Chapter I- A fateful meeting

Chapter I- A fateful meeting

A Chapter by The Bleeding Quill



A fateful Meeting.


First let me start of by telling you, that if you are looking for a war story filled with heroic acts and uncompromisable bravery in the line of duty then you my friend are listening to the wrong tale. This story is one that reveals the most greediest hearts of men, the most spiteful betrayals of women, and the untold scandals that may very well be all to common in our country's beloved marine corps. This is a tale of love, of one partnership that should never have been.

Dylan was a tall and dark man with a dazzling smile, much like the charming princes you read about in fairy tales. He had been born in Danbury, CT to a seamstress mother. HE would be the middle child of 6 children bore by his mother. In the winter of 2001 just short of the September 11, attacks on the world trade center at the tender age of 11 would pack up his life along with his siblings for a new life down in the southern state of Georgia.

Eliana was an adopted child to a family of 5 and had been born and raised as a Georgia peach in the small town of Savannah, GA. She was quite tan in complexion, her eyes were piercing emerald and her dark tresses were envied for their length. In truth she was quite a beauty. Her mother was a school teacher, who had a fondness of children and being unable to bare any herself she had taken to adoption to fuel her need. Eliana was the youngest in the family of 5 apart from her niece whom which her mother had custody of.

Now I do not feel the need to inform you on every aspect of our lovers lives, after all this is not a story about their past, but a story about their love, and truth be told I am not very keen on spilling all the juicy details of our star crossed lovers. That will be told perhaps in another story if ever.

Our story begins much like a modern fairy tale, the setting of a High school in Roswell, Georgia, around the year 2004. The 1st period bell had begun to ring. The fresh paint aroma drifted through the hallways cluttered with hundreds of students seemingly marching to their destination. It was already a month into the school year but this was Eliana's first day of school. She was a mere 15 and had just returned to the school having to drop out the previous year at the turn of the semester. Her spirit was high in heart she could think of nothing she wanted more then earn a high school diploma, and North Springs High School was the only place she wanted to learn it at. She had become biased to the school over the previous year. She made her way out of the guidance office with her new schedule, adorning a pink track suit with white stripes down the side, a set of matching pink and white sneakers and her dark lengthy hair pulled back into a tight bun.

"Thank you Mrs. Rodriguez" she called out behind her as she walked out of the office pulling the door behind her giving a slight wave with her hand as she walked off to find her next class, a soft "hmmm" escaping her as she gazed over the course schedule.

1st period-Into to Art.

2nd period-Piano

3rd Period-Math

4th period-JROTC

Of course it was gonna be like this, she had entered school late, it was looking to be a very laxed quarter. She supposed she would take the time to adjust to the once so familiar setting which had been remodeled over the course of the summer break. After finishing up with the counselor the second period bell had already begun to ring, she made her way towards the piano class , her gaze scanning each of the numbers across the hall. Finally reaching the door marked 209, she walked inside to find a elderly dark man sitting behind a piano, and a few students scattered behind keyboards. She walked over to him and offered a woman smile. "Hello, I just got enrolled here and they told me piano was my second period" she said offering him the schedule. The man reached up taking it from her eying her over the rim of his glasses "Ahh yes, Miss Cooper eh? Glad to have you Miss Cooper, please feel free to take a seat at any desk you like, and uh try not to get to caught up with the antic some of the children like to play in here. We have a fun class for the most part , we don't want to have anything mess that up" He shot a warning glance to the student. "Tell me Miss copper have you ever played the piano before?" She looked at him slightly puzzled shaking her head. She had always wanted to play an instrument but in previous schools one had to supply their own and she simply didn't have the money for it. "alright then Ms cooper," He said turning back to the stack of musical literature that bore down across his piano. "please take a seat, this will be a new exciting experience for you then."

Eliana made her way back across the class her gaze cast downward as she tried to ignore to obvious stares that feel upon her. She took a seat in the back just before the last role hoping not to be noticed. The final bell in the hall ring warning students that the should be in their designated areas. A flush of late students ran into the class room, but the teacher didn't seem to pay much attention other then to shoot the offenders a knowing look, and rising from his piano to the head of the class, clapping his hands together. "Alright , alright everyone take a seat and settle down lets get started." while the final students piled into their seats "Today we are gonna talk about reading music, to be able to play the note you first have to be able to read the note and understand how they are relevant to the keys on your piano, and the sound that is being played."

Eliana's attention had been stolen from the teacher's drowning voice, by the last of the students to settle in. A tall and dark boy had taken a seat beside her, she looked him over trying not to seem to noticeable and pretending to pay attention the teachers lecture while watching him out of the corner of her eye. He was engaged in a game of catch of paper ball with the girls behind him who were giggling tossing it back and forth between the three of them. "I'm open" He shouted jokingly. one of the girls turned to him throwing the ball at his head playfully. "You stupid Dylan! Turn around and pay attention. You might actually learn something."

"ppftt," He mimicked towards her "It's a piano class, how hard is it to push buttons on a key board?" He pressed a couple letting off a loud ring that seem to have finally caught the teachers attention. Eliana stifled a giggle beneath her breath. "Alright, " the teacher called out now using the information I gave you regarding reading music. I want you all to turn to page three in your books and begin to practice "Mary had a little lamb" before taking his seat back behind the piano. Eliana looked up at the board confused all that was there was a serious of numbers and notes. She hadn't been paying attention. She watched as the boy beside her skillfully played the melody without any difficulty.

tucking a strand of hair behind her head she looked over to him with a slight smile and whispered softly "Hey, I don't get how to do this, do you understand? can you show me how. He smirked a little bit and stood over her. He was wearing a green shirt and a bear of jeans will a shell necklace around his neck. He then flashed her the most brightest authentic smile she had ever seen. At that moment she seemed captivated. She had fell for him and feel for him bad. she scooted a little closer to him to hear him. He hunched over her "okay I'm gonna show you a little secret"he said looking around as it to make sure no one is listening "The keys meet int he middle you count from the opposite way of each one instead of reading the music. you just count the key and where the note is." he said showing her a illustration as an example at the beginning of the music book.

She nodded softly something was wrong He seemed to be resisting her attractiveness and her beauty. How could a boy not want to play chase? Of course she knew had he shown any interest she would have lost hers immediately. Did he want her to chase him. She turned to him dilebriatly tossing her hair over her shoulders and extended her hand to him. "I'm Eliana" He offered her that same huge pearly smile "I'm Dylan. You new here?"

"No, I was hear last year, just got a slow start this year"

He shook his hand as if trying to remember something "Oh, Thats right. I do remember seeing you in the hallways last year. You never spoke to me."

"My mind is always else where"She chuckled "it is rare when I am actually paying attention to anything.

He nodded "Alright then you think you understand how the piano works?" giving a subtle wink?

"yeah" she said confused about once again feeling as if she had been shut down "i think i got it now. thanks for your help."

Eliana watched him return to entertaining the girls behind her wondering what it was about them that caught his attention as she worked on her piano. Fiddling with the keys. her mind consumed with her thoughts while she listened to the sound of his playful laughter.

© 2010 The Bleeding Quill

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