I am the "Queen of Patience"

I am the "Queen of Patience"

A Poem by Ambrosia

a poem expressing one's reasoning for staying in situations others find incomprehensible. why do we endure the suffering we put ourselves into hoping for a happy ending?


I am the “Queen of Patience”

Although it’s not a place,

It is in fact a state of mind

And found upon my face.


My friends and family, in amazement

Often sit and stare

And wonder how I can be so calm,

Endure it,  still I care.


They watch me wait and wait and wait

Results may not appear

Yet I smile and face my fate

Happy endings? Not so clear.


Each day I see the sun comes up

Each day I rise and glow

For deep inside of me I feel

Your love for me will grow.


Week by week and month by month

The time ticks slowly by

Another day and more delay

My friends all ask me ‘why’?


How can I do it " justify

Behavior for this long

My eyes are wet and rimmed with tears

There's sadness in my song.


How can you do it, tell us please

They ask me,  ‘cause they care.

We all love you, don’t you see

That love he doesn’t share.


Please tell him you have to go

Back to your happy space

It’s been too long and not been good

Why don’t you leave that place?


I cannot leave until I know

And find it deep inside

I am the “Queen of Patience”

And must know I have tried.


© 2010 Ambrosia

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I like it very much. Each word sound well. wonderful poem. Thanks for sharing.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Sounds very interesting! It`s an enjoyable write! I like the beats of the words, all verses which are well designed and the proper functioning of rhyme .. yeah, I love that all .. Great job!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Wow! I can sure relate to this one. Twenty six years of patience kept me in a marriage, waiting for my husband to love and appreciate me. But when he decided we should part, I finally came to realize he had never really learned how to love...even or especially himself. It was not until after our marriage ended and he married a gold-digging shrew that he finally started to appreciate me. But by then it was too late for I had spent so many years making allowances for his behaviour that when we parted I felt like one of my children had left home....not exactly the way to love a mate. It shocked me because I don't honestly know when or how my love was transformed as such. So, a word of advice....try not to spend Too many years waiting for someone to change or feel and/or express a depth of love that he may be incapable of receiving from you, let alone returning it.

As for the poem, it is very well written. I really like the rhyme and rhythm.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Don't we all feel this at sometime in our lives? We never seem to get quite to that point that we can walk away. Your rhyme scheme is good, and subject matter spot on. But decision time approaches!

Posted 12 Years Ago

You have described my life to a T! What is this primal need to "do all we can" and when do we know when we've reached that point?? Your insights are spot on and you've written this one well. Nice job!

Posted 12 Years Ago

Wow, this is very powerful, and as a Dad I can relate to it very well...lol I want to say that as each day passes I am grateful for the patience I have, but learned a long time ago to never ask God for patience...lol His sense of humor was more than I could bare... Thanks for Sharing...

Posted 12 Years Ago

Oh I know this feeling! I lived this life, and tried for longer than anyone would have....i pretended things were great, and that my love would heal and fix all things!!
I am so glad to have read this!! It makes me rethink things all over again!!
thank you for sharing!!
take care,

Posted 12 Years Ago

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This is a really good piece. It has a lot of emotion in it. Great word choice and rhythm help it flow quite nicely. Great job! Keep it up!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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