The proposal

The proposal

A Story by sweta'karman'

Story: The boy has always confessed how much he wants her and has seen many replies in her eyes and on her face. But sometimes words are needed to freeze the moments where we live and cherish them forever.

The girl is typical and full of romance but she has always refrained herself from falling in love.She thinks that it is not unnatural and she will keep her all love safe for the one who will be the first and last person of her life.She never knew that he will be the one and one day she will have to say what she has never said to anyone else.

            You always looked when I slept,
And used to always smile
I used to smile back and wink
To see what you looked like.

You never knew that I pretended
While you stared your darlin
I dont know I slept or died
Since you used to steal my sighs within.

You keep your palm on my heart
To see if I am only lyin'
How to tell how happy I am
when your touch keeps me dyin'

Your kisses, your embrace ,the cover of your arms
take me near to your soul.
Where I hear your heartbeats
And my heart bores a hole.

When the time is high and I am low,
I dont know how u come to know
And hold me like u'll never let me go..

When there is a yes in every no,
And a smile in every tear
My words defeat,It's hard to say 
That I always want you near.

My fingers are rolling where you touched
And trying to feel it again
The eternal moment that you created
And made me a pirated saint.
Remember how we danced in the rain
for hours with the moon
When you purged my breath with my first kiss
And I held you like a boon.

With all those moments hanging around
With a lovely, romantic rivermeet sound
Today I want to let you know,  It's true
That I love you.........

© 2012 sweta'karman'

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Most of it belongs to being together!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on May 12, 2012
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kanpur, India

I am a writer,who writes and writes and go on writing till the end for two specific reasons:first to placate my inner being who is also a writer and second to go back in times whose moments are frozen.. more..