An Assortment of Abnormalities

An Assortment of Abnormalities

A Poem by .SaveSydney!.

Just some thing that i jotted down on an index card. Review please. :)

The fact that I cannot draw a tree,
Amuses me.
What a plant,
To make me rant,
Over having no artistic ability. 

It Matters
Which way will you go?
Running towards what matters most.
Sex, Love, or What You've Been Told..
You stumble, therapists charging the amount
Of a car that could get you out of here..
Away from
What used to matter most.

Up At Me
Petals of color,
Off of the jungle green leaves.
I stare in awe,
As a young flower,
Smiles graciously up at me.

Church VS. Court
Hear the keys,
Notes of glee.
Voices ringing,
Much too joyful singing,
Rattling my heresy,
Questioning what matters to me.

Within We
Uncertainty is my best friend,
For it is something I now comprehend.
Not knowing is unmoving..
And unmoving is uncertainty.
For you,
For me,
Within we...

© 2010 .SaveSydney!.

Author's Note

These aren't the best, but which one is your favorite?

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I have two favorites.

It Matters: This shows what happens in our lives if we don't listen to our own thoughts.

Within Me: Everything in life is uncertain and I think by accepting this fact it gives us strength.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Hai; the name's Sydney. But i'm sure you figured that much out already. Hah; i don't consider myself an epic writer, it's just something i do a lot. I'm very music oriented, mostly techcore, crunk.. more..