A Rant.

A Rant.

A Story by The Bleeding Quill

This is my Rant.

Tired of this hell you call life, tired of being told to look on the bright side when  I can't find it, sick of watching you be happy. sick of longing for a man who can't admit he's in love with me. sick of making mistakes, tired of wanting more. sick of wanting what i cannot have. Tired of longing to hold him. knowing every one wants me to shut up about him. wanting him not to exist tierd of loving you so bad i can taste it,  tierd of waking up everday wishing i never did. frustrated for having to exist.  sick of being the warm wind tired friend  sick of being anti social, sick of being paranoid, sick of being mentally tortured . sick of people being heretics and hypocrites  . Tierd of wanting to know what awaits at the end, tierd of having to feel the cold on my skin ,  annoyed with old friends that slip away to soon. tierd of loosing everyone. tierd of going from the scape goat to the blamer. tierd of not doing drugs cause its immoral, sick of wanting drugs, tierd of my cigarette vice killing me and filling someone elses pocket. tierd of being horny. tired of having to wear panties, tired to having to live up to your expectations, tired of having to follow conformity. Tired of being broke, and not having money to waste on booze, tired of not being able to give my daughter new shoes. tired of masturbation, tired of being attracted to a gay man. tierd of being an object, to rape, sodomize, molest, or have sex with. tired of wars , tired of writing about w****s.  tierd of being too young, tierd of being educated and still dumb. tierd of not having that piece of paper.  tierd of life being so dull. tired of needing adrenaline to get through the day. tired of not being home. tired of being angry, tiered of not being allowed to go crazy. tired of being Jenny Gump, without hitchhiking across the states.  Tired of trying to hold onto love when i know its to late.  Tired of missing my Forrest. Tired of depression, tired of recession, tired of politics. tierd of screaming, tierd of battling self built demons. tierd of the mental health system saying i need drugs. tierd of  caring what people think, tierd of not being able to sleep. tierd of thinking about rape. tierd of looking for a job.
tierd of being paranoid about people. tierd of making minimum wage. tired of being me. tierd of wishing i was raised in a good christian home. tierd of missing child hood, tierd of writing.

© 2010 The Bleeding Quill

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Added on October 18, 2010
Last Updated on October 18, 2010


The Bleeding Quill
The Bleeding Quill

Atlanta, GA

21 year old female residing in the heart of Atlanta, I am the mother of a beautiful baby girl. more..