Who am I

Who am I

A Story by sweta'karman'

Story: The roles have interchanged. The girl has always refrained herself from the gestures the boy has tried to shower on her by a verbal indifference and taciturn attitude.The boy however has always refered it as a superficial response and pampered her as always. But this time,he has agreed to this one thing which she in real never wanted him to. The boy is now a tough exterior agreeing to whatever she says. It is killing the girl cause she only knows that her speech defies her thoughts and the fact that her said words are being actually heard this time is making her perturbed inside. She is not able to believe that she can actually fall in love which she everytime used to sweep away from her, nicely without ,disturbing her composure. This time something is happening to her which by closing her eyes, covering her ears and enchanting her soothing words she do not want to realise that she is actually in love.

Alter-ego that chides me
for I am changing before I know
Is it a spell or an unplanned ruse
that I use to seize this glow.

I am not liking what I am
since I am no more I
I dont fear, I dont argue
I feel like I may die.

I had myself somewhere inside
Cosy, helpful, talkative and kind
Today it's deep dark here
and only one light in my mind.

I want all my thoughts back
and all my lost trends
and go back where it was fun
to have lots n lots of friends.

He is quiet, as I asked him to
He looks at me but doesnt smile
Why do I think of his face again?
Why do I miss his style?

Never has it happened once
When I might have gone beyond
leaving my tiny world of dreams
and long for one strange bond.

I feel like a skeptic mask
that hangs in lovely disguise
hiding the untamed beauty
that always wants to lie.

Noone can help me,neither can I
cause I am under a magical cast
I still have my strings attached
to the life that I lived last.

I love him cause I love him
I hate him cause he stole me
Doesnt matter if I lose this battle
cause all I want is to be happy.

Nothing in this world is hard to achieve
Even to forget a stranger
but the question stands still there
Why did I have to remember?

The rules I created, the choices I made
have always rolled me high
I am falling down like a dupe
where I could see no sky.

© 2012 sweta'karman'

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Added on May 12, 2012
Last Updated on May 12, 2012



kanpur, India

I am a writer,who writes and writes and go on writing till the end for two specific reasons:first to placate my inner being who is also a writer and second to go back in times whose moments are frozen.. more..