Sustainability Already Was

Sustainability Already Was

A Story by susanwrite2

Sustainability Not Unaccountability

Science is not making particles we know that vibrate as every particle
in the universe down to the smallest vibrates. That is a fact. Once the
fool gets into office, they would force by extortion and threats as they
are fools, and attempt to disguise their drug operations, spraying
aerosols for fires, explosives, and damage, to be "geo-egineering." The
shills that follow them have no sense at all as they would gladly follow
anyone until their arrest and charges for being a mere shallow,
unstudied, nauseous person in which to begin. While man just found now, a
electron shield that protects the earth, and being the only thing
they've found from electrons at Madam Curies time, and while they've
already wrought damage more than 1,200 years of war to the planet,
they're only finding what is already known that there are basic
particles. Particles are only the very basic of science and their
manipulation for only forging science, is now by trillions of dollars to
defraud, carrying out planetary damage to the trees, the natural
resources needed by man and the air, water, soil contaminated brings man
only closer to their own demise. In ancient of days, neither was the
fraudulent leaders worthy of any praise, and in supposed modern times,
the planet cannot afford appeasing such losers and loss to real science
and physics that actually maintains the true sustainability not

© 2014 susanwrite2

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Added on December 12, 2014
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