Set up as a duet between Kenshin and Tomoe in her her final moments. Tomoe admits her feelings for kenshin but she feels quilty about her former fiancee'. Kenshin Pleas for her love.

(Both) You Are.......

(Tomoe) Red hair, caramel skin, burgandy eyes.

(kenshin) A sorrowful soul attached to my lonely cries.

Thoughtfulness in a remorseful sin.

(Tomoe) An envy to behold by other men.

(Kenshin) A delicious desert, not to be had but forgotten.

(Tomoe) A terrible guilt that this love has brotten.

(kenshin) Strings that wrap around my human heart

Pressing painfully whenever we are apart

Open your heart in our final farewell.

For you I'd sell my soul into the empidemy of hell.

(Tomoe)A Killer, A sinner, A murderous liar.

A courageous man whom i so desire.

(kenshin) Dare I pray, Dare I love?

Your signature scent pours down from above.

(Tomoe) You captivate me with your passionate ways

I long for your touch which I so crave.

(Kenshin) Take me to a place in the depths of your mind

Teach me a love that can transend time.

(Tomoe) Better to just forget my face. I want no memory of you, no thought, no trace.