Hymie the Rhyming Mime

Hymie the Rhyming Mime

A Poem by Misterr Remeat

A goofy thing I did years ago that still makes me chuckle

Hymie the mime took one day at a time
I didn't like him, I thought he was slime
I considered a mime as committing a crime
That is until he started to rhyme
He'd rhyme with his hands,he'd rhyme with his feet
But he still wouldn't talk, he wouldn't cheat
He'd even be rhyming while trying to eat
Horrid to watch, but it was quite a feat
He'd rhyme while pretended to be in a box
He'd rhyme while he faked pulling up socks
He'd rhyme while feigning to wind up some clocks
nothing could stop him, we even threw rocks
He had to keep rhyming, he couldn't stop
He'd rhyme through the day 'till exhausted he'd drop
He'd stand there and do it in front of my shop
Thats why I decided to complain to a cop
They took him away and peered at his brain
His penchant for rhyming was causing such strain
He started to think "My career's down the drain!"
As the regular mimes looked on with disdain
The doctors decided that nothing was wrong
they gave him some aspirin and moved him along
"back with the police is where you belong"
He feared that in jail he'd be before long
They took him before a judge name of Lime
"Rhyming mimes are a crime! Your doing time!"
"Lock him up in the big house with the rest of the slime"
and up to the prison he started to climb
They locked him away, buried the key
But he picked the lock and was suddenly free
He hid in the forest amongst some debris
But sadly, poor Hymie was squished by a tree
they buried him deep, deep in the ground
The preacher looked up, pondered and frowned
"If a tree falls, and no one's around
and it lands on a mime, does he make a sound?"

© 2017 Misterr Remeat

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Added on March 8, 2017
Last Updated on March 8, 2017
Tags: nonsense, mime, rhyme, crime


Misterr Remeat
Misterr Remeat

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