They Tell Me (Expectations)

They Tell Me (Expectations)

A Poem by .SaveSydney!.

I think the flow might be off; but other than that..ehh, it's okay. Not my best, i dont think. Read&Review! :D *Note; this one has a curse word.


They Tell Me;

Go worthwile,

Always run that extra mile!

When is there ever time to rest?

They Tell Me;

Look your prettiest!

But who do I have to impress?

I'm just a little busy,

Struggling to live up to

Your damn expectations.


See, To you;

Things to be earned,

Things to be cleaned,

And work to be done.


But, To me;

Things to be learned,

Places to be seen,

And many tasks to complete;

To live up to your damn expectations.

© 2010 .SaveSydney!.

Author's Note

Hm; honest opinions. I'll return the favor.

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hahaha *Note this one has a curse word. that's why you rate it teen :) ummm yeah not your best. flow was wayy off, but what does it matter. you're expressing yourself and thats poetry and it screams SYDNEY :) so I think its just as good as the others...wait i just said it not ur best...oh well. hahahaha. Can u review...something. I don't care what :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on July 29, 2010
Last Updated on July 29, 2010



On The Dance Floor In, GA

Hai; the name's Sydney. But i'm sure you figured that much out already. Hah; i don't consider myself an epic writer, it's just something i do a lot. I'm very music oriented, mostly techcore, crunk.. more..