay now we can’t say anything about our personal life while others are listening we don’t want them to know about certain things now do we?” I tapped his nose with my finger, turning my face away because of what I had just done. Now it was he that turned my face to face his, our eyes locked there in place. It was the perfect moment.

                “How about this? We hang with our friends today, and tomorrow I’ll be with you all day, we’ll even go to dinner and everything, so wear something fancy. Though now that I think about it, you don’t have to wear anything fancy, you always look beautiful. Tomorrow it’ll be just me and you and no one else. I’ll have to look for my tux.” Overcome by joy, I jumped into his open arms.

                “That sounds amazing.” I looked at his face then. “Thank you.” It was a good thing everyone else already inside his house and couldn’t see this special moment between him and me. We couldn’t help but stare into each other’s eyes. I could see everything in his eyes. There was sincerity, kindness, honesty. What more can a girl ask for in a boy? He set me down on the ground, not letting me go or moving his eyes away from mine.

                “Canon, get in this house this moment with your girlfriend!” It was Jacob; I could recognize his voice anywhere. Leave it to him to ruin the perfect moment between Canon and I.

                “Tomorrow?” He said.

                “Sure.” We raced to the house; of course he let me get there first. As I got inside, he grabbed me around the waist, everyone looked our way, he let go, and we were out of breathe.   

                “What happened to you two, you all ran like five paces?” Jacob said from the other side of the room. Katie was in his arms.

                “None of your business, that’s between Susan and me.” Canon said leading me to one of the big chairs. We sat down in it, close to one another. Everyone was sitting just like we were, how weird.

                “Isn’t it great that the school gave us the day off, and it’s a Friday, how wonderful, three day weekend?” Cecilia said excitingly. Everyone was talking then, except me. I loved the warm atmosphere in the room. I could feel his warm, loving eyes on my face. I was just thinking about our conversation that we had had. I just couldn’t wait till tomorrow now. I realized that it was the longest talk we had about each other. Feeling his lips on my cheeks, I turned to him.

                “What are you thinking about?” He asked.

                “Just thinking about things that have happened.” I leaned my head against his chest, putting my arms around his waist. He put his arms around me, keeping me warm, comfortable, happy.

                “Do you want to talk about it?” What? He hadn’t asked me that question since four months ago. I couldn’t believe he was asking me.

                “We already talked.”

                “We did?” He looked confused trying to remember when we did.

                “When we were coming here. You promised we spend time together tomorrow.” I smiled at him, looking away then.

                “Oh that’s right.” He said. We got up then; going into the kitchen, no one even took notice of this. We got the Chinese food menus, and gave it to everyone, telling them to tell us what they wanted.  Canon ordered the food then, arriving in ten minutes. Soon everyone was eating. We threw everything away then except for the fortune cookies. We looked at each other’s not surprised at what we had.  Jacob’s and Katie’s said that they were with the one person that they would be with all the time. Vinnie’s and Ashly’s said that they wouldn’t ever get A’s on their test. James and Natalie’s said that they were very lucky people and were going to be like that forever. Anthony’s said that he didn’t deserve the person whom he loved. Cecilia’s said that the person that whom she loved didn’t deserve having her, she was a much better person.

                “Okay since everyone else has said there fortunes’ why don’t you tell me yours?” Canon said.

                “Why me? Why don’t you go first?” I objected.

                “Ladies first.” He said. Oh he had me there, will here goes.

                “Fine,” I said irritated. “It says, ‘You will be with the person you love for the rest of your life.’” I just starred at the paper not believing what was written there.

                “My turn.” Canon said, putting his arms around me then. I felt safe there in his arms, it surprised me. “You will be with the person that you love for the rest of your life.” We starred at each other, till someone cleared there throat.

                “Um, those were very interesting cookies.” Vinnie said. “It’s getting late, it’s eight already. We should all get going now.”

                “Yes we should.” Everyone called their parents and left. I was the last one left.

                “See you Susan.” Jacob said leaving for his room.

                “See ya.” I said. I called my parents, telling them to pick me up. They were coming in 10 minutes. I was looking out the window waiting for my parents. Canon came up behind me, putting his arms around me.

                “It’s been a busy day, but I have something to give you, it can’t wait till tomorrow.” I turned around in his arms looking surprised. He led me to the mirror by the door, turning me towards it.

                “Can you please close your eyes, and don’t open them it’ll ruin the surprise.” I obeyed his orders, just to make him happy. I suddenly felt something cold around my neck. “You can open your eyes now.” I did. AHHHHHHHHHHH! He’d got me a heart shaped locket. How sweet.

                “Canon it’s beautiful. You didn’t have to spend so much money for me that’s just stupid.”

                “I didn’t spend money on it. It’s a hand me down from my father. He said that he had given it to my mother but then she got tired of it and didn’t want it anymore. I already put photos of us in it.” He opened it and showed them to me. My parents were here so I had to leave. “I’ll see you tomorrow” He said. My day was great and we sealed it with a righteous kiss.

© 2009 Susan14

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